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Auto shipping businesses can easily ship a car to or from Texas with reliable services. There are many different and exciting places and towns in Texas. It's easy to see why so many Americans want to move there. If you want to move to Texas and ship your car, you'll need a trusted Texas car shipping service. Texas car transport helps move freight both inside and outside of Texas. Our trained team can ship it no matter what kind of car it is or how it looks. They are very proud to offer professional vehicle transport services to people moving their ATVs, boats, cars, golf carts, motorcycles, SUVs, and other vehicles, as well as to businesses moving their fleet of cars, people moving general freight or heavy haul equipment, and auto dealerships and other companies that need to move a lot of vehicles at once. This guide also tells you what you need to know about working with car shipping companies and how to determine which company is right for you.

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  1. Types Of Texas Car Transport Services
  2. How Long Does Texas Car Transport Take?
  3. Car Shipping From Texas to Another State
  4. How Much Does Texas Car Transport Cost?
  5. Characteristics Of Reliable Shipping Companies
  6. How Does The Shipping Of A Car To And From Texas Work?

Types Of Texas Car Transport Services

Enclosed transport

This is automobile shipping, where your vehicle is put onto a shipping container, mounted on a trailer, and transported to its destination in Texas. Enclosed shipping is ideal for carrying luxury, high-value, and sports vehicles.

Shipping is now available. 

This is an automotive shipment in which your vehicle is put straight onto a trailer and fastened with safety belts. There is no container, yet this is a less expensive shipping option than enclosed shipping.

Express Delivery Service

Expedited auto transport will bring your vehicle door to door as soon as feasible, with collection options as early as the same day. Because they are the most easily accessible, open carriers are frequently employed.

Shipping Service Guaranteed

Your automobile will be picked up within 24 hours of reserving this service.

Military Shipping Company

This service provides military members with preferential treatment. It is only available to army soldiers and veterans.

Texas Lowboy Carriers

Because of the state's extensive industrial expansion, building is growing in Texas, and construction crews are always in demand. It necessitates considerable preparation, and businesses must be mobile and prepared.

Heavy equipment such as skid loaders, graders, dozers, and backhoes must be transported from one location to another.

They frequently need to be relocated while work is still being done at one location. Rather than diverting qualified craftsmen and craftswomen from their specialty to transport equipment, many construction companies hire a third party to do it for them.

That's why construction crews across Texas rely on the Texas equipment transport professionals at auto shipping company to keep them on time and guarantee everything arrives securely at the following project site.

How Long Does Texas Car Transport Take?

When looking for automobile shipping to/from Texas, you should consider how long it will take. Distances of fewer than 200 miles take between 1 and 2 days on average. Auto shipping to/from Texas might take up to 9 days for lengths of 2,000 miles or more.

However, be assured that our shipping advisers will do all possible to guarantee that you receive a timely and effective Texas auto shipping service with no delays.

These averages are only guidelines because numerous things can influence the actual timing. Weather, distance, road construction, diversions, other traffic, seasonality, and driver's hours can all have an impact on Texas car transport.

If you need to transport your automobile to or from Texas quickly, you may speed up the procedure by selecting speedy car shipment or guaranteed pick-up.

Texas Car Transport

Car Shipping From Texas to Another State

Using a car shipping firm to transfer your vehicle to another state might provide several advantages. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a car transfer company:

Convenience: Driving long distances with a car may be exhausting and time-consuming. You may have your car moved while you travel or utilize another mode of Texas car transport by employing a car transfer company. This can save you time and energy, allowing you to arrive refreshed at your destination.

Cost-effectiveness: Depending on the distance travelled and the cost of gasoline, using a Texas car transport business may be more cost-effective than driving the car yourself.

Safety: Professional Texas car transport companies have the skills and equipment to transfer your vehicle securely. They move automobiles using solid, high-quality carriers or trailers and guarantee that all vehicles are adequately secured to prevent them from moving or shifting during transit.

Insurance coverage: During transit, your car is completely covered from bumper to bumper. This might give peace of mind and financial protection in case of damage or accidents during transportation.

Texas Car Transport

How Much Does Texas Car Transport Cost?

Car shipping in Texas costs approximately $1.96 per mile for brief distances of up to 500 miles. From 500 to 1,500 miles, you will pay about $0.93 per mile for medium distances.

Long distances of over 1,500 miles cost approximately $0.58 per mile.

It is important to observe that several factors influence the cost of Texas car transport. These are some of the factors that contribute to a Texas car transport quote:


Shipping over greater distances, like between states, is more expensive than shipping over shorter distances. Longer distance shipping requires more fuel and increases the mileage on the truck hauling the vehicle.

Most firms provide a per-mile discount for larger distances, but there are more miles in general; thus, shipping costs more.

Shipping Mode

The mode of shipment chosen has a significant impact on shipping costs. When it comes to the type of shipment, there are two basic options:

Open shipping: In this method, your automobile is secured to the rear of an open truck. This approach is more cost-effective since many cars may be transported simultaneously.

Most vehicle shipping businesses have this sort of auto carrier on hand. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that your vehicle will be exposed to road debris and maybe harsh weather.

Enclosed shipping: Your car will be delivered on a truck with a protective covering to hide it from the elements. These vehicles can transport large equipment.

This choice is highly recommended when dealing with high-end automobiles such as vintage or expensive cars. This method of Texas car transport is more expensive, but it protects your valuable goods from road debris and inclement weather.

Vehicle Design

The cost of Texas car transport is also affected by the car's size and weight. Larger automobiles would cost more to carry since they take up more room on the truck, limiting the number of vehicles transported in a single trip.

Heavier automobiles are more expensive to carry than lighter ones because the weight of the cars hauled increases the truck's fuel consumption rate.

Your car's state is also considered; it is easier to transfer a functioning vehicle than an inoperable one. Inoperable cars require specialized equipment to transport them into and out of the truck.

When requesting shipping quotations, you should notify the shipping firm about the kind and condition of your car.

Shipping Location

Shipping to remote places is typically more expensive than shipping to big cities. This is because big cities receive more business, and the shipping firm may deliver numerous automobiles along the road in a single trip.

Furthermore, rural locations are more difficult to manoeuvre since truck drivers need to become more familiar with them.

Texas Car Transport

Characteristics Of Reliable Shipping Companies

When looking for a shipping firm, there are a few aspects to remember. These include:

  • It would help if you only examined firms granted permission to operate by the appropriate authorities. To prevent falling into the clutches of fraudsters, you should seek the services of trustworthy firms.
  • The company's customer interactions should be excellent. The provider should explain the stages involved in the entire procedure to you.
  • Suitable insurance coverage is always a positive indicator. The firm should have insurance to cover losses caused by the company's carelessness. You can acquire supplementary insurance to improve your coverage.
  • Texas car transport is a serious business that specialists should manage. Experience is essential in business, so you should always pick a firm with a proven track record of good deliveries.

How Does The Shipping Of A Car To And From Texas Work?

After identifying the best auto shipping company for your needs, you will receive a price to send your automobile.

Once you've agreed on a price for auto transport in Texas, you'll need to provide them with a pick-up date, time, and location. A team from the Texas car transport firm arrives at the vehicle's present location and inspects it for damage. The same will be noted on the Bill of Lading, which you will sign.

When the automobile is set to arrive at its ultimate destination, the firm will ask you to inspect it for any damages, as specified in the Bill of Lading. If you are pleased, sign the Bill of Lading and proceed with the delivery.


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