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Overview About Shipping Trucks Cost

Most businesses need to learn to operate car and truck shipping. It would help if you had a dependable, experienced truck shipping firm with the necessary equipment.

A flatbed, step deck, Removable Gooseneck, or any other specialized trailer may be the best option when transporting a truck across the country.

Our truck shipping company will select the most cost-effective trailer for transporting your truck. Truck transfer requires specific permission from auto transport firms to ensure safe delivery, but we handle everything for you.

What's In This Article?

  1. Types Of Truck Shipping Costs
  2. Shipping Methods: Open vs. Enclosed
  3. Shipping Via Express
  4. Truck Shipping Services
  5. Get The Truck Ready For Shipping
  6. Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company
  7. How Much Does it Cost to Ship Truck?
  8. Factors That Affect Shipping Trucks Cost
  9. How Much Does It Cost to Ship Truck Overseas?
  10. How To Choose A Truck Shipping Company?
  11. Tracking Truck Shipping
  12. How Do I Get Shipping Tucks Costs Quote?

Types Of Truck Shipping Costs

Trucks and trailers are by far the most frequent mode of automobile transportation. However, for international ship truck or reaching remote areas that aren't easily accessible by road, there are other options with varying costs.


The shipping trucks cost by truck inside the continental United States is $950, although door to door service will boost the truck shipping costs. If you want to save a few bucks, you might arrange for truck terminal pick up and drop off.


It is feasible to ship truck by air freight, albeit it is less usual. However, it is the most expensive option, with international truck shipping costs ranging from $5,000 to $40,000, depending on your destination.

You'll pay less for domestic destinations but still more than for truck freight. Air travel may be more practicable than road transport for very distant areas.


A freight train may be the greatest option for inexpensive automobile shipment, especially across large distances. Depending on the distance, route, and railway operator, you should pay at least $1,000. However, shipping trucks cost varies depending on the season, and commercial customers are given priority during peak times.


Freight ships are an excellent alternative for foreign destinations, distant places such as Alaska, and islands such as Hawaii. While less fast than air freight or train, sea transport is inexpensive and can usually ship truck to inaccessible locations. Prices vary by destination but are typically between $1,000 and $5,000.

shipping trucks cost

Shipping Methods: Open vs. Enclosed

An enclosed carrier may be appropriate for transporting a premium or historic automobile. This decreases the possibility of harm due to exposure to inclement weather or poor road conditions. However, it is more expensive than standard uncovered trailers.

Even your automobile's position on an open trailer might affect the pricing. Top loading is more expensive, but it reduces the possibility of chips, cracks, or dents from road debris, and there is no risk of oil seeping from a car above.

Shipping Via Express

Express shipment will entail additional charges. Fast truck shipping may require your hauler to turn down other projects to make your deadline, so you'll pay a premium. And, if you need to ship something quickly to a remote location or overseas, air freight is more expensive but faster than sea transport.

shipping truck cost

Truck Shipping Services

You have various alternatives if you wish to export your truck to another region of the country:

Taking the Train

Many shippers prefer the railroad because it has the space and equipment to store trucks and other large vehicles. According to the Association of American Railroads, freight trains transport 75% of all cars and trucks built in the United States.

Rail cars with auto tracks and ramps feature two to three decks and can handle up to 20 automobiles. There are two-deck rails that can transport vehicles and SUVs safely.

By Truck

Truck transport is another excellent alternative, particularly for larger and heavier trucks. Tractor-trailer automotive carriers may transport many automobiles and one or two big trucks.

These transporters are equipped with double-deck trailers with hydraulic ramps. Because vehicle size, delivery schedules, and timelines of different clients must be coordinated, hiring these rigs necessitates complex loading and unloading operations.

All loaded trucks must be ordered logically—the first truck loaded will be the last one delivered—with the load weight balanced throughout the rig, and no automobiles being carried must be damaged.

Personal Transportation

Some individuals choose to transfer their trucks themselves, either by driving them or employing a truck shipping firm. These businesses handle all the logistics of transporting heavy automobiles to their final destination.

When selecting a transport firm, ensure they have the appropriate experience, licenses, and insurance coverage to transfer your truck from point A to point B properly.

Investigate their regulations and procedures for transporting huge automobiles and what you may expect from their services.

