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John Logan


I asked them for car shipping in a trailer to Vegas. I have been using their services for many years and I am never disappointed. The vehicles arrived quickly and safely.

11, April 2019 Trustpilot

Angela Merkle


Very accurate and in-time services. Their home pickup was excellent, and auto shippers took care of the vehicle very well. If I had known they were so good, I would have also asked them for car shipping.

07, May 2021 google-mini-logo

Steven Faith


Accurate, home pickup, on time, excellent care of my motorcycle. If I had known they were going to be as good as they were, I would have my three wheeler car shipping with them at the same time.

07, April 2020 Transport Reviews Logo

Mark de cole


They did a great job delivering my two-wheeler in their trailer. Auto Shippers did a great job of delivering it. This is my third time with them, and I am always happy with their services.

01, September 2020 bbb logo

Mark Jennings


Car Shipping from one state to the other state is very easy and convenient with Rapid auto shipping. they were quick and superb in responding all my queries during the transit of my vehicle.

22, September 2019 google mini

Estep Meade


I would highly recommend Rapid Auto Shipping company for snowbird shipping services. They did a remarkable job and really at an affordable price. Best Auto shipping company in the USA for Snowbird Shipping. Thank you, Team.

07, April 2020 Transport Reviews Logo

Sherry Street


Thank You Rapid Auto Shipping for delivering my vehicle. this is the second time i have used your car shipping service and found it to be amazing both times.

11, April 2019 Trustpilot

Mark Hill


Their auto shipping services are accurate whether it is home pickup or taking care of my vehicles. I was happy with all their services and their shipping and transport services were better than anyone else.

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Approximate Distance
Estimate Time
Estimate Price
745 miles 3 to 4 days $500 to $720
Note: For accurate and customised quote, Please call our Auto Transport Professionals now (833) 233-4447

What's In This Article?

  1. How Does El Paso to Houston Auto Transport Work?
  2. Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport | El Paso to Houston Auto Transport
  3. Rapid Auto Shipping Services from El Paso to Houston Auto Transport
  4. How Long Does El Paso to Houston Auto Transport Take?         
  5. What Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Ship From El Paso to Houston Auto Transport?

How Does El Paso to Houston Auto Transport Work?

Please get a price for shipping your vehicle:

Rapid Auto Shipping is a reliable company that offers dependable car shipping services. We provide free quotes without any obligation.

When it comes to transporting your vehicle, you have the option to choose between an open or enclosed carrier. Open-carrier shipping is a cost-effective and commonly utilized method of transportation for shipping.

Rapid Auto Shipping offers enclosed carriers that provide additional automobile protection during transport.

Vehicle pickup:

After receiving the price, you can book online or contact an auto transportation representative to schedule a pickup date. We will handle the pickup of your vehicle with great care and ensure that it is loaded onto the carrier safely.

Rapid Auto Shipping offers the convenience of online cargo tracking, allowing you to easily and quickly track the progress of your shipment at any time.

Vehicle delivery:

Your car will be carefully unloaded from the auto transporter's truck during transportation. You are performing a comprehensive final inspection guarantees that the item is returned to you in its initial state, with no alterations or damages.

El Paso to Houston Auto Transport

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport | El Paso to Houston Auto Transport

Here are some steps that can assist you in preparing for shipping:

  • Please make sure that the outside of your vehicle is clean. To ensure that your car is entirely spotless, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly. This is because dirt has the potential to conceal marks.
  • Kindly examine the exterior of your vehicle. It is important to carefully inspect your vehicle for signs of dents, scratches, or discolorations. It is crucial to take note of any pre-existing damage.
  • It is recommended to take photographs of the existing damage for record-keeping purposes. For the sake of accuracy, it is advisable to take pictures of any damage, such as scratches, dents, paint chips, and other types of damage, in addition to documenting them in writing. This serves as evidence if any damage is observed after the shipment. It is recommended to capture photographs from multiple angles to ensure high-quality images.
  • Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. Please inspect all the car's fluids and ensure the tire pressure is checked. For optimal performance, it is recommended to ensure that the battery is fully charged. It is recommended to fill your tank partially. To successfully load a vehicle onto a truck, it is crucial to have enough fuel in the tank, assuming the car is still operational.
  • Please make sure to remove all personal belongings. Please remove any personal belongings from your vehicle, such as GPS devices or chargers. Taking this action reduces the likelihood of theft, damage, or loss.
  • Please provide the driver with any necessary information that may be needed. Please write down any mechanical issues that must be communicated to the driver. Although the vehicle will be driven minimally, these instructions will aid in loading and unloading it onto a carrier.

Rapid Auto Shipping Services from El Paso to Houston Auto Transport

Open Transport:

Our most popular option for vehicle transportation is the Open Transport service. Our transportation service offers affordable solutions, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Our company provides a fast auto transport solution for those who need to ship a car from El Paso to Houston. Our network boasts a pool of approximately 19,000 certified auto transport carriers available for hire.

