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  1. What Are The Documents You Need To Have To Ship Your Car?
  2. What Is The Bill Of Lading?
  3. Bill Of Lading:
  4. Vehicle Title and Registration:
  5. Photo Identification:
  6. Absent Owner Authorization:
  7. Vehicle Condition Report:
  8. Lienholder Authorization:
  9. Insurance Terms and Conditions:
  10. Proof Of Insurance:
  11. Essential Tips You Need to Know During Car Transport:
  12. Benefits Of Choosing Rapid Auto Shipping:
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What Are The Documents You Need To Have To Ship Your Car?

Before hiring an auto transport company, you must know everything about the shipping documents required to ship a car. Here is a list of documents you must have during auto transportation.

1- Bill of lading

2- Vehicle title and registration

3- Photo Identification

4- Absent owner authorization

5- Vehicle condition report

6- Lienholder authorization

7- Insurance terms and conditions

8- Proof of Insurance

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What Is The Bill Of Lading?

The bill of lading is the most important shipping document. It is proof of your vehicle's condition during pickup and delivery. The car shipping company provides you with the bill of lading, and the owner should notice the vehicle's condition. If the car is damaged and you don’t have the bill of lading, the company will not provide you with insurance for your car. This bill of lading is referred to as BOL. You should have to take photographs of your vehicle, and the shipper will take the photo of your car.

Bill Of Lading:

A person with experience in car shipping knows about the bill of lading, but what if you are new to the shipping industry and want to transport your vehicle? Here are a few points about the bill of lading.

1- The first section of the bill of lading consists of the company details.

2- The bill of lading consists of the pickup and delivery date and time.

3- Before and after the shipment of your car, you must notice its condition. If the vehicle has been delivered in its pristine condition, then it’s good but if you have noticed any kind of damage then immediately contact the shipping company and inform the driver.

4- You must read the terms and conditions of the bill of lading and, most importantly, when the shipment is made through a third party or broker. When you read the terms and conditions, you will know what to expect from the shipping service provider.

Vehicle Title and Registration:

When transporting your vehicle, providing the vehicle title and registration documents to prove your ownership is most important. You should ensure that these documents are updated and accurate. If you are still paying for your vehicle, you must provide a permission letter to transport your car. 

1- Vehicle title

2- Vehicle registration

3- Permission letter (if applicable)

4- Notarized letter of authorization (if applicable)

You should be ready with these details before transporting your car.

Photo Identification:

When transporting your vehicle, you must provide photo identification and documents like your driving license, passport, etc. You must also provide a clear and legible copy of your photo identification documents. These are also important shipping documents.

Absent Owner Authorization:

Absent owner authorization is an important document. It applies when your shipper is going through the port and you want someone else to pick up your vehicle from the designated port. So, when someone else picks up your vehicle from the delivery point in your name. In that condition, these car shipping documents are required, as well as the full name of the person picking up your vehicle and the vehicle identification number.

Vehicle Condition Report:

Before transportation, you must provide a condition report of your vehicle. It is most important that both of you know about the vehicle's condition because broken and non-running vehicles need much more protection and special equipment for loading and unloading. You should also take photographs of your vehicle to notice any damage, which will also help you with the final inspection of your vehicle after the delivery. You have to keep a copy of your vehicle condition reports and photographs.

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Lienholder Authorization:

This shipping document is required when you are still paying the loan for your vehicle. In that condition, your lienholder needs to permit you to transport your vehicle to or from Hawaii. A letter of permission from your lienholder is required to transport your vehicle.

Insurance Terms and Conditions:

It is the most important document required to ship a car. You have to read the insurance terms and conditions before signing the contract. It shows important information about insurance, like the company's insurance information and the insurance coverage details, as well as what is covered and what’s not covered in this insurance policy. You should see whether the insurance covers exotic and classic cars because some companies do not offer insurance coverage for these cars. You should keep a copy of the documents. It will ensure that your vehicle will be transported securely and in the right hand and that your chosen company is legitimate. The auto shipping company will not cover personal accessories or personal belongings other than vehicle accessories. So, the company will not be responsible if something is lost or stolen. It is suggested that you take off and remove all your personal belongings from inside the car before the shipment.

Proof Of Insurance:

When moving your vehicle, you need to prepare a proof of insurance documents. So, when transporting your car, you must provide a copy of your vehicle insurance and the contact details of your insurance provider. This protects your car from any damage or mishaps during the shipping journey. Most auto shipping companies provide insurance coverage to safely protect and transport your vehicle.

1- Insurance coverage adds security to your vehicle.

2- Insurance coverage assures you that your vehicle will be transported safely to your address.

Essential Tips You Need to Know During Car Transport:

When transporting your vehicle, it is not easy to trust a stranger, so it is most important that you choose a reliable and experienced auto transport company. Here, we have shared a few essential points that will help you choose the best and most reliable car shipping company for your car transportation and have the best car shipping experience you have ever had.

1- Research the car shipping company you have selected.

2- You should not have to work with one that doesn’t offer a shipping contract and doesn't have verified payment options.

3- Check whether the company is legitimate and experienced.

4- Check whether they have a website and verify whether their contact details are correct.

5- Check for their shipping services and carefully read the terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

6- You have to ensure the company gives you written documents and keeps a copy of your signed shipping documents with you.

7- Read the customers' reviews; it will help you learn more about the company and its services and support.

Benefits Of Choosing Rapid Auto Shipping:

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3- We are a licensed and registered auto shipping company.

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