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Overview About Ambulance Services

An ambulance is a massively sized specialized vehicle. Ambulances are typically associated with life-saving efforts. Few people consider the history of where it came from and how it got there. A transportation service can answer all of your behind-the-scenes questions. It can be challenging to decide which mode of transportation to use, which can cause a headache. Different transportation companies can provide a diverse network of solutions and options when it comes to transporting a large item, such as an ambulance. Finding the right medical transport service, such as Rapid Auto Shipping, can make your vehicle's commute much easier, whether for business or pleasure, such as ambulance collection.

What's in this article?

  1. Types of Ambulance Shipping Services
  2. The Advantages of Using An Ambulance Shipping Service
  3. Get The Ambulance Ready For Shipping
  4. Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company
  5. The Advantages of Using Rapid Auto Shipping To Ship Your Car
  6. How Much Does It Cost?
  7. How to Choose An Ambulance Shipping Company?
  8. Tracking Auto Transportation 
  9. Where Can I Get Quotes For Car Shipping Services?

Types of Ambulance Shipping Services

There are many different types of ambulances, and depending on their purpose, they come in various sizes and shapes, which determines how they must be transported and the carrier to be used.

Although heavy load and sometimes over-sized vehicles are generally considered, some categories do not fall under this condition:

Ambulance of Class 1

A heavy truck chassis distinguishes Type 1 ambulances. The vehicle's rear compartment is frequently referred to as a box. Some jurisdictions call these vehicles Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU) because they are used for Advanced Life Services (ALS).

Ambulance of Class 2

A type 2 ambulance is a commercial heavy-duty van with few modifications other than a raised roof and air conditioning in the back. These are frequently used as a vehicle for Basic Life Support (BLS). These can also be used to transfer patients but are also commonly used in ALS services.

Ambulance of Class 3

A type 3 ambulance is a van chassis with all of the amenities of a type 1 ambulance but in van form.

Ambulance 4th Class

These smaller vehicles generally fit into situations that a regular ambulance cannot. They can navigate smaller complexes and venues. These are also not covered by federal regulations.


We offer a wide range of carriers, including:

  • Car trailers for regular-sized vans and mini ambulances.
  • For heavy, oversized, and wide ambulances, flatbed transport (open deck) is used.
  • Step deck: for large and tall ambulances.
  • Drop deck: a two-level trailer for taller ambulances that exceed the legal maximum height limit.

Transportation Method

Car Shipping from Terminal to Terminal: The first choice is where you want your car picked up and delivered, whether a cross-country ambulance shipping or a vehicle to another state.

Auto delivery from terminal to terminal is an option, which means authorized pick-up and drop-off locations, which are often the medical transport company's stores or operational bases, are used.

As a result, while terminal to terminal vehicle delivery is frequently less expensive, getting the car home will require more effort.

Car Shipping Service From A to B: Most customers prefer a door-to-door car shipping service, where their vehicles are picked up and dropped off at their home, whether a cross-country ambulance shipping or a car to another state.

This is generally preferred because it eliminates the need to travel somewhere to pick up your car, which could be difficult if you don't have a vehicle, to begin with!

RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) Car Transport: Roll on, roll off is a car shipping service that allows cars to be rolled onto a boat in the United States and off at the destination port.

This car shipping service is mostly used for large vehicles that cannot fit inside a container, but it is also used for standard automobiles and motorcycles in unusual locations.

Car Shipping by Freight Train: Although transporting a single vehicle on a freight train is possible, it is relatively inexpensive. However, if you are in charge of transporting a fleet of cars, rail transport becomes a viable option.

Car Shipping Service by Maritime: Shipping your car overseas or along a coastline is a viable option for vehicle fleets or single vehicles, with pricing comparable to trailer transport.

Car Shipping by Airfreight: The quickest way to ship an automobile internationally is by air freight. Because this speed is significantly cheaper, it is not a common shipping option. This car shipping service is ideal for time-sensitive shipments like races, displays, or high-end vehicles.

Ambulance Shipping Services

The Advantages of Using An Ambulance Shipping Service

You may believe using a shipping service will be costly, but this is only sometimes the case. There are numerous advantages to using a shipping service that you cannot normally provide. The options listed below are ones that a shipping company can accommodate for your ambulance relocation needs.

Get The Ambulance Ready For Shipping

It's time to get ready for action after you've planned your ambulance shipping and found your ideal carrier. Preparing the transportation equipment ensures everything is intact during the move. To prepare for the loading of your ambulance, follow these steps:

  • Remove any excess aggregate, debris, dirt, or material that may fall or cause friction during transportation. These falling pieces can damage vehicles on the road and possibly shift cargo during transportation.
  • If the equipment to be transported has rubber tires, the pressure must be checked beforehand. Low pressure can cause tie-downs to become loose.
  • Determine whether friction devices are required in friction between the transport vehicle and the equipment (such as metal crawler tracks on a metal deck). Potholes and poor road conditions can cause friction between the vehicle and the merchandise.
  • Check that the loading area is free of obstacles, has solid ground, and is easily accessible by trailer.
  • Remove any non-equipment-related personal items or attachments.