Delivery to the Port

We can transport your trucks to any port in the United States. Rapid Auto Shipping will handle all of the paperwork for this transportation, including getting your cars on board to ensure conveyance. We also require you to keep track of the location of your titles and doc receipts.

Get The Truck Ready For Shipping

Whether you want to transport a car or a truck, you must ensure the vehicle is in good working order. Remember to check for leaks. If any are found, have them fixed before delivery.

Remove all of your personal belongings and home products from the enclosed vehicle. Secure the doors with zip ties to prevent them from opening during shipment.

shipping a truck cost

Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company

You may have yet to consider several advantages of using automobile truck shipping firms. Here are five reasons why you should use one the next time you need to transport a vehicle:

They Are In Charge Of All The Details

Professional truck shipping company will handle all of the details for you. This includes everything from loading and unloading your vehicle onto the carrier to ensuring it arrives safely. You may rest and let them handle everything while you focus on other things.

They Have Knowledge And Experience.

Truck shipping firms have years of expertise in transporting autos across large distances. They know the ins and outs of the business, so you can be confident that your truck is in capable hands.

They also have a team of specialists who will properly load and secure your car onto the carrier to avoid damage during travel.

They Have Reasonable Prices

Hiring truck shipping companies is frequently less expensive than driving your truck or renting a trailer to tow behind your truck. When getting quotes, inquire about any discounts or special offers that may be available to make your move even more affordable.

They Give You Peace Of Mind.

Knowing that your truck is being moved by experts with years of expertise may provide you peace of mind at a difficult moment. You can rely on them to take good care of your truck and transport it securely to its destination.

They Provide Convenience

It is also far more convenient to hire a truck shipping business than to drive long distances or rent/borrow a trailer.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Truck?

The average shipping truck costs inside the continental United States is approximately $1,000, with the lowest average price being around $700-$750 and the highest average price hovering around $1200-$1,300.

For trips over 1,000 miles, the per-mile average for automotive freight is $0.60. Shorter routes are more expensive per mile (about $1).

On the other hand, the overall shipping trucks cost is determined by elements such as the chosen transportation mode, the time of year, the distance that must be traversed, and the vehicle size, among others.

However, you may come across companies that charge a flat fee for truck shipping. In this situation, however, read the fine print carefully because hidden fees generally add to the truck shipping costs.

truck shipping costs

Factors That Affect Shipping Trucks Cost

The overall shipping trucks cost will vary depending on various factors. Where are you sending from, and where are you shipping to? What type of truck are you transporting?

What is its current state? All of this and more will determine your precise truck shipping costs. Fortunately, at Rapid Auto Shipping, we can provide free quotations from the top businesses.

Distance: From And To Where Are You Shipping?

The distance between your pickup and delivery locations is essential in determining your shipping trucks cost. The further you ship, the higher the cost.

Most businesses will charge shipments by the mile, and the price per mile tends to decrease over larger distances. Short-distance shipments are less expensive but truck shipping costs more per mile, whereas longer-distance shipments are more expensive but cost less per mile.

What Kind Of Vehicle Are You Shipping?

What you ship is nearly as essential as where you ship from and to. Shippers want precise information about your car in order to determine how much room to allow for it. Because of this, larger automobiles cost more to ship.

The dimensions of the majority of trucks are already known. However, if your vehicle is a van or a pickup truck, carriers may require the dimensions. This is true for any car that is larger than normal.

Do You Have The Capacity To Maneuver Your Vehicle?

The condition of your vehicle will also have an impact on the shipping trucks cost. A winch may be used to load and unload your automobile if it won't start but can still roll, brake, and steer. Trucks are normally loaded by driving them onto the truck.

However, this cannot happen if they are not operating. Winches are not utilized by all carriers and those that do prefer to charge a bit extra for the inconvenience of using one.

If you do not notify your agent that your car is not operating, they may deploy a truck that is unable to load your vehicle, resulting in dry run penalties that you must pay.

Misrepresenting a truck might result in major issues, so be honest about the condition of your vehicle when arranging your shipment.

Transport Method: How do you want your truck transported?

The most affordable method of ship truck is open transportation. Enclosed shipping will dramatically increase the cost of your cargo.

It may also be more expensive to move a huge pickup truck or a vehicle that has been modified and now has different dimensions than a stock equivalent.

