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  1. Why do Dealerships Require a Car Transportation Company?
  2. How do Car Transportation Companies Ship Cars to Dealership Customers?
  3. What are The Key Factors of The Best Car Shipping Company that Helps Dealerships?
  4. What is the Best Car Shipping Company for Dealerships?

Why do Dealerships Require a Car Transportation Company?

There are certain requirements or some set of perks that car moving companies offer to the dealerships. As an auto shipping company and dealerships, we are directly dependent on each other as they need quality work, and we need long-term partners to keep customers happy. Following are the perks that Rapid Auto Shipping, as a known car transport service provider, provides to Dealerships:


Dealerships are always engaged in selling cars; some are online and live far away. Shipping cars differently is very time-consuming, whereas a shipping company will load your car at once and then ship it to its respective location.


As dealerships transport multiple cars at once and provide regular orders, many car-moving companies, including us, offers special discount or provide a different set of service charge to the dealerships so they can also get affordable but reasonable shipping. 


New cars are not meant to cover long-distance miles as it could harm the engine. A new car will face a lot of wear and tear, and it would be a very tiring process the best car shipping company could ship your car while your dealerships are dealing with new clients and making your customers happy with their mint conditions and new car.

Multiple options:

Yes, there are many options that dealers can choose from to ship used cars or standard cars we provide open car carriers, and for high-value cars or vehicles, we have enclosed car carriers, and for heavy haulers vehicles, we have flatbeds and lowboy carriers.

Controlled and Protected Shipping:

As we understand that cars are valuable assets, we only work with experts who have experience and are trained to do car shipping in a controlled environment. We provide insurance coverage for your car to maintain its safety and provide a reliable and safe car shipping service.

These are some of the major benefits that a dealership can get by hiring Rapid Auto Shipping. Please contact our executive via call or email to learn more, and please feel free to discuss any shipping-related queries.

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How do Car Transportation Companies Ship Cars to Dealership Customers?

Dealership owners always think about how they will send their cars to their customers who live far away. Lack of shipping service can also affect the customer base as many customers will not find the dealership convenient.

To help our dealership partners, Rapid Auto Shipping provides many vehicle transportation carriers to ship any vehicle to your customers, removing shipping headaches and allowing you to focus on your client. Vehicle shipping companies, including us, provide the following types of carriers to make dealerships work efficiently: 

Open car carrier:

These are standard carriers due to their high availability, becoming the most affordable carrier due to their open design these allow easy loading and unloading of your car, saving a lot of time. Due to open design, your car is exposed to the environment, They are the best way to ship standard or used cars affordably.

Enclosed car carriers:

These are special carriers made to ship cars safely and secure the shipping of high-value vehicles. This carrier is designed to provide special car shipping services for high-class cars like exotic, super, and luxury cars. These carriers are more expensive than open car carriers but provide value for money.

Single car carrier:

Like in its name, this carrier service offers shipping service to ship one car at a time, allowing high customization. Car shipping companies provide these carriers to special dealerships selling one-of-a-kind vehicles. In these carriers, we always provide premium services and are handled by our best.

Multi-car carrier:

As an auto shipping company, we understand that dealerships have to deal with multiple orders and ship many cars to different locations at once. We offer a multi-car carrier to ship your orders from short to long distances. This carrier is made to ship multiple cars with the features of an enclosed car carrier.

Flatbed carriers:

These are heavy haulers capable of shipping heavy vehicles like trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. These carriers are open from all sides, allowing heavy vehicles or bulk shipping as these are capable of gravy shipping. Due to their design, they can load multiple cars or motorcycles on them and ship long distances.

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What are The Key Factors of The Best Car Shipping Company that Helps Dealerships?

Car shipping companies offer many factors or services to dealerships that help them create a good client base and get more customers. Rapid Auto Shipping offers the following service to our dealerships to make their work convenient :

24/7 Service:

Our experts are just one call away from you. Thinking about car transportation services near me, Rapid Auto Shipping is there to provide service near you anytime. We offer nationwide services, so dealers don't have to worry about client location we will ship your car there safely.

Door-to-Door Service:

We don't put any work into your customer we pick the car from your location and ship it directly to your customer's location without troubling anyone. In some cases, you must inform your customers to provide us with a specific location for car shipping as some could not be within reach of us, especially in Heavy vehicle car shipping.

Exhibited Service:

Also known as fast shipping, sometimes new car owners are very excited and can't wait to see their new cars. As auto transporters, we help you provide fast shipping service to end your clients' wait. Fast service also helps your dealership to look more premium.

Tracking Service:

Dealerships and individuals who bought the cars could be curious about their cars. That's why we offer a tracking facility so you can know where your car is and how long it will take to reach you. 

What is the Best Car Shipping Company for Dealerships? 

Well, when looking or deciding on the best car shipping company, there is not only one factor, which is cost, that matters as sometimes some companies cut corners to save cost, leading to unwanted accidents, and always try to get value for money car shipping services for long-term benefits.

Other factors like service, availability and communication make a car transportation company reliable; you can check their credentials, Customer feedback and experience. Every customer is unique, and so are their requirements that's why Rapid Auto Shipping communicates with you properly to get you the best for the cost you are paying, so feel free to contact our executives via call or mail.


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