Ambulance Shipping Services

Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company

Given the importance of adhering to ambulance shipping regulations, it's a good idea to use a reputable medical transport service for all your ambulance shipping needs. It would help if you looked for shipping company that:

  • Has prior experience transporting ambulance from one location to another. This ensures that the provider understands how to handle medical transport and the rules that must be followed.
  • Has a large and reliable carrier network. The larger a transportation provider's carrier network, the more carriers they can contact at reasonable shipping rates to move your cargo.
  • It has tools for tracking your shipment to ensure it arrives on time.

A knowledgeable and efficient transportation provider should streamline the heavy equipment shipping process from beginning to end.

Medical transport or ambulance shipping services will allow your company to get the oversized load it requires as soon as possible without breaking the bank.

The Advantages of Using Rapid Auto Shipping To Ship Your Car

Your car is your primary mode of transportation. However, depending on your budget, schedule, and sanity, you should occasionally ship the vehicle. There is a simple solution. Rapid Auto Shipping will deliver your vehicle anywhere in the United States.

Instant Car Transport Estimates: Please use our auto transport rate calculator to get an instant quote for your auto transport needs. There is no obligation, and the survey should take at least three minutes.

Expertise: Entrust your vehicle relocation to the professionals. Years of experience imply that your vehicle has been well-maintained. With a proven safety and service track record, you can rest assured that your car is in capable hands.

Transparency: Know what your quote covers and the quality you're paying for when shipping with a reputable carrier. You can confidently schedule your medical transport because the pricing is fair and transparent.

Convenience: Using a ambulance shipping service is also very convenient. Many medical transport companies offer door-to-door service, which means they will pick up your vehicle from your location and transport it to its final destination.

This saves you the trouble of driving your car to a terminal or port, especially if you live in a remote area.

Time and Effort Savings: Using an ambulance shipping service allows you to save a significant amount of time and energy. You don't have to spend days or weeks driving your vehicle to its final destination when you use an ambulance shipping service.

Instead, please drop off your vehicle at the shipping company's terminal and let them handle the rest. This will allow you to concentrate on other important tasks rather than the logistics of ambulance shipping.

Affordability: There are no hidden fees with this booking. Please pay only after receiving your service. Book your shipment and pay your deposit when the vehicle is ready for pick-up.

Personalized: Prepare a team to assist with the shipping process. Our team works hard to tailor your reservation to your specific needs while responding to your questions and concerns.

Comprehensive: Enjoy a single point of contact from start to finish for a streamlined ambulance shipping procedure. Your dedicated consultant will expertly guide every stage of the medical transport process.

Insured: The FMCSA verifies that all carriers are properly insured.

How Much Does It Cost?

It can be challenging to accurately estimate the cost of medical transport due to the numerous factors involved. Still, you can expect to pay around $5 per mile for shorter-distance journeys and $1.75 per mile for longer-haul shipments.

Aside from a distance, the following factors can have an impact on the quotes you receive:

Item Size: The size of the heavy equipment you need to move will also impact your pricing. Flatbed hauls are the most common solution and will suffice for most heavy, large items.

If you need more than a flatbed, a special trailer is a solution, which may require special permits and will likely raise your price. Because of the item's size, specific routes may be inaccessible, causing the route to be longer.

Timing: Your price will also increase if you need something delivered by a specific time. This may imply that a delivery is made specifically for you rather than as part of a regular route.

Pickup And Delivery Locations: If your pickup location is remote, it will take more fuel and time to pick up your item, whereas urban and densely populated areas will likely cost less because they are less out of the way.

Shipping Path: Naturally, the shipping route you select or that is the most efficient will affect your shipping costs. More efficient shipping routes may be more expensive (due to increased demand).

However, more roundabout shipping routes may cost more in some cases due to fuel and other costs.

Shipment Priority: The higher the priority of your shipment, the higher the cost because it requires carriers and ambulance shipping companies to bump other loads down the list.

As a result, if you need an emergency shipment as soon as possible, you should expect to pay more for expedited heavy equipment shipping.

Time of Year: In some cases, adverse weather conditions can affect pricing because they can close off specific routes and make journeys longer.

Ambulance Shipping Services

How to Choose An Ambulance Shipping Company?

Heavy equipment hauling can be difficult, so selecting a company that specializes in the industry is critical. Whether you work with a broker, shipping company, or owner-operator, you should always conduct your research and confirm all credentials.

Are you looking for the best heavy equipment hauling companies? Rapid Auto Shipping makes it simple to select an equipment shipping company. Just consider the following:

Reactions to the Transporter Profile of Rapid Auto Shipping: The Rapid Auto Shipping profile for your medical transport company will include extensive feedback on the carrier's previous performance.

Look for customers who have previously used this carrier to medical transport similar shipments. This will give you an idea of the level of service and safety to expect and should help you make a more informed decision.

Licensing and Evaluations:

  • Check to see if your transporter is licensed.
  • Check the information on FMCSA SAFER and ask your transporter for their USDOT and MC numbers, which are listed on their uShip profile. This step will give you helpful information about the service provider, such as their safety rating.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau as well.

