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  1. What Is Exotic Car Transport?
  2. Difference Between Exotic Car And Luxury Car:
  3. What Are The Transportation Options For Exotic Car Shipping?
  4. What Is The Best Option To Ship A Exotic Car?
  5. What Is The Cost Of Exotic Car Shipping?
  6. How Long Does Exotic Car Shipping Take?
  7. How Do You Select The Right Auto Transport Company?
  8. Advantages Of Shipping Your Exotic Car:
  9. Tips For Exotic Car Shipping:
  10. How Do You Prepare Your Exotic Car For Shipping?
  11. Why Rapid Auto Shipping Is The Best?

What Is Exotic Car Transport?

Exotic car transport is the service provided by auto transport companies, and they have a special carrier for the transportation of exotic cars, classic cars, and luxury cars. It is the best shipping service specially designed for the transportation of luxury and premium vehicles. Whether you are relocating or moving to another city, instead of driving by yourself, you can hire an auto transportation company to ship your exotic car safely.

Difference Between Exotic Car And Luxury Car:

The terms exotic and luxury car are different, but their cost is somewhat similar, and many of them need clarification on these two cars. We have listed significant key differences between these two cars. Let us look at the table below. This will help you to understand the difference between luxury and exotic cars.

Exotic Car Luxury Car
Unique design Comfortable and smart technologies
Supercars with super performance Smooth ride and lavish interiors
Limited edition with custom features Exclusive features
It is more expensive than the Luxury car Not much expensive
Example- Ferrari, Lamborghini Example- Rolls Royce, BMW

What Are The Transportation Options For Exotic Car Shipping?

There are two main types of trailers: open trailers and enclosed car trailers. In an open trailer, your car will be loaded into an open-air long trailer. It is the cheapest means of car shipping. It is an affordable, quick, and easy mode of car transport. It will transport your car safely, but there may be a risk of getting your car damaged.

An enclosed trailer is more expensive than open-car transport in that your car will be loaded into an enclosed trailer type, which protects your vehicle and will be delivered safely to you. 

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What Is The Best Option To Ship A Exotic Car?

Enclosed car transport is the best option for shipping luxury and exotic classic cars. Most owners of this type of vehicle prefer enclosed car transport to open car transport because of its special features and protection. Enclosed car transport is expensive, but it is ideal for the roofless exotic car, and it will deliver your car in its pristine condition with utmost care. When you choose enclosed car transport and door to door transport for your exotic shipping services, you do not need to worry about its safety and can enjoy the peace of mind that comes securely after the delivery of your car.

What Is The Cost Of Exotic Car Shipping?

Exotic and luxury cars need much care and special equipment for transportation. The cost of exotic car transport is affected by several factors, including vehicle model, distance, and shipping route. If you are transporting your car to a short distance, it will cost less, and choosing an open car transport trailer will also cost less. If you select an enclosed car transport, it will cost more than the open car transport.

How Long Does Exotic Car Shipping Take?

The transportation company's time to ship your car depends on several conditions like route, location, and traffic conditions. Usually, the enclosed transport takes a few days to a couple of weeks to ship your car, but if you are transporting via open car transport, it will deliver your car quickly, but it is an open trailer and may cause damage.

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How Do You Select The Right Auto Transport Company?

If you own a luxury or exotic car, it is more important to maintain it in its pristine condition, and if you are moving somewhere else or purchasing a car from some other city, then it is most important that the car be transported safely. So, to avoid mishaps while transporting your car, it is important to hire a trustworthy company. Here, we have listed five steps to help you find the best Exoctic car transport company.

  1. Before you ship your car, you should research whether the company is experienced or not.
  2. You have to check and ensure that whether the company is licensed or not, check and verify their DOT number, they have a valid number, and they are following all the FMCSA rules and regulations.
  3. You have to check their payment options, like whether they are following valid payment options, and if they are asking to pay via another external link or any kind of upfront deposit, then you have to be aware.
  4. If you are transporting a classic car, you must ensure and confirm whether they have the appropriate equipment and an enclosed trailer for the shipment.
  5. Before you sign a contract, read it carefully and get a copy of your contract from them. Most companies offer insurance coverage, so read their terms and conditions properly.

Advantages Of Shipping Your Exotic Car:

Auto Transport Company protects your vehicle throughout the journey and delivers it in pristine condition. Here, we have shared some important advantages of shipping your exotic car.

  1. Car Transport has expertise in transporting classic and luxury vehicles. They have a professional and experienced team, and they transport your vehicle securely in an enclosed car trailer.
  2. Exotic cars need the most care while loading and unloading. They have an experienced team and use special equipment for loading and unloading exotic and luxury cars.
  3. It will save you time instead of driving alone, and you can transport your car with the help of an expert exotic car transport company, which is a time-efficient and convenient way to ship your car.
  4. By considering vehicle type, and distance, They will give you the customised shipping quote as per your need and vehicle requirements.
  5. They also offer tracking service, keep on informing you about the live location of your car, and they will maintain proper communication and support.

Tips For Exotic Car Shipping:

If you are going to transport your exotic car, then to make your shipping experience the best, you have to consider some points here we have shared the tips that will help you find the best and most experienced exotic car shipping company.

  1. Exotic cars need much more protection than normal car shipping. So when shipping your car, you must choose an enclosed car transport for safe exotic car delivery.
  2. You have to ensure that the company you are hiring for transportation has insurance coverage because you can ask for insurance in case of any mishaps or damage. The company will not be responsible for the damage due to climatic hazards.
  3. Before shipping your exotic car, verify whether they have an experienced driver and ask for a written copy of your shipping contract.
  4. If money is not your concern, choose a door to door shipping option instead of terminal to terminal.
  5. Once you have done everything, you must inspect and clean your before shipping.

How Do You Prepare Your Exotic Car For Shipping?

This is also the most important task. You have to prepare your car before shipping to avoid any disturbance during the shipping journey.

  1. You have to wash and clean your car properly from inside to outside and remove all your personal belongings from inside the car.
  2. Check and complete all the maintenance needed for your car before shipping.
  3. You must empty the fuel tank up to 1/4th or quarter and check for the battery and all other accessories.
  4. Inspect your car carefully and take photos of it as proof.

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Why Rapid Auto Shipping Is The Best?

Shipping an exotic car is difficult. It requires much more preparation and protection; there are many factors you need to consider before you hire a car shipping company. Rapid Auto Shipping has professional and experienced drivers who will safely transport your car. We have many satisfied clients, which says everything about the work and support we offer, and we are always ready to serve you with the best shipping service.

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