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  1. Get Clear on the Car Auction House’s Shipping Process
  2. Pick the Right Car Auction| Car Auctions Near Me
  3. Inspect as Much as You Are Permitted
  4. Ensure That Your Vehicle is in Excellent Condition
  5. What Information Will We Want from You When Shipping from a Car Auction?
  6. Conclusion | Auto Auctions Near Me

Get Clear on the Car Auction House’s Shipping Process

There is nothing more unpleasant than a dirty and dusty car. Ensuring your vehicle is adequately washed should be prioritized as the first step in your car auction preparation checklist.

We're not talking about simply dusting the windows and using a dry cloth to polish them. It is advisable to thoroughly clean every part of your vehicle, inside and outside.

To begin with, it is advisable to prioritize cleaning your car's interior, mainly focusing on the engine, engine compartment, and chassis. Although these areas are often neglected, they accumulate much dirt and grime. Liberally apply a special spray to the car auction wheels and carefully polish them until they shine.

Use soap and water to clean car auction upholstery. Be sure to clean the furniture to remove any dirt or stains thoroughly.

Additionally, make sure the upholstery smells pleasant and fresh. Please consider the dashboard, console, cup holders, and floor. A test drive will likely attract many potential buyers, and ensuring your car's clean interior will increase your chances significantly.

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Pick the Right Car Auction| Car Auctions Near Me

If you put in all your effort to make your car auction the cleanest and most attractive vehicle possible, it will only be purchased if you position it among the right audience.

Participating in car auctions that specifically cater to your car type is crucial. Placing a regular used vehicle for classic car and collectible cars in an auction would be impossible.

Furthermore, ensuring that you are engaging with a reputable and well-established auction house is imperative. It is important to remember that both the classic car auction house and the auctioneer you choose to work with are equally important as the vehicle you are about to present. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution in your selection process.

Inspect as Much as You Are Permitted

Although inspections are often limited in scope, making the most of what is permitted is essential. Please check the transmission fluid, if it is possible. A dark and grimy appearance indicates the car needs to be better maintained. 

Please request to start the engine and carefully observe the sounds it produces. It is advisable to note any unusual sounds and carefully evaluate whether it is wise to proceed with placing a bid. 

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Ensure That Your Vehicle is in Excellent Condition

Taking care of all the pending details is advisable before auctioning your car. To maximize your chances of attracting potential buyers, ensuring that your vehicle is in optimal condition is essential.

I recommend taking your vehicle to a professional for thorough detailing and addressing any mechanical issues that may be present. It is necessary to ensure that your car auction is in proper working condition and meticulously clean inside and outside.


If you desire to showcase your car most favorably, you seek high-quality pictures. Implementing this strategy will assist you in effectively promoting your vehicle and, as a result, generating heightened interest from potential buyers.

It is highly recommended to hire a professional photographer. However, if you plan to take photos, here are some helpful tips.

Please provide more context or specify what you would like a description of

Please clearly and comprehensively describe your car's various features while being transparent about any existing defects. The goal is to provide a thorough and precise description while refraining from adding unnecessary embellishments.

There is a belief that there is no limit to the amount of information one can possess. If applicable, you can enhance it by incorporating relevant historical facts.

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It is advisable to submit your application as soon as possible

Submitting your application sooner rather than later increases the likelihood of having your car included on the docket. You will also experience advantages from extended exposure on the auctioneer's website and any other marketing initiatives they undertake.

Please make your way to the car auction

You must attend the auction alongside your car to address any inquiries from bidders and engage with potential buyers.

To enhance the presentation of your vehicle and provide potential bidders with a comprehensive understanding of its collectible value, it is advisable to utilize a storyboard. This visual tool will convey the unique features and qualities contributing to its desirability.

What Information Will We Want from You When Shipping from a Car Auction?

When participating in a car auction, you must provide your car shipping company with various information. The information regarding the auction will typically be provided directly from the auction itself, often through an email notification sent to you once you have successfully won the auction. The information provided may include, but is not necessarily restricted to:

  • A lot number refers to the specific number assigned to the lot where a vehicle is currently situated. Regardless of whether they explicitly refer to it as a "lot number," every automobile auction will assign a unique identifier to each vehicle being auctioned. The carrier will require this information to notify the auction house about the car they are responsible for loading.
  • A buyer number is a distinctive identifier given to a vehicle buyer during an auction. Every buyer is assigned a unique buyer number, which serves as an identification code for the purchaser of a particular vehicle. Typically, providing this information and a lot number is sufficient to meet the auction's criteria for releasing a car to a carrier. Depending on the specific auction, this identifier may also be referred to as a customer number or by a different name. However, it is essential to note that these terms refer to the same concept.
  • Only a lot and buyer numbers are typically required to release a vehicle at most major car auctions. Smaller auctions may necessitate completing a physical form before a car can be released to a carrier. The auction house from which you purchase your vehicle will provide this information if necessary.

Conclusion | Auto Auctions Near Me

Numerous cars will be available at the auto auction, and yours must make a lasting impression. By following the tips we have gathered for you, you can ensure that you will find a buyer for your vehicle at a competitive price.


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