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  1. Types of Car Delivery Services
  2. Best Car Shipping Companies
  3. How Much Do Car Delivery Services Cost?
  4. What Factors Influence Car Delivery Services Prices?
  5. How to Choose The Most Reliable Car Delivery Services?

Types of Car Delivery Services

Customers must decide what car delivery services they want, primarily based on how far the car will travel. Some types of car shipping are:

Open transport: Open transport is the most common type of car transport, and many dealerships also use it. Open-carrier trucks are the cheapest way to move cars over the road.

Enclosed transport: Most of the time, classic or high-end cars are moved in enclosed trucks over the road. This keeps them safe from the weather and road litter but costs a little more.

Rail freight: Cars are moved by train (or rail) much faster than on the road, but many companies may not offer this service. This way can be more expensive and may require more insurance.

Best Car Delivery Services

Door-to-door: The door-to-door option is used for most open transport methods, meaning that the car shippers will pick up the vehicle from the customer's home and deliver it to the customer's desired location.

Terminal-to-terminal: Using terminal-to-terminal delivery is an additional alternative for truck transportation. Owners will leave their vehicles at the transport terminal and pick them up at the airport closest to their final destination.

Although this may be less expensive than door-to-door delivery, users must ensure the terminal is close to the desired location.

Expedited: Clients can inquire about expedited solutions if they need their vehicle moved quickly. A team of drivers may be dispatched to carry the shipment as soon as possible, or the vehicle shipping business could prioritize the load for air freight (the most expensive and reasonable option). The latter may cost a small amount extra than regular shipping.

International: If the vehicle doesn't comply with local norms, shipping it internationally is an expensive option that may not be legal.

A car may require several weeks of ocean transportation. Customers can discuss the matter with an international export firm to see whether shipping internationally is worthwhile.

Best Car Delivery Services

Best Car Shipping Companies

Easy Auto-Ship

Easy Auto Ship is a smaller business than others in the car shipping services. But they have shown quickly that they are a severe threat. Easy Auto Ship has gotten great reviews and offers a wide range of shipping options, from open transport to enclosed shipping for rare cars.

Easy Auto Ship has many options for moving RVs, boats, rare cars, and other types of vehicles. Shipping to other countries is another option.

Easy Auto Ship: Pros and Cons


  • Pricing
  • Excellent reviews
  • Shipping can be done in many ways.
  • You can get your order quickly.


  • Haven't been open as long as others

Rapid Auto Shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping excels at transporting snowbirds, numerous vehicles, and modern automobiles. They are also known for transporting classic cars, larger SUVs and trailers, and non-running vehicles.

The typical cost of shipping an automobile with Rapid is around $900, although this can vary substantially based on the type of vehicle, destination, season, and other considerations.

Best Car Delivery Services

When you ship with Rapid, you only pay the initial payment once a carrier has been located. If you cancel before a carrier has been chosen, you will only be charged a $25 delivery fee.

Direct delivery is Rapid's most popular transportation method because it is convenient for shippers. The company is capable of short- and long-distance travel and door to door delivery.

Rapid goes above and beyond by giving owners up to $20 after shipping for a car wash. They do so because they know that automobiles can become soiled during transport.

Pros and Cons of Rapid Auto Shipping


  • Quote maker
  • Guaranteed Price
  • Clean car promise
  • A+ BBB grade
  • Licensed
  • Insured


  • Slightly pricier than comparable products

How Much Do Car Delivery Services Cost?

Due to the numerous factors that influence the cost of driving, even a journey of less than 500 miles within the same state using the cheapest option can cost more than $700.

In contrast, the car's cost per mile decreases as the distance driven increases (from approximately $3 per mile to $0.35 per mile if you travel more than 1,500 miles).

What Factors Influence Car Delivery Services Prices?

Several factors will influence the total cost of your automobile shipment. You can reduce your moving costs by using a low-cost moving company and paying attention to the following factors:

Time of year: Demand for car shipments tends to peak in January and the summer, making transportation more expensive.

Shipping distance: Long-distance shipping is cheaper per mile but more expensive overall.

Type of vehicle: Larger vehicles, such as SUVs and pickup trucks, cost more to ship.

Vehicle condition: Inoperable autos require extra time and labor to load onto the transport truck.

Transport mode: Enclosed carrier transport costs 30%-40% more than open carrier transport.

Fuel cost: Shipping costs rise in tandem with fuel prices.

How to Choose The Most Reliable Car Delivery Services?

Before deciding on the best car delivery services, consider what is most important to you. Consider these factors when selecting a company that can satisfy your demands if your car requires special maintenance, cannot be driven right now, is too large, or requires more options.

This method is far superior to selecting a shipping provider randomly and attempting to tailor them to your demands.

All of the best car delivery services may appear to be the same. Most of them can go anywhere you desire and are excellent for keeping your automobile in perfect condition. Here are a few things to consider while deciding which company is best for you.


With so many car delivery services available, it is critical to shop for one who can perform the job reasonably. Many shippers offer lower charges if you do not require door-to-door service or are not concerned with the schedule.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

Before you sign anything, completely understand what you're paying for. Look for organizations that will stick behind their pricing or inform you of any additional fees upfront.

In companies with questionable ethics, hidden expenditures such as delivery fees and additional fuel costs are to be expected.

Customer Service Evaluations

Customer service is at the heart of what transportation firms do. Almost everything you need to know about them is available on the Internet.

Their ratings and reviews are their most valuable assets. Reading reviews and considering ratings can help you save time and money while ensuring a pleasant experience.

Years of Experience

When looking for a firm to relocate your automobile, ensure it has been in business for a few years so you know they aren't just learning the trade with your car.

Furthermore, many car delivery services are brokers, which means they do not undertake the labor. Instead, they employ other professionals to transport your vehicle.

Hiring a new broker may be appropriate if the firm it sends to drive your car has sufficient experience.

Guarantees on Quotes

Most automobile moving quotes are educated assumptions based on years of experience. They're usually quite close. However, the cost of driving a vehicle can fluctuate rapidly due to factors such as gas prices and other market conditions.

If you must stick to a budget, find a provider that offers guaranteed costs or written quotes to protect your wallet.

Insurance protection

It's unlikely that something will go wrong with your shipment if you've done your research and picked a firm you can trust. However, they are not zero, and accidents do occur.

Please select the best car delivery services that provide adequate protection and make it simple to file a claim. Also, if the employer offers additional insurance, weigh the risks and advantages before purchasing it.

Customer Service

You can avoid hidden fees and feel more secure in the service you're paying for by reading about how other people have utilized specific car delivery services.

This input can help you decide while saving you time and money, making the entire process easier and more positive.



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