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What Is The Car Shipping?

Car shipping, also known as auto transport, is the process of transporting your car with the help of an auto transport company. It is the most convenient, and the best option for transportation, individuals and automobile dealers mostly use this car shipping process. Car shipping saves time, money, and other road trip costs. Auto transport companies mostly use the two common transportation options: open and enclosed car transport. Open car transport is a cost-effective car shipping method easily available in the market. Open car transport can ship five to seven vehicles. Enclosed car transport is the safest and the best car shipping option for those who own a luxury and premium vehicle. Enclosed car transport is expensive, but businessmen and most people use it because of its high security.

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How To Find The Car Shipping Company?

Before you plan to transport your vehicle, it is most important that you select an experienced and professional auto transport company. In this blog, we have explained everything about the car shipping process. We hope this blog will help you understand this process and help you choose the best and most professional car shipping company.

What is the Car Shipping Process?

Auto transport or car shipping is the journey from vehicle pickup to vehicle delivery. Before transporting your car, you must understand and consider many things. We have divided the car shipping process into three stages: the pre-shipping process, the shipping process, and the post-shipping process.

Pre- Shipping Process Shipping Process Post-Shipping Process
The pre-shipping process involves getting a quote for transportation, carrier transport, and shipping options, preparing your shipping details and the necessary documents for transportation, and finally, preparing your car.; It involves vehicle inspection before loading, when your car loads into the trailer, tracking its location, and, most importantly, interaction and communication with the driver. The post-shipping process is the last stage of the shipping journey. It involves the final inspection of your vehicle when the driver unloads and delivers the car to you. You must check your vehicle to ensure that it is in its original condition.

Pre- Shipping Process:

Get Ready With Your Vehicle And Documents:

Before you contact the car shipping company, you must be ready with the details and documents required for the shipping. You must provide them with details related to your car shipment, such as your vehicle model, car transport, shipping options, and the shipping date and time.

Get Car Shipping Quote:

Once you submit your details, the car shipping company will send you a shipping quote. If you want a customized quote, inform the auto transport company of your requirements, and they will provide you with a shipping quote according to your needs.

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Choose The Car Transport (Open or Enclosed):

Once you find the quote per your budget and need, select the car transport between the open car and the enclosed car transport. Open car transport is an affordable car shipping option, and it provides less security to your vehicle. Enclosed car transport is the safe car shipping option. It is expensive, but it offers high security to your vehicle.

Standard Shipping Or Expedited Shipping:

You must decide whether you want to transport your car through standard car shipping, i.e., open and enclosed car transport, or expedited car shipping. Expedited car shipping is the most costly method, but it offers the safe and quick delivery of your car within two days.

Choose The Car Shipping Option (Door to Door Or terminal to Terminal)

Once you have selected the car transport, you have to choose the shipping option as per your requirements, whether you need door to door shipping or terminal to terminal car shipping.

Prepare Your Vehicle:

When you schedule and book your shipment, you must prepare and inspect your vehicle before loading it into the trailer. You can take photographs of your vehicle and use them at the time of delivery to check whether it is in its original condition.

Shipping Process:

Vehicle Pickup:

After the inspection, the driver will load your car into the trailer, and then he will depart for the transportation.

GPS Tracking:

Most car shipping companies offer GPS tracking facilities to their clients. They will provide you with the tracking details, and some assign you a tracking number and password. After that, you can see your vehicle's live location. The company will also inform you of your car's live and updated location.

Customer Support:

During the shipment journey, you have to keep in touch with the driver and regularly contact the driver to know your car’s update, it will also help you to know the delivery date and time of your car.

Post-Shipping Process:

Vehicle Delivery:

On the day of delivery, when the driver reaches your address, he will contact you, safely unload your car, and deliver it to you.

Vehicle Inspection:

After the delivery, you must scrutinize your car and notice everything using the photographs you took before the transportation. You must immediately inform the driver and the shipping company if there is any damage or scratches.

Payment And Feedback:

After your car is inspected, you must give feedback to the company. Now, it is time to pay your shipping payment. So, before you pay, check the payment details, and then you can pay the company.


Consider these steps if you are shipping your car for the first time and need to learn more about the process. This blog can help you transport your vehicle safely to your location. We want you to have the best car shipping experience and transport your vehicle safely and hassle-free.

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