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  1. What Is Auto Transportation?
  2. Types Of Transportation Services:
  3. How Much Does It Cost To Transport a Vehicle?
  4. How Long Does It Takes To Transport A Vehicle?
  5. Why Do You Need To Hire An Auto Transportation Company?
  6. How To Book Vehicle Shipment?
  7. How Do You Need To Prepare Your Car For The Shipment?
  8. How To Choose The Best Vehicle Transport Companies?
  9. What Do You Need To Do After Delivery?

What Is Auto Transportation?

Auto transportation transports your car from one city to another or across the country. Shipping companies offer a variety of car transport services. Whether you are relocating or buying a vehicle from somewhere else, you need not worry; we are the best and most experienced car shipping company to transport vehicles. Our drivers will transport your vehicle with complete protection.

Types Of Transportation Services:

We have discussed several car shipping services below, which will help you understand the shipping service and its methods. But before you hire a car shipping company, you must be prepared with complete knowledge about car shipment. This will surely help you with car transportation.

  • Open Car Transport

Open car transport is the best and most economically beneficial. Most prefer the open car carrier type because it is easily available and affordable. It can ship more than two or three vehicles simultaneously. However, the disadvantage of this carrier is that your car will be transported in an open trailer, and there may be a risk of damage.

  • Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car transport is expensive, and it is mostly used by individuals and businessmen who own luxury and premium cars because of its special features that provide extra protection to your vehicle. In this, your car is transported in a closed carrier. If you are transporting a classic, sports car, etc., and if you want your vehicle to be shipped safely and securely, then you should have to select enclosed car transport.

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  • Expedited Car shipping

Expedited car shipping is the fastest mode and is much more expensive than open and enclosed car transport. If you want to ship your car urgently and on a specific date or time, then you can select this expedited car shipping, but if you are flexible with the shipment, choose open or enclosed car transport. You can book in advance for your shipment to save you money.

  • Door to Door Shipping

Door to Door car shipping is the safest mode of car shipping, and it saves you time but is costly. In this door to door car shipping, you just need to give the pickup and delivery location address, and our driver will come and load and deliver your car safely to your doorstep.

  • Terminal to Terminal Shipping

This is the cheapest mode of car shipping. Here, you need to go to the shipping terminal point, and there you have to leave your car for transportation. When the driver reaches your given location, you must go to the designated terminal to get your car.

  • International Car Shipping:

If you are transporting your car across the country, we have international car shipping and door to door and port to port car shipping. In Door to Door car shipping, our driver will load your car at the given address and then deliver it to your doorstep. From Port to Port, your car will be picked up from the port and then delivered to the port.

  • Heavy Vehicle Car Shipping

We have a flatbed and lowboy trailer to ship a truck or heavy machinery equipment. Flatbed trailers transport heavy vehicles like trucks, machinery vehicles, or equipment. Lowboy trailers haul heavy, larger vehicles or equipment like bulldozers, vans, or other machinery.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport a Vehicle?

The cost of shipping depends on the distance from the loading and unloading location, and several factors affect the cost of shipping: distance, vehicle type, route, shipping options, carrier type, etc. We offer reasonably priced transportation services. You can use our car shipping calculator to get the estimated shipping cost and get an instant vehicle shipping quote.

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How Long Does It Takes To Transport A Vehicle?

The time taken to transport your vehicle depends on the vehicle type, route, and carrier type. If you are transporting your vehicle over a long distance, then it may take 5 to 6 days, or sometimes it may take a few days to weeks, but if you are transporting your vehicle via enclosed car transport, then it may take time to deliver your vehicle because the availability of enclosed car transport is limited and it ships your vehicle safely.

Why Do You Need To Hire An Auto Transportation Company?

There are many reasons for hiring a vehicle transport company. If you are moving somewhere or relocating, there will be a lot of work to be done like you have to pack all your personal stuff and transport your vehicle to your new location. So, instead of driving by yourself, you can hire a car shipping company to transport your car; it will save you time and money. If you own more than one vehicle, then with the help of vehicle transport services, you can ship them in an open car transport simultaneously.

How To Book Vehicle Shipment?

Finding a reliable and experienced car shipping company is challenging. Rapid Auto Shipping has made car shipping booking easy, and without any hassle, you can book your shipment without any delay and get your car shipped; here, we have shared a few steps you just need to follow to book your shipment.

  1. You just need to visit our website, and there, you have to fill in all the details required for shipping. Then, our team will contact you to explain the car shipping procedure further. You can use our online cost calculator to estimate the car shipping charges and book your shipment.
  2. Read the shipping contract carefully and verify the payment options. We do not charge any kind of advance deposits, etc.
  3. Our driver will reach your given location, and from there, your car will be loaded into a trailer and delivered to your given location. We have experienced and professional drivers to ship your car safely and securely.

How Do You Need To Prepare Your Car For The Shipment?

After booking the shipment, getting ready with your car on the shipping date and time is most important. Below, we have shared five steps to help you prepare your car for shipment.

  1. Wash and clean your car from inside to outside and remove all your personal belongings, necessary documents, etc.
  2. Check your car's fuel tank, reduce the fuel level, and check your car brakes, tires, etc. If you ship an electric car, check its battery and ensure the tires are insulated.
  3. Check and inspect your car with utmost attention to see whether the car has any scratches or any kind of damage to it.
  4. Take photographs of your car before loading it into a carrier and keep these photographs safely for inspection records at the time of delivery.
  5. Check and complete all your general car maintenance processes and your car's insurance coverage. 

How To Choose The Best Vehicle Transport Companies?

Finding a trustworthy auto transportation company is the most important aspect before shipping your valuable car. Always remember that the company that offers the cheapest price rate is not always legit, so don't run behind the prices. Instead of getting scammed, hire a legitimate and reputable car shipping company. 

  1. Before you select the company for your car shipping, research and ensure whether the company is licensed or not because the legitimacy of a company is most important.
  2. Pay attention to what people say about the company. You must surf and search online by visiting multiple websites like Google, Trustpilot, etc., and look for ratings and reviews. Reading the customer's reviews will give you an idea about the company.
  3. Always use the reliable payment option while paying for the shipping company; do not pay your payment with an external link because verified options are traceable. You can trace and get back your money if any mishap happens.
  4. You must ensure that the company you hire for car shipping is registered. You can also ask for and verify their DOT number for confirmation.
  5. Do not depend on and trust one company. You must also look for other companies and compare their service and price rates. It will help you in choosing the right company for your car shipment.
  6. You should read their terms and conditions of shipping and should enquire about their cancellation policy and insurance coverage.
  7. You should ask for the precautions they will follow during the shipping journey.

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What Do You Need To Do After Delivery?

Once the driver delivers your car, you still have to inspect your car before you complete the process. Scrutinize Your vehicle and check whether it is in its pristine condition. Check its battery, brakes, etc., thoroughly from inside to outside.

Rapid Auto Shipping will ship your car with utmost care and protection. We value your vehicle and your money. Customers are our priority. Our team is committed to giving you the best services and letting you enjoy hassle and stress-free shipments.

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