These steps will allow you to investigate your transporter's history fully.

Time of delivery: The delivery time specified by the transporter should also be considered. A particularly long haul may necessitate numerous transfers, increasing wear, and tear on your equipment.

Shorter moves with fewer transfers are better for your equipment. It would help if you also were cautious of moves that appear to be unusually short. Ensure to inquire about the transporter's on-time delivery rate in these cases.

Insurance and Extra Protection: Haulers must carry a certain amount of insurance. Inquire about insurance and the transporter's claims-to-damage ratio, which should be less than 1.5%. If you require additional coverage, your transporter may offer the option to purchase it, or you can obtain it from a third party.

The Rapid Auto Shipping Protection Plan covers vehicles shipped by Rapid Auto Shipping. When you accept a bid, you can purchase this extra protection at the checkout. Learn more about the Rapid Auto Shipping Protection Plan by clicking here.

Ask your transporter any questions, and be prepared to answer them. Giving the transporter information will allow them to provide you with a more accurate estimate for your shipment and anticipate any special needs.

Many factors can influence the move's cost and duration, including the equipment's working condition, the availability of loading docks, ramps, or cranes, and any required special precautions. Answering these questions in advance can help ensure you receive an accurate estimate.

Tracking Auto Transportation

Yes, online monitoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is updated in real time. After scheduling your shipment, you will be given a unique booking number that will allow you to track its progress online.

You will also be able to live chat with our shipping agent, who can answer any questions you may have about the current status of your shipment.

Ambulance Shipping Services

Where Can I Get Quotes For Car Shipping Services?

To get a quote for transporting your car, use our instant online car shipping quote calculator at the top of this page or call +1 (833) 233-4447 to speak with one of our medical transport pricing specialists.

We will need the origin and destination locations, the type of vehicle you want to ship, and the date your vehicle will be available to calculate your estimate.


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What is an ambulance shipping service?

An ambulance shipping service is a specialized transportation service that focuses on the safe and efficient transport of ambulances from one location to another. These services are typically utilized when ambulances must be moved over long distances or between different facilities.

Why would I need an ambulance shipping service?

You might need an ambulance shipping service for several reasons. Some common scenarios include relocating an ambulance between hospitals or medical facilities, delivering a newly purchased ambulance to your location, or transporting a decommissioned ambulance to a different destination.

How does ambulance shipping work?

When you hire an ambulance shipping service, they will coordinate the ambulance's logistics. This includes arranging for a specialized transport vehicle or flatbed truck, securing the ambulance for transport, and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. The shipping service will handle the entire process, from pickup to delivery, and ensure that the ambulance arrives safely at its destination.

Can any ambulance be shipped?

Most ambulance shipping services can handle various ambulances, including those used for emergency medical services (EMS), mobile intensive care units (MICU), or other specialized medical purposes. However, it's essential to communicate the specific details of your ambulance with the shipping service to ensure they can accommodate it.

Are ambulance shipping services only available domestically?

No, ambulance shipping services can operate both domestically and internationally. Whether you need to transport an ambulance within the same country or across borders, shipping services specialize in such transportation.

How much does ambulance shipping cost?

The cost of ambulance shipping can vary depending on several factors, including the distance of transportation, the size and weight of the ambulance, any specialized requirements, and the shipping service provider you choose. Contacting multiple shipping services and obtaining quotes to compare prices and services is best.

Are ambulance shipping services insured?

Reputable ambulance shipping services typically carry insurance coverage to protect against any potential damages that may occur during transportation. However, it's essential to clarify insurance coverage details with the shipping service before finalizing the agreement.

How do I find a reliable ambulance shipping service?

You can start by researching and comparing different providers online to find a reliable ambulance shipping service. Look for companies with positive reviews, proper licensing, certifications, and experience transporting ambulances. It's also helpful to contact other medical professionals or organizations for recommendations.

What if the ambulance is damaged during shipping?

If your ambulance sustains any damage during shipping, promptly report it to the shipping service. They will typically have insurance coverage to address such situations.

Can I cancel or reschedule the ambulance shipping service?

Most ambulance shipping services allow cancellations or rescheduling, but reviewing their specific policies regarding booking changes is essential.

Are there any specific documents required for ambulance shipping?

You may be asked to provide documentation such as proof of ownership, registration, and insurance details for the ambulance. Check with the shipping service for their specific requirements.

Can the ambulance shipping service be international?

Yes, many ambulance shipping services offer both domestic and international shipping options.

Are there any restrictions on the destinations for ambulance shipping?

Ambulance shipping services can usually transport ambulances to various destinations, including cities, towns, and remote areas, subject to legal and logistical considerations.

Is insurance provided for the ambulance during shipping?

Rapid Auto Shipping offers insurance coverage for the vehicles being transported. Confirming this with the service provider before shipping your ambulance is essential.

Can I pack equipment or supplies inside the ambulance during shipping?

In most cases, leaving equipment or supplies inside the ambulance is not recommended during shipping. It's best to remove all non-essential items to ensure their safety.


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