Is Your Shipment Coming From A Significant City?

Major cities and their metropolitan regions are more popular than rural communities for various reasons. For instance, larger cities naturally have more carriers.

There are also more prospective consumers. This saves money because carriers don't have to go too far to pick up or deliver a vehicle.

For rural shipments, being close to a highway will lower your cost. Prices, on the other hand, tend to be greatest in the middle of nowhere.

Seasonality: Which Season Are We In?

You'd be surprised, but the seasons may and will influence truck shipping services and the shipping trucks cost. Fall and spring are considered "stable" seasons, but summer and winter are more variable in truck shipping costs.

Summer shipping sees a significant rise in demand for shipping services, which raises rates along main routes. During the winter months, demand falls, resulting in cheaper rates for vehicle transportation.

Other elements that influence automotive transportation prices include:

  • The vehicle's condition: If the car is not in functioning order, you will be charged extra to send it.
  • Extra services: If you need faster car shipment or additional insurance, the shipping cost of your vehicle will rise from $250 to $550.
  • Direct routes, traffic bottlenecks, and road closures all impact pricing.
  • Several cars: Naturally, shipping more than one automobile will cost more. However, you can get a reduction in the overall cost.
  • Seasonality: Prices rise during peak truck shipping season. This is frequently done during the summer since truckers book quickly, so obtaining available trucks to load and send the automobiles takes a lot of work. In the winter, it is less expensive to ship a car, but it is also much slower due to the weather conditions that may be present. Generally, you should pay between $200 and $350 more in the summer than in the winter.
  • Failed delivery: Occasionally, automobile owners must notify us during the delivery window, resulting in a failed delivery. When this occurs, the fees are substantial, up to several hundred dollars.

ship truck

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Truck Overseas?

Depending on the distance and kind of automobile, the typical shipping a truck cost overseas can range from $2,000 to $5,000 for ocean transportation and $5,000 to $40,000 for air transportation.

The final shipping a truck cost overseas is determined by various criteria, including the distance between your destination, the duration, the type of vehicle, and its condition.

If you want to know the precise shipping trucks cost, use our car shipping calculator to get a fast quotation. Please chat with us online or call +1 (833) 233-4447.

We transport automobiles, motorbikes, and international vehicles to and from the following destinations:

Hawaii, Alaska

The island of Puerto Rico

Virgin Islands of the United States

How To Choose A Truck Shipping Company?

Truck transport services are as dependable as the company's profile and procedures. As a truck shipping company dedicated to meeting your needs, here are five promises made by Rapid Auto Shipping on the way to providing high-quality customer service:

Licenses For Businesses: Rapid Auto Shipping is registered with the Department of Transportation for your convenience and peace of mind. We are also registered with the FMCSA because your automobile may cross state boundaries during transit. If you ask, we'll gladly disclose registration numbers.

Quotes that are transparent and complete: When you approach our agents for a no-obligation estimate, you'll get a detailed analysis of everything that figure comprises.

We'll also guide you through the process, which is our way of explaining why working with us will be the finest decision you've ever made! You'll never have to worry about hidden fees or taxes with Rapid Auto Shipping since what you see is what you receive.

99.4% of customers are satisfied with excellent ratings: Whether you visit Trust pilot, Yelp, Google, or our website, you'll hear tales from thousands of happy customers like you.

They're pretty constant and comparable, which can only imply one thing: not only do we have great customers, but we're also doing something right! Browse through these experiences to get a sense of what it's like to be a Rapid Auto Shipping customer.

While we cannot cover the shipment of personal items in your car, our insurance policy protects your vehicle from beginning to end while in our care. In addition to our extensive coverage, you'll receive our renowned 22-point inspection checklist at drop-off and pick-up.

The trip is as important as the destination: The offer to carry your automobile from state to state appears straightforward. In actuality, it's riddled with client unhappiness and completely preventable occurrences. It's not only about transporting your car to its destination for our crew at Rapid Auto Shipping.

It's also about how it arrives and how you felt while it was in travel. That is why we are proud to be industry leaders and game changers. The truth is that we are altering the way automobiles travel throughout the country.

You may also read customer transport reviews to learn more about the consistency and quality of automobile transport services.

