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What Are the Best Auto Shipping Companies

Basically, there are mainly two types of automobile transportation: 'roll on, roll off' (RoRo) shipping and container Car shipment . With the RoRo shipping, your automobile will be driven onto a special and prepared car deck (It can be by you or the Auto Shipping Companies), shipped, and then driven off at the other end of the country.

If you'd prefer to move your vehicle into a shipping container and some other home things, that's also possible - albeit a slower one. Car transportation typically takes between 2 and 10 weeks, depending on the location.

If you are exporting inside the same part of the continent, such as from the United States to Canada, then you can hire a vehicle transporter to drive your automobile vehicle to your new home or location. This is the most expensive alternative, although it can be significantly faster than shipping by boat.

The cost of automobile shipping varies as the cost is based on the size of your vehicle/automobile, destination, route, desired shipping method, time of year, and whether you drive your car to and from the location yourself, or you can use our door to door service.

Your car should have maritime insurance while it is shipping from sea and on-land coverage after it unloads at the delivery location. You should ensure complete peace of mind and be sure your range includes total loss, theft, damage, and other essential standards. It will also be required to supply detailed documentation regarding your vehicle transportation.

Shipping your car sometimes may include additional fees that you should be aware of before locking your deal. It can depend on where you are shipping to, or car transport tax might be pretty expensive. Importing duties typically pay a 10-20% role but can jump to 30% when VAT is applied.

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Best Four Auto Shipping Companies

AmeriFreight: 24-hour time frame, Quick pickup

Rapid Auto Shipping: We provide our best and most reliable services to our customers: On-Time Delivery, 24x7 live support, Cheap Shipping Cost, Full insurance coverage, Guaranteed Pickup Time and Date, shipping multiple Cars Cars at Once, Door to door shipping.

Montway: It provides Reliability and professionalism to the customers with Attractive rates and discounts

Sherpa Auto Transport: They show Faster results and can Ship Multiple Cars at Once.


AmeriFreight is one of the top-rated Auto Shipping Companies in the USA. They work by carrying everything from family cars to luxury vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles. They have an A+ rating from the independent BBB and are known for offering competitive pricing quotations and superior customer service.

Most of the business in the United States refers to AmeriFreight. AmeriFreight can arrange international car shipping, and they are also able to send their shipments to hundreds of destinations worldwide. The services provided include one of the best door-to-door transportation, customs clearance, and full insurance, and your freight agent also counts here.

Rapid Auto Shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping is outstanding. Auto Shipping Companies provide free and the best-guaranteed pricing quotes in the industry: your final price is the same as your initial price quote. You are also not obliged to pay a deposit.

In addition, Accidents are uncommon; Rapid Auto Shipping will contribute $500 toward your deductible. If you need to file an insurance claim, you claim it by just following our legal terms. When you add up all the terms and claims, you don't feel tense about your shipment. You can have this service in one of the most significant auto shipping Companies.

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What Makes Rapid Auto Shipping Unique?

Price guarantees:

Rapid Auto shipping provides a guaranteed price, which is one of the best and unique characteristics of Rapid Auto shipping in the car shipping market.

While many other transport firms will increase your original price by roughly 25%, Rapid Auto Shipping will not. Your estimated cost of shipping on the first day is gonna be the same on delivery day and final billing day.

Guarantee against damage:

Rapid Auto Shipping also provides its customers with some of the most significant insurance coverage which is available in the auto shipping industry. As accidents are very uncommon, chances of them happening are very low with Rapid auto shipping.

If, in any situation, you have to file an insurance claim against Rapid Auto Shipping, you can cover your deductible up to $500.

Rapid Auto Shipping offers a wide range of beneficial and useful services compared to any other auto shipping companies. Like

  • Open auto shipping
  • Enclosed auto shipping
  • Door to Door auto shipping
  • Terminal to Terminal auto shipping
  • Lowboy auto shipping
  • Expedited auto shipping
  • Flatbed auto shipping


EShip is one of the most popular services for relocating inside the USA and Canada; They are transporting over 1,000 vehicles every month. They are well-known for their 24-hour service and low cost. Through their global partnerships and good networks, they may also facilitate customers' door-to-door international relocation service.

The Maersk Line:

If you're looking for a maritime behemoth, the Maersk Line of Denmark, then you should know that their massive fleet of over 600 ships is used to transport autos to over 120 nations worldwide.

Car transportation is the essential and major component of Maersk Line's service. Thus, you won't discover the seasonal price variations that you would see with other Auto shipping companies. They also provide door-to-door multimodal service across the land and overseas.

eShip Works better and shows faster results than other companies.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport can be your ideal car shipping company and is at the top of your priority list if you want assurance that your fee will not rise once you confirm transportation service. The vehicle transport broker provides their customers with a variety of shipping services, some of them are:

  • Transport might be open or enclosed.
  • Shipping automobiles to the 48 contiguous states
  • Shipping from door to door
  • Pickup windows are available for three days.

Sherpa Auto Transport does not guarantee pickup times. Sherpa Auto Transport is especially known for exceptional customer service, supported by numerous special and good client evaluation reviews. The BBB has accredited the company and given it an A+ rating, while customers on the site have given Sherpa a 4.9-star rating.

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SGT Auto Transport

SGT Auto Transport company was established in 2014 and can ship automobiles within the mainland US and to Hawaii and from Hawaii. The organization also offers their customers door to door service and can transport their automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

SGT also has a historic automobile shipping specialization, shielding valuable vehicles from the elements in transportation. SGT Auto Transport provides these useful services to their customers.:

  • Open and enclosed shipping
  • Door to door service
  • S.shipping
  • Expedited shipping
  • Price matching

SGT Auto Transport may not have the most extended history, but it has positively affected its consumers. The company has an A-grade accreditation from the BBB with a 4.7-star customer rating on the platform.

What Makes SGT Auto Transport Unique?

SGT Auto Transport's price match policy distinguishes it from the competition. If you produce a written price quote from a direct competitor of the company that has a cheaper rate than the rate offered by SGT, then the company will match the pricing to provide you with the best price.

SGT Auto Transport also has an instant price quotation form, which every customer likes. It's come to be much more convenient to know what you'd pay immediately rather than waiting for someone from the Auto Shipping Companies to call you. Not all Auto Shipping Companies provide instant price quotations.

SGT Auto Transport provides better service than other auto shipping companies in the USA.

Can You Track Your Shipment While It's Being Relocated?

Yes, auto shipping companies provide services like real-time tracking updates, which helps to have an absolute idea of the time you can check how your automobile is doing while it is being transported. You will be kept informed and alert by email or phone during the transportation process.


It is simple to obtain a quote for transporting your vehicle. You just have to fill out our quote form to get pricing, and Once you've determined your worth, you may book online or phone our service providers to discuss your shipping requirements and conditions. You don't need to pay anything before the scheduled pickup.



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