Military Car Shipping Company In USA

Military car shipping, or military auto transport, is exclusively offered to active and retired military personnel. With little notice, you can receive permanent change-of-station (PCS) orders to relocate to a new military base.

How Does Military Car Shipping Function?

Military car shipping operates identically to standard auto transport and is restricted to active-duty military personnel. When a PCS order is issued, the government may pay for one privately-owned vehicle (POV) shipment. However, you will be responsible for the additional costs if you wish to transport more than one vehicle.

How To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

With a bit of planning, you can make it easier to move your car:

Documentation: It is essential to have the proper paperwork when sending something. This includes proof of eligibility, who you are, and proof that you own the car.

Clean the car: Before giving the vehicle to the shipper, ensure no personal things are inside. Cleaning the outside and vacuuming the inside are also good ideas.

Fuel: Don't put more than a quarter of a gas tank in the tank. This will reduce the car's weight but allow the shippers to drive it if they need to move it or make changes.

Is The Military's Auto Transport Service Discount?

If you are an active service member who receives a permanent change of station (PCS) order, the government may pay to dispatch one personal operating vehicle (POV) for you.

You may be liable for the cost of military vehicle transport. However, verifying with the Department of Défense for particular requirements would be best.

Is There A Car Shipping Discount for The Military?

There is a military discount for auto transport, but only for active and retired service members. Based on current market fluctuations and the total mileage of the cargo, you could receive a discount of up to 10%. When contacting a car shipping company, inquire about any applicable military discounts.

Military personnel on active duty and survivors are eligible for discounts on military car shipping, regardless of your current location or the destination to which you wish to transport a vehicle.

Auto shipping companies offer value to all active-duty and retired military personnel. All branches of the armed forces are eligible for discounts, including the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Regarding international transfers, auto transport companies offer port-to-port and door-to-door service.

How Much Does The Transport Of Military PCS Vehicles Cost?

The rate for sending a car depends only on the distance between where the vehicle is picked up and where it is delivered. But prices change based on many things, such as location, vehicle type, shipping method, and more.

What carrier is used to move your car can affect the cost. You can choose between an open-air carrier and a covered carrier. Both types of transport trucks will safely drive your vehicle, but there are differences in how well they protect it from the weather.

The cost of transporting military vehicles depends on some variables. These consist of the following: Compared to other transport companies, military car shipping prices are very competitive. Use their online calculator for military car shipping rates. Otherwise, contact them by telephone or Live Chat.

How Long Will Moving My Car From One Place To Another Take?

When you place an order, you will know how long it will take to ship. This will give you a time frame for when your car will arrive. How long it takes to get somewhere depends on how far you go. Since every delivery differs, your vehicle may come before the expected transit time.

Which Form Of Auto Transport Service Is Preferred By Military Personnel?

Open vehicle transport is a popular option for retired and active-duty military personnel. You can book cargo to and from any location in the United States, Hawaii, and the port for international moves.

In addition to door-to-door transport, auto shipping companies also offer base-to-base shipment. However, you must determine whether a trucking company can access the base.

When time is of the essence, auto shipping companies provide guaranteed pick-up services. If you are relocating at the last minute, you can also use express auto transport.

What To Consider When Transporting A Vehicle?

Transporting a vehicle appears complex, but it reduces to three factors:

Establishing the transport with predetermined pickup and delivery times.

It is present during the vehicle's pickup and delivery.

They ensure that your shipper has a reputation for dependability and is adequately covered by insurance.

Insurance and the shipper's dependability are the two most essential factors to consider. Ensure that the reputation of the vehicle transport company is positive.

The best methods to determine this are to read company consumer reviews, inquire with people you know who have moved a vehicle about their experience and who they hired, and check the Better Business Bureau and comparable websites for ratings.

Although most auto transport companies have positive reputations, not all are entirely transparent about the fees and costs associated with your move. Therefore, it pays to verify.

Transport Your Vehicles Using the Leading Military Car Shipping Companies

It can take time to choose a shipping company for auto transport. Military car shipping companies offer various services, including GPS tracking, door-to-door delivery, discounts, and express shipping, to provide the most efficient and convenient transportation service.

What Qualities Should You Search For In A Military Auto Transport Company?

Expertise in military car shipping: Look for a company with a web presence that demonstrates familiarity with military requirements and a history of assisting military personnel with auto shipments.

Cheap pricing: Find a military car shipping service that doesn't cost an arm and a limb to stretch your Uncle Sam's check. (The typical POV shipping cost is $1,219)

Discount for service members: Any reputable military car shipping company will offer discounts to active-duty military personnel. Try to locate a discount of at least $35 for military personnel.

Customer feedback: Examine a few review sites and search for a military car shipping company with a rating at least as high as the average in the industry (4.6 out of 5 stars).


Choosing the finest auto transport company for your move can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Transportation companies advise making a list of your requirements and conducting research.

Consider, in addition to military discounts, how long a particular auto transportation company has worked with the military. Only those with prior experience will be aware of the specifics. You can also examine the list the auto transport company provided and then make an informed decision.