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  1. What is the Port to Port Shuttles?
  2. Port to Port Shuttles vs. Door to Door Shuttles
  3. What Are Port to Port Shuttles Charges?
  4. How Can I Ship My Car for Cheap?
  5. What Affects How Much It Costs to Ship a Car?

What is the Port to Port Shuttles?

Port to port shuttles is a crucial component of ocean freight transportation, encompassing the middle stage of the shipping process. This refers to the transport of merchandise in shipping containers from the port of origin, also known as the port of loading, to the port of destination, also referred to as the port of discharge. Pre-carriage and on-carriage transportation services are not included.

Shipping lines often encounter volatile and precarious situations at sea, which makes this part of the auto shipping process unpredictable. This is primarily why the end-to-end shipping process tends to be the most expensive.

In the following sections of this article, we will discuss the factors that should be considered when shipping from one port to another.

Port to Port Shuttles vs. Door to Door Shuttles 

Although door to door shuttles is widely used, there are specific situations where a shipper may opt for port to port shuttles instead.

Port to port shuttles and door to door shipping are two distinct methods of transportation. The main difference is that port to port shuttles does not encompass cargo transportation from its point of origin, such as a warehouse or production center, to the loading port. Similarly, transportation of the merchandise to the final destination is not included upon arrival.

Port to port shipments is typically recommended for experienced shippers with the knowledge and expertise to handle the additional on-carriage and pre-carriage services involved in the shipping process.

This means, among other things, taking care of the paperwork, passing customs at the start and the destination, setting up overland transportation, and taking care of office services.

Port to port transport services

What Are Port to Port Shuttles Charges?

Port to port shuttles refers to the transportation of goods from the port of origin to the port of destination, and it encompasses the associated transportation costs.

The costs typically include the ocean freight rate, which refers to the rate at which the cargo is transported, and a container rental fee that covers the rental of the shipping container for transportation.

Port to port transport services

How Can I Ship My Car for Cheap?

The most cost-effective way to ship a vintage or luxury car is through open transportation services. However, open shipping is considered an unsafe method for shipping cars.

Enclosed car movers provide superior protection for vehicles compared to open car movers. If you are shipping a vehicle from the port, it is recommended to use roll-on/roll-off auto transport services with an enclosed car transport trailer.

Most customers generally prefer enclosed auto shipping over open auto transport. Why? Enclosed car movers offer the highest level of security and protection from the elements of vehicles.

Enclosed auto transport is typically priced around 60% higher than open car transport. However, it offers superior vehicle protection, highly recommended for luxury or vintage vehicles. Although it may not be the cheapest car transport option, it is significantly safer.

Enclosed car shipping services offer several advantages over open auto transport, including the various methods used to load vehicles onto enclosed trucks. Many trucks used for transporting vehicles have extra-long ramps or lift gates.

This eliminates the need for the driver to drive your car onto the truck manually, as is typically required with open auto transport trucks. You can choose from various enclosed auto transport services when selecting a vehicle shipping company. These services offer configurations such as extra-long ramps, soft sides, lift gates, and stiff sides.

Modern enclosed auto shipping trailers have luxurious features, including air-cushioned and smooth ride suspensions. These features ensure minimal disturbance to the luxury or vintage cars being transported.

In addition, these extras provide added protection for vehicles by reducing the risk of dents or scratches. Lift gate elevators are much less likely to cause damage to vintage or luxury cars than ramps.

Suppose you desire complete protection for your luxury vehicle throughout transportation. In that case, you may find door to door car shipping services on an enclosed vehicle shipping truck highly appealing. While it may have a higher cost than other transportation options, investing in it can prevent significant difficulties in the future.

Port to port transport services

What Affects How Much It Costs to Ship a Car?

There are several factors that can impact the overall cost of your car shipping services.


How much it costs to move a car is partly based on how far it needs to go. The cost of driving your vehicle increases when you go farther. Shipping your car along famous auto transport lines to and from prominent places like Boston, Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles is usually cheaper.

This is where most cheap services to move cars can be found. A car shipping truck driver must go off their primary path to get to country areas and small towns.

Car movers must drive further to pick up and drop off cars, which takes more time and fuel. A cheap way to transport a vehicle is to move the pick-up and drop-off points out of rural areas and meet the driver in a place still on the main road.

The season for moving cars:

Getting a ride in a car is more expensive in the summer than in the winter. In the summer, it's more typical for cars to be shipped from east to west, and more people want to ship cars in general. During the winter, there are usually fewer people moving cars.

Conversely, snowbirds tend to make more north-south trips, especially along the east coast. Some roads may have higher prices in the winter because of snow and ice. This usually happens in the far north, where snow and ice are more common.

In general, it's easier to find cheap car shipping services in the fall and winter, but we can help you find cheap car shipping no matter what time of year it is.

Shipping type:

Most of the time, enclosed car shipping services cost more than open car shipping services. If you want to move your car for as little money as possible, open car shippers are usually the best choice.

This is also true for moving from one terminal to another, even though terminals are hard to find and are only in big towns.

When it will be sent:

The more quickly you need your car shipped, the more it will cost. It requires careful planning and execution, just like any other fast shipping service. Before going on long-distance trips, companies that ship cars need full trucks, leaving the shipping company with little time to prepare everything.

They have to be efficient, and companies that move cars want to be efficient, which means having a full van. Priority or rapid vehicle transfer services, on the other hand, are offered and can generally move your car much faster than standard prices.

Focus and fast services are not cheap, so we only provide them to people who need their vehicles moved quickly and can't wait.


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