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I needed to ship a car from Texas to California for my son, so I contacted Rapid Auto Shipping Transport here in Texas, and they were able to make it happen. Excellent service and a smooth, dependable, and professional process.

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About The Best Acura Car Transport Service

You can rely on Rapid Auto Shipping to help you choose trustworthy and reasonably priced auto shipping companies to take care of your short- and long-distance vehicle transportation needs and move furniture and other items. Rapid Auto Shipping charges less for open carrier services than for covered transport—by around 25%.

What's In This Article?

  1. Get The Car Ready For Take Off
  2. Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company For Acura Car
  3. The Transport Services Offered To Luxury Vehicle Owners
  4. Typical Transport Services For Vehicles
  5. How Much Does Acura Car Transport Service Cost?
  6. Car Transport Service Tracking For Acura

Get The Car Ready For Take Off

You should undertake a few preparations before shipping your Acura to guarantee the vehicle arrives at its destination without incident.

  • Clean the inside and outside of the automobile thoroughly. Before shipment, ensure that any dirt or grime that might get into the engine has been removed from the car.
  • Take anything extra out of the car, both inside and outside. This includes any loose items in the car's glove box, trunk, or other storage compartments. Additionally, you should remove open materials like seat coverings and floor mats since they might become entangled in moving elements during shipping.
  • If possible, empty your tank of all petrol before shipment. If this is not feasible, you advise filling up your petrol tank soon before shipping to reduce the likelihood of spilling during transport if your fuel system experiences a problem while being transported to its destination.
  • As your Acura is transported from point A to point B by a car transport service like Rapid Auto Shipping, ensure all windows are shut and locked to prevent theft.
  • Examining the battery is crucial because batteries might leak acid if not maintained correctly or become overheated. Remove one of the battery cells covers to check the inside for corrosion or indications of leaking from exposed terminals or other parts of the cell's structure (such as cracks in plastic casings) if you cannot notice any leaks on the battery's exterior.
  • Examine the HVAC system. Before shipping your automobile, the air conditioning system has to be drained and examined for leaks.
  • Verify the brakes and tires. Ensure that they are in good shape and completely inflated.
  • Remove any exposed wire that can become entangled with moving parts or passing automobiles.

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Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company For Acura Car

Licensed And Registered

For peace of mind, your go-to firm should be registered and licensed. If the firm is licensed and registered with the relevant government organizations, you'll know it's reliable and capable of keeping your automobile secure.

This also implies that it is a legitimate organization authorized by government agencies to relocate vehicles.

Provides Insurance

A reputable and trustworthy company is insured with adequate coverage to cope with any emergency difficulties that may arise during transportation.

This implies that the certificate should address responsibility, workers' compensation, and the amount of cargo that may send. It's a plus if they provide insurance services in addition to conventional ones.

Provides Extensive Services

A business with a broad selection of specialized services is what you desire. It should provide you with more benefits so you may tailor them to meet your requirements.

A company with a variety of shipping choices, such as terminal-to-terminal and door to door services, is what you should be looking for. That is a considerable advantage if your company provides combined shipping and moving or storage services.

A Trustworthy Moving Process

A reliable company should be able to move and load numerous automobiles using modern technology and equipment. If your car is large, this will mainly work for you.

Check the dependability of their loading methods and storage choices in addition. Check whether the firm offers expedited shipping if you need your automobile delivered within a specific time frame.


You need a car shipping company that genuinely cares about your automobiles and takes all essential security precautions to ensure your vehicle gets to the intended location undamaged.

Examine their concern for the security and health of your car during travel and the opinions and endorsements of previous customers.

No Additional Fees

Additionally, they must use 100 percent secure payment processes and offer you free, accurate price quotes. Talking with the firm representative about past quotations can ensure there won't be any additional costs. Additionally, you should confirm whether the company's price is final.

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The Transport Services Offered To Luxury Vehicle Owners

Luxury car transportation from door to door is a dependable and practical choice if you need to move your high-end vehicle to a new place, for a particular occasion, or any other reason. It gives you peace of mind and ensures your automobile arrives in good shape at its destination.

