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  1. Prepare Your Car Shipping Documents:
  2. Tips For Shipping A Car From Dealership:
  3. Research About The Auto Transport Company:
  4. What Are The Factors That Influences The Shipping Costs?
  5. Learn About The Shipping Options.
  6. Can I Ship My Car By Dealer?
  7. Ask About The Payment Options:
  8. Important Consideration Of Car Shipping:
  9. Final Thoughts:

Prepare Your Car Shipping Documents:

Before searching for an auto-shipping company, you must gather all the documents required for shipping. To experience the stress and the hassle-free shipping experience, it is better to prepare and get all your documents ready. Here below, we have shared documents that the car shipping company requires.

  • You have to provide them with your vehicle title. 
  • You should have your vehicle registration.
  • You should have a valid and updated identification, like your driver's license or passport.
  • You need to have proof of ownership or a bill of sale.
  • You need to have proof of insurance.

car shipping tips

Tips For Shipping A Car From Dealership:

Here are tips for safe and easy car transportation. Follow these tips to experience the best and most stress-free car shipping experience.

  • The first and most important thing is to check your vehicle's weight. Auto transport companies also transport oversized and heavy vehicles but need a special trailer. To do this, you need to communicate with a car shipping company representative to learn the best shipping options and budget for your vehicle.
  • You must scrutinize your vehicle before the driver loads it into its trailer, and it is best to take photos of it. This will help you inspect your car after delivery.
  • You need to notify and provide the complete details of your car shipments.
  • You must schedule your shipment in advance to get the best shipping options for your car.
  • You must coordinate with the company and ensure your vehicle's pickup and delivery time.

Research About The Auto Transport Company:

When you want to transport your car, you might wonder how to select a reliable and professional car shipping company. But you need not worry; we have shared some points to help you choose a legitimate company.

  • You have to research reliable car shipping companies that meet all your requirements.
  • You have to ensure that the company is professional and experienced.
  • Check the company website and their contact details.
  • Read the client reviews online and from different review sites.
  • Ask for references from family, friends, and colleagues.
  • You have to look for their shipping service and payment options

What Are The Factors That Influences The Shipping Costs?

The shipping cost depends on several factors, including your vehicle type and the shipping option you choose for your car. Here are the factors that affect shipping costs, and you need to know how these factors affect the price.

Vehicle Size

The shipping cost is based on the weight and size of the vehicle. The larger and heavier the vehicle, the more expensive the shipping cost because large and heavy vehicles occupy much more space.

Shipping Distance

The shipping cost is based on the distance between the pickup and the delivery location; the closer the distance, the lower the shipping cost.

Shipping Route and Location

If you are shipping your car to areas where there is a high demand, it will cost more, and if you are shipping your car to areas where there is less demand for car shipping, it will cost less. 

Shipping Date and Time

If you ship during the seasons when there is much more demand for shipping, like summer and spring, it will cost more than winter car shipping.

Shipping Options

If you have chosen enclosed car transport or expedited shipping, it will cost more than open car and terminal to terminal shipping.

Seasonal Demands

As we have said, the shipping cost will be much higher when there is more demand for car shipping. The shipping cost will also increase based on the seasonal demands of shipping.

If you want to know how much it will cost to transport your car with Rapid Auto shipping or if you want customized car shipping, contact us and get your instant car shipping quote.

Learn About The Shipping Options.

When you transport your car with a car shipping company, you must know about the company's shipping options. Usually, there are four main shipping options. Open car transport, enclosed car transport, door to door shipping, and terminal to terminal shipping options. Here, we have shared a shipping option that will help you determine the best, and you can choose between them according to your budget.

Open Transport

Open car transport is an open trailer with open sides and an affordable shipping method. An open trailer can load up to eight vehicles, but in an open-air trailer, your vehicle will be placed in an open trailer, and there is the risk that your vehicle may get damaged because it is an open trailer and your vehicle will come into the contact of the external elements.

car shipping tips

Enclosed Transport

An enclosed trailer is the best and the safest auto transport option. Your vehicle will be placed in an enclosed car trailer, and it will protect it from rain, snow, and other external elements. The enclosed trailer will transport your vehicle safely, providing high security to your vehicle. It is an expensive car transport, but people prefer this enclosed transport because of its high-security features.

Door to Door Shipping

It is the most convenient car shipping option. You can just sit back and relax, and we will pick up and deliver your vehicle to your doorstep. It makes your car shipping process easy, but it is a costly shipping option.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

Terminal to terminal car shipping is the cost-effective option. In terminal to terminal car shipping, you need to leave your car at the terminal yards for pickup, On the day of delivery, the driver will unload your car at the terminal yards, and you have to go to the terminal yards to get your car.

Can I Ship My Car By Dealer?

Yes, you can ship your car by the dealer. Your dealer will provide the shipping service when you are looking for car transportation from another state. There are two main shipping methods: open car transport and enclosed car transport. In open car transport, your vehicle will be exposed to an external element, with a risk of damage. Enclosed car transport is the safest and best option for luxury and classic cars.

If you want to transport your vehicle to another state or city, your dealer can do so, and the shipping process is the same as we have discussed before.

  • Choose your car shipping company.
  • Choose the shipping option.
  • Coordinate between the shipping company and your dealer.
  • Book and schedule your car shipment.

Ask About The Payment Options:

Every auto shipping company has a different payment option, so you must ask about the method. Some require advance deposits or upfront payment, and some ask for payment after pickup. You must ensure whether the company asks for extra charges or has hidden shipping charges. Some shipping companies use credit cards, cash, etc. You must read the shipping contract carefully before you sign it.

Important Consideration Of Car Shipping: 

If you want your car on time, you must consider a few points to ensure the pickup and delivery of your car on time.

  • You should have to book and schedule your shipping in advance during the peak season.
  • You have to be flexible with the date and time of the car shipping because it may get delayed due to climatic conditions.
  • Check the insurance bill of lading and other documents.
  • You have to inspect your vehicle before loading it.
  • When the driver delivers your vehicle, you must inspect it for damage and complete the rest of the shipping process, including payment and feedback. If you notice any damage to your vehicle, immediately inform the driver or shipping company.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing a reliable and professional shipping company to transport your car can be challenging. Rapid Auto Shipping has decades of experience in car shipping, has shipped multiple vehicles, and has thousands of positive client reviews. We offer the best budget-friendly price rate with great customer support. Book your next car shipment with us at +1 (833) 233-4447 and get your car shipping quote.


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