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  5. What is the Most Secure Method for Shipping an Exotic Car?| Exotic Cars Near Me
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  7. What is the Typical Duration for Transporting Exotic Cars?

Transporting Exotic Cars| Exotic Car Rental Near Me

Transporting exotic cars necessitates meticulous planning and thoughtful consideration to guarantee the vehicle's safety and protection throughout the transportation process. Here are some steps to follow when transporting exotic cars:

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Choose a reputable car transport company:

Please search for an auto transport company that specializes in handling luxury and exotic vehicles and has relevant experience in this field. To make an informed decision, it is advisable to read reviews, verify their credentials, and inquire about their insurance coverage.

Decide on the type of transport: 

Regarding transporting a car, there are generally two options: open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport is a more cost-effective option, but it does come with the drawback of exposing the vehicle to the elements and potential road debris. Enclosed transport provides superior protection against weather and road hazards, although it tends to be more costly.

Obtain quotes and book in advance:

To obtain quotes for the transportation service, contacting several car transport companies is advisable. Transporting exotic cars can be expensive, so carefully comparing prices and services is crucial.

To ensure availability, booking transportation well in advance is advisable, particularly if you have specific dates in mind.

Prepare the car for transport: 

Before transportation, it is essential to thoroughly clean the vehicle and carefully inspect it for any pre-existing damage. Taking photos from multiple angles is advisable to thoroughly document the car's condition. Please remove personal belongings and ensure loose parts or accessories are securely fastened.

Disable alarm systems:

Before transporting your exotic cars, it is essential to turn off the alarm system to avoid any unnecessary triggering.

Notify the transport company of any special requirements:

If your exotic car has specific requirements, such as low ground clearance or a light body kit, it is essential to inform the transport company in advance.

They can make arrangements to meet those requirements. For example, they can use a specialized trailer or take extra precautions during loading and unloading.

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Obtain proper insurance coverage:

Contact your car insurance provider to confirm that your exotic car has sufficient insurance coverage while transported. The transport company needs to have insurance coverage. However, it is crucial to clarify the specific details and limits of the coverage.

Remove or secure removable parts:

If your exotic car has removable parts, such as spoilers or aftermarket accessories, it is advisable to remove them before transporting the vehicle. Alternatively, ensure they are securely fastened to avoid potential damage while in transit.

Sign the bill of lading: 

When the transport company arrives to pick up your vehicle, thoroughly review and sign the bill of lading. This document provides a detailed account of the car's condition at pickup. Please make sure to keep a copy of this for your records.

Stay informed and track the transport: 

To stay informed about the status of your shipment, it is essential to maintain regular communication with the transport company throughout the transit period.

This will allow you to receive timely updates on the progress of your shipment. Certain companies offer online tracking services, allowing you to conveniently monitor your car's location.

Types of Exotic Car Transport | Cheap Exotic Cars

There are several methods and options available for transporting exotic cars. Several common types of car transport are commonly used for transporting exotic vehicles.

Enclosed Exotic Auto Transport:

This method is widely recognized as one of the safest and most popular options for transporting exotic cars. Enclosed trailers offer comprehensive protection against external elements such as weather conditions, debris, and road hazards. They are often equipped with air ride suspension systems to ensure a smooth and secure ride for the vehicles.

Open Exotic Auto Transport: 

Although open-trailer transport may not be as secure as enclosed trailers, it is more affordable exotic cars shipping. Open trailers are commonly utilized for the transportation of multiple vehicles at the same time.

Reputable transport companies take necessary precautions to protect vehicles securely and adequately during transportation, even when exposed to the elements.

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Why Should Exotic Cars be Transported Using Enclosed Auto Transport?

Although it is possible to select an open carrier for transporting your exotic car, it is not advisable if you want to prioritize safety and protection.

By opting for enclosed transport, your car will be carefully loaded and securely fastened inside a dedicated, fully enclosed trailer. Some auto transport companies may provide both ramps and lifts for loading vehicles.

Lifts are crucial in safely handling custom, exotic cars, and other lower-profile vehicles. Using a ramp to load one of these cars has the potential to cause damage to the vehicle's undercarriage.

Enclosed transport is the optimal choice for shipping your exotic vehicle due to several compelling reasons.

Ensuring the safety of your investment

If you own exotic cars, you likely view it as an investment. Opting for enclosed transport will provide comprehensive protection for your car, shielding it from potential damage caused by external elements. This safeguarding measure will effectively preserve the car's outer appearance and maintain its value.

Snow protection

Providing additional protection is essential to ship your exotic vehicle during a colder, harsher month. However, you can still ship it during summer without special precautions. An enclosed carrier protects against snow and freezing temperatures, preventing potential damage.

Peace of mind

The key to a stress-free relocation is knowing that your expensive exotic car is in a protected environment. If you are ever concerned about theft, placing your exotic automobile in an enclosed carrier is advisable.

Protection from road hazards

By being securely enclosed within a container, your exotic car is protected from dirt, debris, potholes, and other potential road hazards that could cause damage to its exterior.

No risk of sun damage

Depending on the specific custom exterior of your vehicle, it may need to be capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to the sun. In this case, avoiding transporting in an open-air trailer is advisable.

Rain protection

Your vehicle may not perform well in rain storms or snow and excessive sun. This statement holds particularly true when it comes to classic cars or exotic cars that have custom exteriors.

To avoid any potential damage from rain, it is advisable to opt for enclosed transport when selecting a method of auto shipping through your chosen company.

How to Get Your Car Ready?

Please refer to the instructions provided by your carrier on properly preparing your exotic car for transport. There might be certain limitations on personal belongings left inside the vehicle, the quantity of fuel in the tank, or other safety factors to consider.

Ensuring your car is clean and thoroughly inspected is also essential. Please ensure you capture photographs of the entire vehicle using good lighting and multiple angles.

This will assist you in identifying any damage that may occur during the shipping of your exotic car in the event of an incident.

What is the Most Secure Method for Shipping an Exotic Car?| Exotic Cars Near Me

The open car shipping service is widely recognized as the most popular choice for auto transportation. It is affordable, quick, and easy to arrange.

However, there is a drawback to this type of auto transport service: the level of protection offered for the vehicles. Owners of valuable and expensive vehicles prefer enclosed auto transport, considered more than sufficient for an average sedan.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your cherished possession is safe and secure throughout its journey, thanks to the additional protection it provides.

What is the Cost of Shipping an Exotic Car?

Various factors determine the cost of exotic car transport services. Smaller vehicles, such as compact cars, are more affordable to transport. Shorter distances are also less expensive. In addition to the factors above, other considerations include:

  • The estimated delivery time
  • The overall condition of the vehicle
  • The specific time of year

Enclosed auto transport will result in a slightly higher cost, typically 30% to 40% more.

What is the Typical Duration for Transporting Exotic Cars?

Several factors can affect the duration of vehicle transportation. The most apparent factor is distance. Additionally, factors such as the pick-up and delivery location, weather conditions, and time of year can also impact the timeline for auto transport.

The Department of Transportation also limits drivers' hours to ensure that truck drivers are adequately rested and can drive safely.


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