These services frequently come with extra features like insurance coverage and individualized customer care to guarantee that the automobile owner's demands are satisfied throughout the shipping process.

Typical Transport Services For Vehicles

Open Car Transport Service For Acura :

When a car is transported in an open-air environment, it is often put into a multi-car carrier alongside other vehicles. Even though it costs more and is typically reserved for door-to-door shipping, a flatbed truck can also move a single car.

This type of transport carrier is open-air; picture what you may see on the highway transporting some new vehicles to a car dealership.

Although open car transport service is one of the more well-liked and reasonably priced methods of moving your car, customers worried about the weather or the potential for road debris may prefer the total protection provided by enclosed auto transport.

Enclosed Car Transport Service For Acura :

The finest protection for the best price provides by an enclosed car transport service, which protects your vehicle from the elements. The market has two varieties of enclosed auto transport options: soft-sided and hard-sided.

In contrast to open-air transportation, soft-sided enclosed transport employs an automobile shipment container covered with canvas or vinyl and provides only a little weather and roadside protection. Soft-sided carriers may avoid most damage from rain, wind, and tiny objects.

Hard-sided enclosed car transport service advises for an additional layer of defence from weather and traffic dangers. Hard-sided enclosed car transport service is among the most excellent solutions for moving cars since it entirely shields your vehicle from road hazards and inclement weather while keeping it contained in the environment.

A further advantage of hard-sided enclosed transport is that it shields your car from prying eyes while moving; this is a wise precaution to take when transferring expensive vehicles.

Acura Car Transport Service From Terminal to Terminal

The industry norm for moving cars is terminal to terminal shipment. To use this service, the customer must deliver and pick up their vehicle from a depot or terminal.

The least expensive service at the moment is open-air terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Rapid Auto Shipping maintains terminals in almost all of the country's major cities to give our clients the finest service possible. If an airport is not easily accessible, door-to-door car transport service is always an alternative.

Door to Door Acura Car Transport Service

Cross-country relocation can save a lot of time by using door-to-door car transport service, which is more expensive than shipping from terminal to terminal.

The benefit of door-to-door car transport service is that you don't have to leave or pick up your car at a terminal; instead, we'll pick it up and deliver it to the address you provide. Even an auto transport broker is not required.

In specific circumstances, such as some apartment buildings or roadways with low-hanging tree branches, our automobile transportation carriers may be unable to maneuver. Our drivers will plan to meet you in these circumstances at the closest convenient place.

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How Much Does Acura Car Transport Service Cost?

Each company determines its car shipping cost depending on a variety of variables. On average, the cost of transporting an automobile ranges from $800 to $2,500. However, these prices might change.

Cost Factors of Car Transport Service 

These and other elements are taken into account by auto transport firms when calculating your automobile shipment costs:

Fuel cost: When petrol prices rise, shipping costs also typically increase.

Driving dangers: Inclement weather and bad road conditions can increase shipment expenses.

Vehicle type: Larger or more specialized vehicles, including trucks and recreational vehicles, typically cost more to freight.

Season: The busiest months for automobile transportation are the summer and January. Therefore costs will likely increase during those periods.

Destination: Although vehicle transporters charge per mile, costs often decrease with distance. The cost of long-distance shipping from Florida to Las Vegas or Seattle will be more overall but lower per mile. However, your shipment will incur additional charges if you're moving abroad.

Transport method: Shipping your automobile in an open trailer is less expensive than doing so. Transport from terminal to terminal is often cheaper than shipping from door to door.

Car condition: Transporting a non-drivable car typically costs more than transporting one that can use.

Best Acura Car Transport Service

Car Transport Service Tracking For Acura

Rapid Auto Shipping provides a relatively easy and trustworthy option to follow your car's position. You may track the whole procedure in real time using its user-friendly website.

When your vehicle is put into the truck, a qualified transportation consultant can call you and email you regular status updates. Use the tracking number you give to complete the process.

Rapid Auto Shipping

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