If your vehicle has sufficient ground clearance to be driven onto an open trailer, open auto transport is likely the most cost-effective and optimal choice for shipping your vehicle.

Enclosed transport:

Our Enclosed Transport service is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of exotic cars, classic vehicles, high-end vehicles, or those too low to the ground to be transported safely on an open trailer.

Our "white glove" service ensures that your car will be transported with the utmost care and attention, and we guarantee it.

Exotic Auto Transport:

When transporting exotic vehicles, it is essential to consider ground clearance. Our equipment is designed to accommodate any car that you need to transport.

Classic Auto Transport:

We particularly appreciate older vehicles requiring reliable transportation, particularly antique or vintage cars. We usually use trailers equipped with lift gates or extended ramps to minimize the risk of damage.

Motorcycle Transport:

Our company provides customers with open or enclosed motorcycle shipping services. Both methods are affordable and safe. We ensure that both choices utilize trailers designed to transport your motorcycle securely.

Trailers are typically equipped with either front-wheel chucks or D-rings on the floor to ensure a hassle-free shipment of your bike. These features allow the driver to strap and fasten your bike securely.

El Paso to Houston Auto Transport

Golf Cart Transport:

Our transportation services are designed to accommodate various golf carts. The golf course has a fleet of 300 privately owned golf carts that have been customized.

Trailer transport:

Our transportation services are tailored to accommodate trailers of different sizes, from a 6-foot utility trailer to a 53-foot reefer.

Our company provides Power Only services that enable drivers to connect their trucks to your kingpin, gooseneck, or ball hook and transport it to the desired destination.

One can transport their trailer to its destination using a flat deck, drop deck, step deck, RGN, or lowboy trailer as an alternative method.

Auction Transport:

A vehicle acquired from an auction can have originated from a state other than where it was purchased. Our company sources cars from a variety of auctions across the United States, including well-known platforms such as eBay Motors, Copart, IAAI, Richie Bros, Iron Planet, Gov Deals, GSA Auctions, Manheim, Mecum, Barret Jackson, NPA, and others.

RV Transport:

We offer various service options for transporting RVs. Our Power Only service is in high demand because it includes a skilled driver who will expertly attach your fifth wheel, travel trailer, or pop-up to your vehicle and safely transport it to your desired destination.

Our company provides Drive Away services for motorhomes or buses in good running condition, regardless of their classification as Class A, B, or C. Our company employs a range of trailers, including flat decks, drop decks, step decks, RGN, and lowboy trailers.

Boat Transport:

We offer transportation services specifically designed to safely transport a variety of watercraft, such as PWCs (personal watercraft), powerboats, sport boats, sailboats, cruisers, and yachts.

Our company offers Power Only services, which involve a professional driver connecting your boat trailer and transporting it safely to its intended destination.

We provide various options to load your boat or boat and trailer onto our trailer. To complete this task, you can use either a flat deck trailer, a drop deck trailer, or a step deck trailer. RGN or specialized lowboy trailers are explicitly designed to haul or ship large boats.

These trailers are designed to transport larger boats that a regular camper cannot accommodate. "overseas" generally refers to too large yachts to be transported on land by road. We offer diverse vessels, ranging in size from small dinghies to opulent yachts.

El Paso to Houston Auto Transport

Flatbed or heavy hauling:

A large trailer becomes necessary when a vehicle surpasses a car transporter's height or weight restrictions.

Military Auto Transport:

We have chosen our name as a mark of our profound admiration for the armed forces. We provide discounts to both present and past personnel.


Seasonal Shippers:

We extend a warm welcome to all snowbirds who are traveling from the north to the south or vice versa. Our company provides cost-effective options for car travel.

Fleet Transport:

At discounted rates, we provide fleet transportation services to equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and large corporations.

Dealer Transport:

Our collaboration extends to businesses of all sizes. This implies that we can work with your dealership, regardless of whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of thousands.

Moving to college:

If you are moving to school, having a car for transportation will be necessary. We aim to help you reduce your shipping costs by using our services.

How Long Does El Paso to Houston Auto Transport Take? 

The time required to complete tasks can vary depending on their specific characteristics. Completing all the necessary paperwork and practicing with your vehicle before shipping are crucial steps. Traveling from El Paso to Houston usually takes five to seven days.

The total distance covered by the trip will be 1088 miles. When you hire a professional moving company, you can arrange for a specific location to have your belongings picked up.

Adhering strictly to your schedule is essential to completing your work within the designated time frame and meeting your deadlines.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Ship From El Paso to Houston Auto Transport?

It is advisable to hire a reliable moving company when you are relocating to ensure your safety. Our services can expand your insurance coverage and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Your car's type, year, and condition will determine the most suitable servicing. If it is necessary to move your vehicle, it is recommended that you do so only on a closed trailer. Despite their higher cost, enclosed trailers are considered safer than open trailers.


Rapid Auto Shipping

Want to Start Shipping With The Best?

If you would prefer to speak to one of our experienced Transport Specialists, feel free to give us a call at

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