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  1. Enclosed Trailers Provide Greater Security
  2. Enclosed Trailers are Smaller and Cannot Accommodate Several Cars
  3. More Safety and Anonymity for Individuals
  4. Licensed Drivers
  5. Privacy
  6. White-Glove Service for Transportation
  7. The Best Choice for Cars that Cost a Lot
  8. Soft Side Enclosed vs. Hard Side Enclosed Auto Transport
  9. Should You Use Enclosed Transport to Ship Your Car

Enclosed Trailers Provide Greater Security

Enclosed transport refers to the practice of shipping cars in a fully enclosed trailer. This method ensures that the vehicles being transported are fully protected from any external elements that could potentially cause damage.

Enclosed trailers are classified into two varieties based on the materials used to make them; hard-shell trailers are built of stiff materials such as aluminum, tin, and fiberglass. Soft-shell carriers are the second type.

These carriers, like the older ones, are made of durable materials, but the rigid materials are found at the top, back, and front, while the sides are made of sturdy canvas; because of the varied materials, hard-shell carriers provide better protection.

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Enclosed Trailers are Smaller and Cannot Accommodate Several Cars

The enclosed carriers are typically the same size as the open carriers. Still, they cannot load as many automobiles as the open carriers because they are completely enclosed on all sides.

The latter can ship up to 10 automobiles simultaneously, whereas enclosed carriers can only load up to 8 vehicles.

Covered trucks have less interior space, which is actually a significant advantage. The smaller size and limited space inside the carrier make it safer for the car being transported.

This is because the reduced space prevents the car from swaying and shaking during transportation, securely holding it in place. 

More Safety and Anonymity for Individuals

Enclosed carriers offer security measures that are not available with open motor transport alternatives.

The lift can be lowered to the ground to provide a horizontal load for the vehicles, which increases safety for all vehicles, particularly those with little clearance. The covered carriers also include a drip pan.

Enclosed trailers are available in a wide range of sizes.

  • Trailers with only one level and one car
  • Multi car trailers with a single level
  • Trailers with multiple levels and multiple cars

The last one has a capacity of 7-8 automobiles arranged in two rows, one above the other. This is where drip pans protect the automobiles on the bottom level from fluids that may drip from the cars on the upper level.

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Licensed Drivers

The carrier's drivers are highly qualified since enclosed auto shipping is better for classic and collectible cars. They have a lot of experience taking care of valuable cars and know how to drive carefully on the roads to keep the cars safe while they are being moved.

Our company is a broker in the business of moving cars, and we have driven more than 45 million miles across the country. The company provides a full range of services in the car delivery business.

The company has a large network of service providers throughout the United States. Because of this, it can offer all kinds of enclosed trailers for different uses and skilled drivers.


Privacy is also another important benefit that enclosed transports provide. Imagine owning an expensive rare car that needs to be transported, but you don't like the idea of others gawking at it or snapping a photo of it.

In that scenario, choosing an enclosed transportation service is highly advised to provide the best privacy.

White-Glove Service for Transportation

Some businesses offer the white glove transport option, a top-rated service with the greatest transport techniques, tools, and customer care imaginable. This is because enclosed transportation service focuses on meeting the needs of customers with rare and valuable vehicles.

The service includes many features like door to door delivery, real-time tracking, and customized options to ensure safe enclosed car transportation on schedule.

It is a premium automobile transportation service that you can use to ensure the vehicle receives all the care and attention it deserves while being moved.

The Best Choice for Cars that Cost a Lot

You may already know that enclosed auto transport is the best way to ship classic and antique cars, but here are some more reasons why you should probably use this service instead of open auto transport:

Several options: It gives you more options for booking the service because a limited number of car owners uses it. This gives customers more freedom to set pickup and unloading times that work for them.

However, it is still important to set up the service time with the company a few days or even weeks in advance so that it works with your schedule.

Instant contact: Some auto transport companies let you talk to the driver directly, so they can keep you updated on what's going on with your car.

Insurance: Insurance coverage for a particular form of damage caused by the transportation process is provided by auto transport companies. Ask about the insurance and any other paperwork needed to get this service.

Soft Side Enclosed vs. Hard Side Enclosed Auto Transport

There are various types of enclosed auto transportation trailers on the road, with the two main categories being soft-sided and hard-sided trailers. 

Soft side trailers are made of canvas or another thick, tear-resistant material that covers the trailer and protects the goods. Think of a covered wagon from the time of the pioneers. A soft side trailer is more like that. 

Even though these trucks can protect any car on the road, they are usually made more for middle-of-the-road cars than high-end or expensive ones. The ones that are still expensive but that you feel good driving every day. 

You probably don't want to ship a Rolls Royce on a soft-sided trailer, but a new Mercedes should be fine.

On the other hand, hard-side trucks are made to last for a long time. They ways like things, like ones like — The ones They. These are made of metal and are much less likely to get broken while driving.

A hard-side trailer can take much more abuse than a soft-side trailer, which fast-moving objects could hurt.

Because of this, hard-sided enclosed auto transport trucks are often the best way to move expensive cars. People sending expensive cars to and from auto shows or classic cars that have kept their value despite being old are often advised to use hard-side shipping services.

You can choose enclosed auto shipping services no matter what kind of car you are sending. It depends on your budget, and we suggest talking to a representative to learn more about enclosed transportation services and decide if they are right for you and your needs.

Should You Use Enclosed Transport to Ship Your Car

If it fits on the trailer, you can ship any car with an enclosed auto shipping truck.  

Most of the time, we suggest enclosed transport services to anyone with a car worth something. Cars lose value over time, starting as soon as you drive them off the lot, even if they are brand new. In fact, the value of a new car can drop by as much as 50% in the first two years.

Because of this, we usually don't suggest enclosed shipping for any vehicle driven daily. A Toyota Prius or a Chevrolet Impala doesn't need an enclosed truck because, on an open truck, they'll be exposed to about the same amount of risk you take when driving it yourself. 

But an enclosed truck reduces a lot of that risk, so it's best for cars that aren't driven daily.

Most of the time, you will want to use an enclosed transport truck to move cars like show cars, garage cars, high-end sports cars, antiques, and classic cars. We suggest you talk to an agent if you are interested in this.


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