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  1. How does Auto Transport Work
  2. What are the Benefits of Auto Shipping?
  3. How Much Does Auto Transport Cost?
  4. Which Vehicle Transport Method is the Cheapest?
  5. Which is better, Driving or Auto Shipping?

How does Auto Transport Work?

The auto-shipping process could look very challenging, but it is not. Rapid Auto Shipping is capable of shipping your vehicle from one state to another in just three steps communicate with our experts and ship your car easily : 

Get the quote:

We offer a car shipping calculator by which you can calculate estimated costs for car shipping services as per your requirements. Just fill in the important details related to shipping, like distance, location, type of vehicle, and conditions. Use the calculator multiple times to get the best deals for vehicle transport service, contact our experts to clear any query, and reserve a date for a car shipping service. We will confirm your reservation through the mail.

Pick up:

Please provide your location or any suitable location to our executive so they can pick up your car for shipping. Our experts will also contact you to confirm the time and location, and before loading the car on the trailers, cooperate with our experts and take a quick inspection of your car. If there are any requirements or customization please let us know so we can take care of that.


You can relax or shift to your new location comfortably. We will provide you with a Tracking ID so that you can relax and move while your car is being shipped. We will contact you when we are near your location to confirm the location and unload the car we will conduct a quick inspection of your car to ensure the car is shipped in exact condition.

Shipping a car to another state

What are the Benefits of Auto Shipping?

It is essential to know the perks that you can get with Auto Shipping. Rapid Auto Shipping, as a shipping company, employs only professionals and experts who know how to ship your vehicle, making the process very convenient following are the perks that can help you to know better about car shipping : 


You can ship your car or vehicle in no time it doesn't matter whether it is cross country shipping or short distance move we are here to provide the best service for your car so that you can shift to your new location free of mind and we will ship your car to you in no time.

Secured Vehicle:

Shipping has been proven to be a safer option. When you drive your car by yourself, you need to be uptight as long-distance travel becomes so tiring that drivers get a lot of headaches and mental issues.

Auto shippers load your vehicle onto the trailer and our experienced driver takes care of the trailer and works properly with proper brakes and shifting your car in a safe manner. Auto shipping majorly reduces the wear and tear of the vehicle.  


Auto shipping might look more expensive, but when you look for the services provided, you will know that auto-shipping is more cost-friendly than driving by yourself. When you drive your car to the location by yourself, you have to pay for fuel, maintenance, hotel, food and other expenses these all cost sum up more than the average shipping cost.


Auto transporters like us usually know the routes very well and have trained drivers who take less time to ship your car. Once your car is loaded on our trailer, the Trailer only stops on major stops, which are two to three, making the process faster. Our trailers are capable of cross-country moves that help us cover miles in no time.

How Much Does Auto Transport Cost? 

The main question that everyone wants to figure out is cost. When calculating the cost of your shipping, we have to consider many factors as there are different requirements the cost varies from individual to individual, making the cost vary. These factors are distance, season,

fuel prices, etc. Rapid Auto Shipping experts have constructed the following table in which the cost is dependent on the distance as it makes more easier to calculate : 

Distance Estimated Time Estimated Open Transport Cost Estimated Enclosed Transport Cost
0 to 500 Miles 1 to 3 Days $556 $850
500 to 1500 Miles 3 to 5 Days $972 $1364
1500 to 2500 Miles 5 to 7 Days $1271 $1646
2500 Miles And Above 7 to 9 Days $1578 $2145

Note: The Auto transport cost is given for our two most demanded services. For any query or any customized requirements, please contact our executive at  +1 (833) 233-4447.

Cross-country move

Which Vehicle Transport Method is the Cheapest?

When looking for a vehicle transport service, look for something other than cheap and go with value for money. Cheap is not always the best; companies also have to cut corners to save money that can put your car at risk. Rapid Auto Shipping provides shipping services for every vehicle type and distance. Following are the Vehicle transport methods that are most demanded by our customers: 

Open air carriers:

These are the most demanded carriers for shipping as these are the most affordable and best to ship standard or in-use cars. Due to their open design, these carriers expose your car to the environment but allow a fast loading and unloading process. These carriers are highly available, and if you own a standard car and need fast shipping service at affordable prices, you can opt for these carriers.

Enclosed car carriers:

These are best for shipping high-value cars as these carriers are designed to provide services that save your car from environmental hazards. These carriers have a container-like structure in which your car is safely loaded, and due to their limited capacity, they offer premium car shipping services.

Flatbed carriers:

These carriers are large and offer shipping services for large vehicles that need to fit in the standard carriers. These have no roof or wall providing space to ship large vehicles like buses, trucks or custom vehicles. These carriers are also used to ship multiple vehicles or inoperable vehicles.

Multi-level car carriers:

These carriers have two parts and are mostly enclosed, which helps to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously. These carriers are usually demanded by dealerships that are required to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously. These carriers come with special discounts and help ship multiple vehicles at once, saving time and money.

Which is better, Driving or Auto Shipping?

When discussing both, driving is more convenient for short-distance as driving is easy, and the route will be covered in no time providing sufficient time to settle and rest. Auto shipping service is very convenient for long-distance as it costs less, saves time and removes headaches so that you can shift properly and settle there.Auto shipping ships vehicles like trucks and high-value cars that will take a lot of cost to move on their own and helps you to ship your vehicle just like new.

Rapid Auto Shipping

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