Overview About Enclosed Transport Trailers

Enclosed transport trailers, considered the safest method of automobile transportation, safeguards your vehicle and gives you peace of mind. Your vehicle will be transported in a closed trailer, shielded from the weather. Transporting your automobile in an open carrier exposes it to road dangers and the elements, but transporting it in a covered trailer reduces potential harm. Enclosed transport trailers may be an excellent alternative for moving autos that require extra protection. These shipments include more significant insurance policy limits, providing extra protection for high-value autos. Owners of high-end vehicles, such as vintage or luxury automobiles, frequently prefer covered car shipping to preserve their vehicles clean and free of aesthetic harm. Alternative cars with larger wheels or low ground clearance sometimes cannot fit onto normal open carrier trailers. Therefore, covered vehicle transportation is the ideal solution to meet special needs.

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Types of Enclosed Transport Trailers

Enclosed automobile transport

Enclosed transport trailers services are distinct in that the moving automobiles are entirely enclosed and shielded from the elements and any road filth. Custom, antique, vintage, high-end, luxury, and exotic automobile owners prefer it.

Various types of enclosed transport trailers

Various alternatives are available when transporting a car using an enclosed transport trailers.

Auto transport trailer with a single floor and a single car

If you have a valuable or important vehicle, you may hire auto shipping firms that provide this service.

This service is provided using both bumper pull and goose-neck trailers. For hauling, a dually truck is employed. It is generally used for short-distance or accelerated delivery, just as the open variant.

Enclosed transport trailers with a single floor and multiple vehicles

Enclosed transport trailers may transport more than one vehicle. Some models can hold up to three. When more than one car is transported, it is generally done by a semi.

Enclosed automobile transport trailer with multiple levels and many vehicles

A multi-level, multi-vehicle enclosed transport trailers are used when a car transport firm wants to move more than three motors in an enclosed transport trailers. Adjustable deck ramps are used to load enclosed automobile transports.

Car transport trailers with hard or soft sides

You might also be pleased to know that enclosed transport trailers are available from auto transportation firms. They can have either hard or soft sides.

A soft-sided vehicle transport or curtain-sided trailer will feature PVC-coated vinyl side curtains. Securing goods is considerably easier because these curtains can be raised and lowered as a vehicle is loaded and unloaded. Enclosed vehicle shipment trucks are typically hard-sided.

Enclosed Transport Trailers

The Advantages of Enclosed Automobile Transport

For most folks, moving your automobile via truck is more than enough. Certain varieties, however, need a higher amount of care and attention.

Enclosed transport trailers services are preferred by owners of rare, specialized, custom, classic, or antique automobiles.

This is because the cars are shielded throughout the voyage from the elements, road filth, and debris. The towed automobile will reach its destination in pristine condition.

Enclosed transport trailers have several additional advantages.

Protection for your peace of mind

Enclosed vehicle transportation is the service to use if you want your automobile to arrive as pristine as when you left it. It is not only completely weatherproof but also impervious to dust, grit, and other road filth.

A covered auto carrier protects your prized possession during its travel. When they bring your automobile, it is immaculate.

Ground clearance is low

When loading and unloading automobiles with low ground clearance, hydraulic lift gates, and extended racing ramps are required. Unfortunately, only covered car transport is available.

Shipping of many vehicles

Choosing enclosed car transport does not limit you to a single option. Enclosed auto transport for multiple vehicles is also provided.

Enhanced insurance coverage

Vehicles delivered in an enclosed transport trailers are often more valuable than a normal car. If the value of your automobile exceeds $50,000, you should pick insured vehicle transport because the insurance coverage is substantially greater.

Enclosed Transport Trailers

Features of Enclosed Transport Trailers

There are several benefits to increasing your budget and paying for this added-value service.

Increased Security

Your car is exposed to the elements when transported in an open trailer. While most vehicles are unaffected by this, rain, hail, and snow may scrape the paintwork or damage your glass.

Enclosed transport trailers are completely waterproof, allowing your vehicle to be transported securely regardless of the weather.

Improved Loading

The main issue with open trailers is that they need to be more suitable for loading and unloading vehicles with low ground clearance.

Attempting to pull these vehicles up a sloping slope might result in significant damage. Enclosed transport trailers with hydraulic gates can better handle the demands of antique and premium autos.

Enhanced Security

If you have a car with substantial monetary or sentimental worth, we strongly advise you to choose this auto shipping service.

Enclosed transport trailers safeguard your car from road hazards and ensure that it arrives at its destination in the same perfect condition that it was picked up in.

Increased Insurance

Enclosed transport trailers have higher insurance costs to protect your valuable cargo in the event of an accident.

If anything goes wrong, our customer claims team will assist you in resolving any difficulties.

Additional Options

Although open trailers can normally transport several cars simultaneously, enclosed transport trailers may also transport numerous vehicles simultaneously.

If you wish to protect a fleet of new vehicles, a single enclosed trailer may transport up to seven standard-sized automobiles simultaneously.

What Is The Cost Of Enclosed Transportation?

  • Enclosed shipping costs anywhere from 30% to 65% more than open shipping, and for good reason.
  • Enclosed transport trailers may store one to eight cars. 7- 8 vehicle enclosed transport trailers are "Soft Enclosed," whereas 1-6 are "Hard Enclosed."
  • These trucks are intended to protect your car from the weather.
  • Enclosed Transport Trailers are often used for high-value automobiles, custom sports cars, and anything else that should not be exposed to the elements on the open road. It protects your car from rain, frost, and other dirty or harmful factors.

