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  1. Best Websites To Sell Your Car Online:
  2. Popular Marketplace Websites To Sell Your Car:
  3. What Are The Documents Required To Sell A Car?
  4. Tips for Using These Websites To Sell a Car:
  5. How To Choose The Best Website To Sell Your Car?
  6. How To Prepare For Selling Your Car Online?

Best Websites To Sell Your Car Online:

There are many websites where you can sell your car online, but our team has researched the best and most popular ones. In this blog, we have shared the best websites based on their ratings, vehicle value, customer support, and services. Here, we have provided a few websites to sell used car.


Autotrader is the best and most popular website for selling your used car online. You will find millions of buyers when you list your vehicle on this website. However, you have to pay to list your vehicle. On this website, you can add up to 30 photos and get a vehicle report without additional cost. This website allows you to renew your listing within 30 days, as often as you want.


Cars.com is the largest and most popular platform for buying and selling vehicles. It offers an easy method of buying and selling your car and the inventory option to sell your car. You can also use search tools to find the perfect car for you.


CarMax is the best option if you want to sell your car traditionally and experience the traditional selling process. To provide an effective offer, you need a few documents, such as the VIN, license plate number, and location.

Bring a Trailer

It is the best option for selling rare and classic cars here. With the Bring a Trailer platform, you will get a significant value for your car. You can also sell your car at auctions and trust the buyers and sellers. Buyers need to pay if they want to list a car.


It is an easy platform that allows buyers to take a test drive of a car before they purchase it or pay you any money. Buyers and sellers find this helpful because it offers a test drive for buyers, and sellers also benefit from this Carvana platform.


Hemmings is the best platform for selling high-value cars. If you own a luxury, classic, or other premium car, you can list it on this platform. Here, you will get potential buyers for your car and those looking for rare and premium classic vehicles.

Popular Marketplace Websites To Sell Your Car:

Whether you are selling your electric car or some other used vehicle. Here, we have shared a few online marketplaces. These marketplaces will help you get the buyers.

1- eBay Motors

2- Facebook Marketplace

3- Craigslist

4- CarGurus

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is not a marketplace, but it is a useful tool for listing your vehicle on platforms to target the local buyers in your area. It is a simple process of selling your used vehicle. It offers two options to sell your car. The first way is that if you choose the auction, then the buyer will place a bid on your vehicle, and the other way is that you can sell your old and used car at a fixed price.

Facebook Marketplace

It is the best marketplace to list your vehicle and quickly target local buyers. Facebook Marketplace is a free platform. You can list your vehicle free of cost. It will guide you through a step-by-step process to list your vehicle on this platform.


Although Craigslist is not a popular platform, it is an effective way to buy and sell your vehicle online. It is also easy to use, and you can complete your car listings within a few minutes after adding photographs of your car. If you want to sell your car in just a few minutes, listing a car is easy with the Craigslist platform.

What Are The Documents Required To Sell A Car?

We have shared an important document required to sell your car on these websites and list your vehicle on marketplace platforms. Each country has its document requirements, and different countries or states require different documents.

1- Title Certificate

2- Vehicle History Report

3- Bill Of Sale

4- Odometer Disclosure Form

5- Liability Form

Title Certificate

It is the most important certificate, and it proves that you are the owner of this vehicle after you sign the documents. If you have lost your vehicle title certificate and want to replace the title, replace the title as soon as possible. The process of replacing the vehicle title is simple and easy.

1- To begin the process of replacing your vehicle title, visit the website of your local motor vehicle department and contact them.

2- You have to pay an amount to get a duplicate vehicle title.

3- To get a title, you need documents like your ID, VIN, and current vehicle registration. Take the odometer disclosure statement with the current mileage.

4- Once you apply for a vehicle title, the Department of Motor Vehicle will respond within two weeks and mail you a new title for your vehicle.

5- Once you receive your vehicle's new title, you can sign the documents to the buyer when selling your car.

Vehicle History Report

A vehicle history report details your vehicle ownership and how you have cared for it. Here are a few reasons why a vehicle history report is mandatory and a good idea when you sell your car.

1- If you have a vehicle history report, it shows that you have nothing to hide, and the report shows transparency and concern about your vehicle.

2- It proves your vehicle's background and builds credibility and trust between the buyer and seller.

3- Vehicle history reports show a record of service and maintenance, such as oil and fuel repairs, mileage, and other repair services.

4- It shows the service repair support and represents how you have cared for your car.

5-It avoids headaches for the buyer and the seller if any questions or issues arise after the purchase or sale.

Bill Of Sale

Most websites require a bill of sale when you legally transfer the ownership of your vehicle to another buyer. It includes the contact information of the transacting party, the date of transfer, any conditions attached to the sale, price, payment details, and the signature of both parties.

Odometer Disclosure Form

As per the Federal Truth in Mileage Act, sellers must mention the exact mileage of their car when he is transferring the ownership of their car. The Odometer Disclosure documents form will have a signature from both parties.

Liability Form

The release of liability form includes the statement that you are no longer your vehicle's owner. It protects you from your car's legal and financial liability after you sell it to a buyer. It will release you from responsibility for any damage to the vehicle or if it is involved in an accident.

Tips for Using These Websites To Sell a Car:

When planning to sell your car, before you list your vehicle on selling websites or at any marketplace, you need to know a few essential things that are most important to sell your car. This makes your vehicle selling process easy and seamless.

1- You must write an effective advertisement line to sell your car quickly and with a reliable buyer.
2- If you want more clicks on your advertisements, you must take many photos of your vehicle. You can add up to 30 photos.
3- You need to add value to your car with the help of valuable resources.
4- You need to meet and want to arrange a meeting with the potential buyers to get the best deal for your car.
5- You need to identify the reliability and the right audience for your car. The most important thing is that you have to be honest about the condition of       your vehicle

How To Choose The Best Website To Sell Your Car?

When planning to sell your car, the most important thing is to choose the best and most reliable website for selling your car. Below, we have shared a few important points that will help you choose the best website for the sale of your car.

1- Before you list or add your car to any website, you need to know and want to find out the right target audience and the buyer of your car.
2- You must know the fees to list your car on their websites. Most marketplaces, like Facebook, offer free listings, and other  platforms, like eBay and cars.com, will charge a few fees to list on their websites.
3- You have to look for the user experience of theri websites and the service and support they offer to their sellers.
4- You need to look for the valuation and offers for your car when you list on their websites.
5- When selling your car online, you must confirm the payment and terms and conditions policy before listing a car.

How To Prepare For Selling Your Car Online?

Before you list or sell your car online, you need to take extra measures and follow some strategies to prepare your car for selling online.

1- The first step is to clean your car from its interior to exterior sides.
2- Prepare a detailed report of your car to let the buyers easily understand your car.
3- You should be ready with all the documents required to sell your car online and list it in the marketplace. 
4- You should take clear photos of your vehicle.
5- Before you sell your vehicle on these websites, you have to know the market value of your car.

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