Tracking Truck Shipping

If you wish to monitor your vehicle's movements, you need only submit a request for car surveillance. You may be required to provide your name, tracking number, phone number, email address, and postal code. Then we will begin our task.

Rapid Auto Shipping provides an online monitoring system compatible with their web-based tracking software. This will enable you to track your vehicle and ensure it arrives safely and on time.

In addition, you can readily receive real-time updates throughout the contracted transport service. This option for an online monitoring system has gained popularity in recent years.

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How Do I Get Shipping Tucks Costs Quote?

Allow Rapid Auto Shipping to handle your heavy-duty truck shipping and hauling needs. We provide high-quality truck transportation at the most affordable prices.

For a shipment price, call us at +1 (833) 233-4447 or fill out our online vehicle shipping quote calculator form. We are thrilled to be of service to you!


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We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

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You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

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You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

How long will shipping my truck take?

How long it takes to move a truck depends on where it starts and ends. As you might expect, longer routes require longer times for heavy-duty trucks to travel. Shorter trips, like Los Angeles to Las Vegas, will take two to four days. Cross-country trips, like the one from Miami to San Jose (3030 miles), will take between seven and ten days. It would help if you got a time estimate as part of your free quote.

How much should I expect to pay to get my car shipped?

How much it costs to ship a business truck depends on several factors, such as the size and weight of the car and the equipment needed to move it safely. The place where the car starts and ends.

What kinds of documents do I need?

When moving a car from one state to another, you need a bill of lading, which is also called a car health report. Every auto carrier has one for each car they move, either online or on paper. You'll also get a copy. Provide no title or sale paperwork. The contract with the car delivery service will say that you give them permission to send the car, whether or not your name is on the title. When buying from a sale or a seller, keep the title and the services to move the car apart. You want important papers to be noticed and remembered, so have the text sent straight to you.

Where will you pick up and drop off my car?

Companies that move cars may need to be able to give exact times for pickup and drop-off. Unexpected things, like traffic jams or broken machines, can cause delays. You and your car carrier will both have a good time if you are patient, plan ahead, and talk to each other. Set up a meeting place that is easy for you and your driver to reach. If it's hard to get around in your area by car, you should meet in a nearby parking lot. If you can't be there to hand the car over to the driver, give the job to someone you can trust.

What kind of services do you offer for tracking?

Yes, we do have tools for satellite tracking, so you can always know exactly where your package is.

How will I find out when my car is coming?

They will call you when the carrier is only a few hours away. Thank you for taking this into account. They are telling you about it, though, so you can plan to get your car. Don't worry if you're going to be busy; plans can be made for other people.

Should I expect to pay anything extra once my car arrives?

We work hard to give customers accurate truck shipping quotes that cover everything. We will ensure there are no shocks by considering the size and weight of your truck, the amount of gas it will take to ship it, and other important factors.

Is my date for pickup or delivery set in stone?

Even though we can't give you exact shipping dates and times for your pickup truck, we do everything we can to make sure it gets to you in a fair amount of time. Weather, roadwork, and traffic can cause delays over which we have no control.

My car has yet to come. Do I need to worry?

If your truck shipment doesn't get to you on time, you can call a truck shipping service agent who can answer all of your questions and keep you up to date on the state of your shipment.

What should I do if my pickup truck doesn't show up?

If your truck shipment doesn't get to you on time, you can call a truck shipping service agent who will be able to answer all of your questions and keep you up to date on the state of your shipment.

How can you pay at the business that delivers heavy-duty trucks?

Our truck shipping business gives customers several ways to pay, and we work closely with them to ensure they choose the best one.

Do I have to be there when the baby is delivered?

You or a person you've given permission to must be there at the time of arrival. Please give us a call and let us know who else will be there to accept the delivery.

Will your insurance pay for my car while it's being moved by a big truck?

Yes, your car will be covered by our liability insurance while it is being shipped. Still, you should always check with your insurance company to see if they offer extra benefits.

What does a bill of lading mean?

You will get a bill of lading with your package. This is like a statement and tells you everything that was sent.

Will You Take Cars That Don't Run?

It is harder to move a car that doesn't work than moving a car that does. Your carrier must use special tools to drive your car and bring it back to you. Because of this, you need to find a driver who knows enough to do the job right.


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