    Enclosed Transport Trailers

What Is The Cost Of Enclosed Transportation Per Mile?

  • From 0 to 1,000 miles, the typical rate is $1.00 to $1.25 per mile, with a $400 minimum to the carrier.
  • It costs about $.80 to $1.00 per mile for 1,000 to 2,000 kilometers.
  • It costs from $.65 to $.80 per mile for 2,000 miles or more.
  • These prices may vary based on the season and availability.
  • Please call us immediately at (800) 553-1828 for a free enclosed transport quotation, or fill out our quote form to obtain your price within minutes.

We only utilize the most trustworthy drivers with an up-to-date service history of their enclosed auto transport trailers for enclosed auto transport assignments.

Many people wonder how much enclosed automobile travel costs per mile. In reality, this cost is determined by a number of factors, including:

Vehicle Size: Enclosed automobile transportation charges are determined by vehicle size. Why? Because bigger automobiles take up more space on trucks, leaving less room for other vehicles.

As a result, the enclosed automobile transport cost per mile will differ depending on whether the car is small, mid-sized, truck, SUV, or minivan.

Vehicle Type: Because vintage and premium automobiles require extra special attention, enclosed auto shipping charges tend to be higher. In most situations, these vehicles need lift-gate elevators in addition to cover shipping, which represents a lower risk of damage than ramps.

Similarly, enclosed transport trailers from door to door helps guarantee that the vehicle is safeguarded from loading to unloading.

Distance: There is a starting charge of roughly $1 per mile for the first 500 miles. That means that the starting charge for a 275-mile journey would be $275. For more than 1,000 miles, the enclosed automobile transport cost per mile will often decrease.

When moving your automobile across the United States, the enclosed car transport cost per mile can be as low as $0.40-50.

Destination: Shipping an automobile from one major city to another through main roads is usually less expensive than shipping it across the country.

If your pickup or shipment location is difficult to access - because it is distant from or challenging to get from the nearest highway - it will almost certainly cost extra.

Fuel Price: The price of gasoline changes constantly, affecting the cost of enclosed automobile travel per mile. As a result, if gasoline prices are low, you will profit from cheaper enclosed vehicle transport prices.

Surcharges: Surcharges are another aspect that will impact your enclosed auto transport prices, especially if you are moving your automobile across the United States. Surcharges might include:

  • Fees for leaving the state.
  • Staying overnight.
  • Using toll highways, among other things.

Date: Prices vary based on the time of year. Summer automobile shipping usually is more expensive since trucks load up quickly with visitors visiting the country's destinations. Semis charge extra because competition is so fierce.

Summer enclosed automobile shipping charges might be up to $300 more than winter rates. Enclosed vehicle transport prices for travels returning north tend to be cheaper throughout the winter when snowbirds fly south, but rates are normally higher over the holidays.

*Shipping your automobile around the holidays may take a few days longer due to service backups in the last weeks of December. As a result, truckers are playing catch-up in January.

Insurance: If your vehicle is uncommon or very valuable, additional insurance may be necessary, incurring additional fees (which vary by carrier).

Same Day / Expedited Auto Shipping: If you need your enclosed auto shipping picked up the same day, you will be charged an extra cost. We may need to hire a truck with two fully licensed drivers depending on the distance your automobile has to be delivered.

Unlike typical vehicle shipment, which requires the driver to pull into a safe rest stop overnight for a well-deserved nap, accelerated shipping requires one driver to rest while the other drives. As a result, the expedited shipment might cost between $200 and $500 more.

The auto shipping calculator is the finest way to calculate your enclosed car transport fast estimate based on many parameters. The entire enclosed car transport cost per mile may be calculated by dividing the total sum of the enclosed auto transport fast quotation by the miles your automobile must travel.

Enclosed Transport Trailers

Checklist to Refer to Before Preparing A Car For Shipping:

  • Remove any loose, personal, or hanging things from your car since they may cause internal damage to the inside, windshield, and dashboard.
  • Visit your dealer or service shop, complete all routine maintenance, and wash your car.
  • Conduct a pre-shipment check, noting vehicle condition, pre-existing damage, and other characteristics.
  • Take footage of your car before and during loading onto the container (or) enclosed trailer.
  • Assuming your vehicle is functioning, ensure it has adequate gasoline and battery power to load and unload.
  • Keep your keys and give the other set to the courier who requires them.
  • Check your odometer mileage, take notes, and snap photographs.
  • Examine the wheels and take photographs since any odd wear and tear might be disputed with the carrier.
  • If your automobile has just been painted, use car wax to preserve it during transportation. Even if the car is delivered in an enclosed trailer, it may become dusty and unclean.
  • Examine your auto insurance policy and, if required, renew it.
  • Keep a set of photocopies of your vehicle ownership documentation, automobile registration, insurance, shipment agreement, and any signed papers.
  • If your package must be retrieved by someone else at the destination, give the carrier the person's essential documentation. The person would be delivered when they verified the individual at the time of delivery.
  • If feasible, attempt to be at the location before the cargo and accept delivery yourself.
  • If someone else must handle the delivery, ask them to check the car while unloading and, before signing the delivery slip, if they see any concerns with the vehicle, physical damage, or wear and tear. Then you may create a video to claim transit insurance and file a grievance with the provider.
  • Confirm that all documentation and vehicle shipment copies are correctly completed, then sign them and have the carrier sign the agreement. Keep these documents secure by photographing/scanning and photocopying them.





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