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Best Car Delivery Service

Your needs should be considered while selecting the best car delivery service. There are numerous car shipping options, which can differ based on the shipping company.

Car Delivery Service

Kinds of Best Car Delivery Service

The auto transport industry provides various car delivery options, from local delivery by trailer trucks to international delivery via cargo ship or aircraft.

The most typical auto shipping method in the US is via trailer truck. Transport using land-based vehicles comes in two flavours: open transport and enclosed transport.

Open car delivery service

Open car delivery, or open carrier shipping, is the cheapest choice. This is the same kind of transport that car companies use to ship new cars, so if you've ever seen a trailer on the highway with several vehicles, you've seen how the best car delivery service work.

The main benefit of an open car delivery service is that it is relatively cheap. Since your car shares room with other cars, the carrier can charge you less, making it a good choice for long-distance auto shipping.

On the other hand, open carrier shipping subjects your car to the elements. If you don't want your car to get dirty on the way or be exposed to debris, this may not be the best choice for you.

Enclosed car delivery service

Enclosed car delivery service will move your car in an enclosed trailer, protecting it from the weather and anything else on the road. Even though you'll still be sharing a room with other cars, an enclosed trailer usually only holds up to seven vehicles.

This choice is much more expensive, adding up to $400 to your shipping costs, but it gives you more peace of mind during shipping. Most of the time, enclosed transport is used for rare, expensive, or collectible cars.

Car Delivery Service

Best Car Delivery Companies

Easy Auto-Ship

Easy Auto Ship is a smaller company than others in the car shipping business. But they have shown that they are a real contender quickly. Easy Auto Ship has excellent reviews and a wide range of shipping choices, from open transport to enclosed shipping for classic cars.

Easy Auto Ship has many choices for transporting RVs, boats, classic cars, and other types of vehicles. There is also the choice of shipping to other countries.

Easy Auto Ship: Pros and Cons


  • Pricing
  • Excellent reviews
  • There are many ways to ship
  • You can get fast shipping.


  • Not in business as long as others

Rapid Auto Shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping excels in moving snowbirds, multiple cars, and late-model vehicles. They are also known for moving classic cars, larger SUVs and trucks, and cars that no longer run.

The average cost to ship a vehicle with Rapid is about $900, but this number can change a lot based on the type of vehicle being sent, how far it needs to go, the time of year, and other factors.

If you ship with Rapid, you only have to pay the first payment once a carrier is found. You will only have to pay a $25 delivery fee if you cancel before a carrier has been chosen.

Car Delivery Service

Direct delivery is Rapid's most popular type of shipping because it is so much easier for shippers. The company can handle short- and long-distance travel and ship door-to-door.

Rapid goes above and beyond by giving owners up to $20 back for a car wash after shipping. They do this because they know that cars can get dirty during shipping.

Rapid Auto Shipping's big selling point is its "Price Lock Promise," which means the company won't charge you more than they said in their original quote. This significantly gives extra peace of mind since shipping costs with other companies can increase quickly because of hidden fees.

Pros and cons of shipping cars quickly


  • Quote maker
  • Price Guarantee
  • Clean car promise
  • A+ BBB score
  • Licensed
  • Insured


  • A little more expensive than some others

What Is The Cost Of The Best Car Delivery Service?

Due to the many things that affect the cost of driving, even a trip within the same state of less than 500 miles using the cheapest option can cost more than $700. On the other hand, the car's per-mile cost decreases the farther you go (from about $3 per mile to $0.35 per mile if you drive more than 1,500 miles).

How To Find The Best Car Delivery Services?

Before choosing the best car delivery service, you must determine what's most important. If your car needs extra care, can't be driven right now, is too big, or wants more choices, consider these things and choose a company that can meet your needs.

This process works much better than randomly picking a shipping company and trying to make them fit your needs.

Best car delivery services can all look the same. Most of them can go almost anywhere you want, and most are good at ensuring your car gets in perfect shape. Here are some things to consider when choosing which company is right for you.


With so many car delivery services, looking around for one that can do the job for a fair price is essential. Many shippers offer lower prices if you don't need door to door service or don't care about the schedule.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Before signing anything, ensure you fully understand what you're paying for. Look for companies that stand behind their price or tell you upfront about any possible extra costs. Hidden costs, like shipping fees and additional fuel costs, are expected in companies with questionable ethics.

Ratings of Customer Service

Customer service is what transportation companies are really about. Almost everything you need to know about them can be found online.

Their best assets are their ratings and reviews. Reading reviews and taking scores into account can help you save time and money and ensure you have a good time.

Years of Knowledge

When looking for a company to move your car, ensure it has been in business for a few years so you know they won't use your car to learn the trade. Also, many car delivery services are brokers, meaning they don't do the work.

Instead, they hire other professionals to move your car. It might be acceptable to hire a new broker if the company it sends to drive your car has enough experience.

Quote Guarantees

Most estimates for moving a car are just educated guesses from years of experience. Most of the time, they're close. But the cost of driving a vehicle can change almost quickly due to things like the price of gas and other market conditions.

If sticking to a budget is essential, choose a company with guaranteed prices or written quotes to protect your wallet.

Coverage by insurance

If you've done your research and found a company you can trust, it's unlikely that something will go wrong with your shipment. But they are not zero, and accidents do happen.

Please choose the best car delivery service that has enough protection and makes it easy to file a claim. Also, if the company gives extra insurance, consider the risks and benefits before deciding whether or not to buy it.

Customer Care

By reading about how other people have used a specific car delivery service, you can avoid hidden fees and feel more confident in the service you're paying for.

This feedback can help you make a choice and save you time and money along the way, making the whole process easier and more positive.

Cost Clearness

Quotes can change, and they are generally rough estimates that may not include hidden costs. Companies with questionable ethics may try to add extra fees for delivery, fuel, or other things that aren't included in the car shipping price they give you.

Look for the best car delivery service that guarantees the price they offer or is clear about any possible extra fees.


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