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  1. Ship A Vehicle From Coast to Coast Auto Transport?
  2. How Does Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport Operate?
  3. How Much Does Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport Cost?
  4. Factors Affecting The Cost of Coast-to-Coast Auto Shipping
  5. How Long Does Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport Take to Ship?
  6. Documents Required For Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport
  7. Conclusion

Ship A Vehicle From Coast to Coast Auto Transport

Request an Offer and Place Your Order

Quotes for coast-to-coast auto transport can vary based on your vehicle's dimensions, weight, and modifications. Receive a quick estimate and place your order via their online calculator, phone, or live conversation.

The auto transport company will then designate one of their truckers to provide you with up-to-date information regarding the pickup date.

Vehicle Pick up

A driver will contact you to conduct a thorough inspection before arriving at the pickup location. Then, you can release your vehicle from your residence or place of business and receive updates on its relocation via phone or live chat from a shipping specialist.

Vehicle Delivery

The driver will call you before he gets there, do a more thorough check, and then bring your car safely. Auto Shipping Company is fully covered by insurance and has a team of shipping experts ready to help.

Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport

How Does Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport Operate?

When considering coast-to-coast auto transport, you should be extra cautious when selecting a transport company. A coast-to-coast auto transport service involves moving a vehicle from one end of the United States to the other.

For instance, use the coast-to-coast auto transport service to transfer your vehicle from the east coast to the west coast. However, you do not require this service solely for coast-to-coast transportation. However, you can utilize this service even if your starting point and final destination are along the route.

Start by reading reviews of coast-to-coast auto transport companies online. Choose the transport method (open or enclosed), compare quotes, and select the company with the highest rating, full insurance coverage, and FMCSA license.

The next stage is to wash your vehicle and prepare it for the driver's inspection. Before handing over your car to the driver, deactivate any alarms, remove any valuables, and photograph them to identify any scratches or stains.

In addition, timely pickup and delivery ensure that your vehicle is gathered up in your presence and returned to you or a representative who is present to receive it from you.

How Much Does Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport Cost?

Whether you're moving your car from Hawaii to the East Coast or from one coast to the other, the price will depend on some things, such as the distance, the size and weight of your car, and the mode of transportation, not including any extra fees.

Depending on the current fuel price at the time of shipment, the cost of transporting a car from the east coast to the west coast ranges between 0.40 and 0.60 cents per mile for open auto transport. For a standard vehicle, a journey of 3000 miles would cost at least $1200.

While it costs an average of $2 per mile (40% to 60% more) to ship a covered car.

Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport

Factors Affecting The Cost of Coast-to-Coast Auto Shipping

Size and weight of the vehicle

Due to the hauler's restricted area, which limits the number of automobiles it can carry, your vehicle's size is crucial. For instance, a truck or full-sized SUV will cost more to move than a regular car. Therefore, the more room your car takes up, the more you'll spend.

Additionally, the weight of your car affects the shipping price. Expect to pay more if your vehicle weighs more than a typical vehicle. This is because the importance of the trailer is increased by the weight of your car, increasing fuel consumption.

Current Fuel Price

If you ship your vehicle during a season in which the price of gasoline is higher than usual, it will cost more because the higher the fuel price, the more liters the truck will consume, causing you to pay more.

Method of Transport

Transport companies offer two options: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. If the open conveyance is selected, your vehicle will be exposed to severe weather conditions. The enclosed method, on the other hand, offers additional protection and safety for your car.

Open auto transport may be the best option for a used vehicle. However, the conveyance method chosen will depend on your vehicle's model and value. If you are transporting a classic or luxury automobile, you will likely opt for the enclosed option for added safety and security.

Locations For Pickup And Drop-off

Locations of pickup and delivery are crucial to your shipping costs. Generally, shipping to and from urban areas is less expensive than shipping to and from rural areas.

Additionally, select the delivery method. Determine if you require door-to-door delivery or if you will tolerate terminal delivery. These two will have different prices.

Although door to door delivery is more practical, it has a cost. In the case of terminal delivery, however, you will need to specify the time and location, as companies want your vehicle to be kept from parked at their facilities for extended periods.

The Time Of Year

Seasonal variations have a substantial impact on transportation costs. During the summer, for instance, many people relocate to various regions of the country, resulting in increased demand. You can anticipate paying more to transport your vehicle during the same season.


From the collection date to delivery, it takes an average of 7-14 days or longer to ship a vehicle to Hawaii from the east coast. When utilizing the coast-to-coast transport service, you must consider some factors that are of the uttermost importance to you due to the extensive distance your vehicle must travel to reach its destination.

Express service will cost approximately 30% more. You would want the car to be collected promptly from its current location to arrive at its destination on time.

Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport

How Long Does Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport Take to Ship?

The time it takes to deliver a car varies depending on factors, but you can assume that a car transporter will travel between 400 and 500 miles daily. This means a 2,500-mile trip should typically arrive within 5-8 days of transit time when you also account for deliveries and pickups.

Documents Required For Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport

Multiple documentation is needed for coast-to-coast auto transport. These documents are required to ensure successful delivery. Provide the necessary paperwork before giving a shipping company the keys to your car.

The Bill of Lading (BOL)

The Bill of Lading is a legally binding contract between the consignor and the shipping company. The transportation company compiles it and details the specifications of the vehicle being shipped.

The BOL contains the following information: the carrier's name, the shipper's address, shipment details, the consignee's address, and the payer of the carrier.

Shipping Instructions List (SLI)

This is a shipper's letter of instruction that tells the carrier how to move your vehicle based on the shipper's specific guidelines. It isn't required by law, but it has important information like the shipper's name and address, the consignee's name and address, a description of the shipped vehicle, and its end destination.

Packing List

The packing list is a thorough list of what you're sending, how much you're sending, and where it's going. People usually forget about or don't take the packing plan as seriously as they should. But it is one of the most essential papers when sending or getting a shipment.

If the packing list needs to be corrected, it can lead to delays and extra fees. On the packing list, you must include the shipper's name and your car's value, weight, and volume.


A trusted coast-to-coast auto transport service would ensure that you don't have to deal with any problems, so you wouldn't have to spend any more time figuring out how to get your car from one place to another.


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