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Kind of Discount Auto Transport Services

Multiple Car Shipping Discount

Car transport companies frequently offer the multiple car shipping discount. The value is applicable when a customer requires transportation for various vehicles simultaneously.

The deal encourages customers to transport multiple vehicles simultaneously, which helps to lower the cost per vehicle.

Seasonal Discount Auto Transport

Car transport companies frequently offer seasonal discounts to attract customers during periods of the year when demand may be lower.

During the winter months, when there is a decrease in the number of people moving or traveling, car transport companies often provide discounted rates to attract more customers and boost their business.

Military Discount Car Shipping

Multiple car transport companies provide exclusive discounts for military personnel and their families. The purpose of these discounts is to express gratitude for the service and sacrifices made by military members.

Military personnel relocating due to deployment or change of station can benefit from significant cost reductions on car transport through military discounts.

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Senior Citizen Discount Car Transport

Certain car transport companies offer discounts to senior citizens to help them with the typically expensive task of moving their vehicles.

This discount recognizes senior citizens' distinct needs and challenges, providing them with a more cost-effective option for transporting their cars.

Student Discount Auto Shipping

Car transport companies catering to college and university students may offer discounts. The purpose of these discounts is to assist students who require vehicle transportation when going to and from school during breaks or when moving to a different campus.

Companies offer discounts to make car transport more accessible and budget-friendly for students.

Online Booking Discount

Car transport companies may offer exclusive discounts for online bookings to encourage customers to use their online booking platforms.

The purpose of these discounts is to make the reservation process more efficient and enable customers to use the company's digital channels. The value of online booking discounts can vary and be either a percentage of the total cost or a fixed amount.

Open Carrier Car Shipping Discounts

Open carrier transport is widely recognized as the most prevalent and cost-effective approach to shipping cars. The process entails transporting vehicles on an open trailer that simultaneously accommodates multiple cars.

Due to its popularity, car transport companies often provide discounted rates for open carrier shipping. This feature enables customers to save money while also ensuring the safe transportation of their vehicles.

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping Discounts

Terminal to terminal shipping is a discount car transport option. Terminal to terminal car transport involves delivering and retrieving your vehicle at specific terminals or storage facilities.

This option is more cost-effective than door to door transport because it eliminates the need for a carrier to navigate narrow streets or inaccessible areas.

Car transport companies often provide discounts for terminal to terminal shipping, which can be a compelling option for customers who are mindful of their budget.

Round Trip Shipping Discounts

Some car transport companies offer round-trip discounts if you require your vehicle to be shipped to a specific location and returned to the original point.

These discounts are available when you book transportation for both legs of the journey together. Round-trip shipping discounts benefit customers who need to replace their vehicles at their original location.

Early Booking

By making advance arrangements and booking your car shipping service ahead of time, you may be eligible for discounts.

Providing the car shipping company with sufficient notice enables them to effectively allocate their resources and increase the likelihood of receiving a discounted rate.

Benefits of Using Discount Auto Transport Services

Discount auto transport provides numerous advantages for individuals or businesses transporting vehicles. Here are several advantages:

Cost Savings:

Discount auto transport services offer reduced rates compared to regular shipping services, as their name implies. The discounted rates can be especially beneficial for individuals on a tight budget or seeking to save on vehicle transportation.


Discounted shipping rates help to make auto transport more affordable for a broader range of customers. This option enables individuals who may have otherwise considered less convenient alternatives, such as driving their vehicle, to choose professional transportation.


Discount auto shipping services provide a convenient solution by handling all the transportation logistics. Instead of personally driving their vehicles long distances, customers can rely on professional shipping companies to handle the transportation process. This saves them time and effort and helps prevent potential wear and tear on their vehicles.

Reliable Service: 

Even though discount auto transport providers offer discounted rates, they prioritize providing reliable service. Numerous companies in this industry have successfully built networks and formed partnerships with dependable carriers, guaranteeing the secure and efficient transportation of vehicles.

Wide Coverage: 

Discount auto shipping services typically operate nationally or internationally, offering coverage to various destinations.

This simplifies the transportation of vehicles over long distances, eliminating the need for multiple arrangements or additional hassle.

Insurance and Protection:

Reputable discount auto shipping companies usually offer insurance coverage for the vehicles they transport. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are protected against potential damage or loss during transit.

Time Savings:

Opting for a discount auto shipping service can be a time-saving alternative to personally driving your vehicle. Using this technology eliminates the necessity of planning routes, making accommodation reservations, and spending long hours on the road.

Instead, customers can focus on other important tasks or make travel arrangements while their vehicle is transported.

Discounts for car shipping


Discount car transport services are available in different forms and can offer substantial savings to customers. Several cost-saving options are available, such as seasonal discounts, multiple vehicle discounts, military discounts, senior citizen discounts, student discounts, open carrier discounts, terminal-to-terminal discounts, and round-trip shipping discounts.

When looking into car transport services, conducting thorough research on various companies is essential. Take the time to compare their rates and inquire about any discounts that may be available. This will help you find the most affordable and dependable vehicle transport option.


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