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Covered car shipping is superior to other options (such as open carrier transport) because it provides maximum security and additional protection. In addition to being protected from weather, rocks, and another road residue that the road may throw up, the vehicle will also be concealed from prying eyes. Covered car shipping provides a safe environment and prevents unauthorized individuals from tampering with or gaining access to the car. This is especially essential when transporting valuable, uncommon, or classic automobiles. Contemplating that more than half a million automobiles are stolen annually in the United States, resulting in a loss of $4.5 billion, any additional security that can be provided is a worthwhile investment when contemplating a covered car shipping company. Even with existing auto insurance, which is necessary when transporting a vehicle, negotiating a claim with an insurance company is a hassle. Avoid all of this by employing the services of a highly competent, professional vehicle transport company.

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  1. Different Options For Enclosed Transport
  2. Why Is Enclosed Transportation Costlier?
  3. Why Will You Enjoy Enclosed Auto Transport?
  4. Advantages of Shipping Services For Closed Cars
  5. How Much Does Enclosed Automobile Travel Cost?
  6. Factors Influencing the Cost of Enclosed Car Shipping
  7. How to Prepare Your Car for Enclosed Auto Shipping
  8. How Long Does Enclosed Vehicle Transport Take?
  9. What Characteristics Should You Seek In An Enclosed Auto Transportation Company?


Different Options For Enclosed Transport

There are two primary categories of enclosed auto transporters: those that transport a single vehicle and those that transport multiple vehicles (typically between two and four).

Single-Enclosed Automobile Trailers

Many companies that transport vehicles using a fully enclosed carriage (also known as an enclosed car carrier) move only one vehicle at a time.

This method is typically designated for prestige vehicles, high-end makes or models, and other types of expensive automobiles. A single-car trailer is one of the most secure and safest ways to convey a car.

There are instances in which enclosed auto transporters feature padded interiors for added protection.

These are known as soft-sided enclosed carriers or soft-sided carriers for short. If you need this option, mention it when contacting a covered car shipping company.

Multiple-Automobile Trailer

A multi-car enclosed trailer can transport one or more vehicles, and double-decker models are commonly available. Multi-car enclosed trailers, like single-car enclosed trailers, are reserved for costly vehicles, and their enclosure on all sides prevents the cars from being exposed to the elements during transport.

Hard-sided and soft-sided enclosed vehicle carriers are the two primary varieties of these specialized trailers.

Hard-sided carriers are constructed from steel or aluminium and have substantial walls, roofs, and flooring, allowing the vehicles to transport the highest protection level. This enclosed trailer is frequently used to convey high-end luxury automobiles or valuable collector's items that require the uttermost care and security.

Soft-sided carriers, on the other hand, have walls made of canvas or vinyl and are typically used to convey standard passenger vehicles or motorcycles.

They are more adaptable and economical than hard-sided carriers but provide less protection against the elements and road debris.

The choice between a hard-sided enclosed carrier and a soft-sided enclosed carrier ultimately depends on the specific requirements and budget of the vehicle proprietor or transport company.

Why Is Enclosed Transportation Costlier?

If you've ever priced covered car shipping and compared it to open auto transport, you've probably observed that it is more expensive. This is due to several factors.

  • Because fewer covered car carriers are on the road, covered car shipping is more expensive than open auto transport. Because fewer enclosed carriers are available, you may need to request an enclosed carrier early to receive the dates you want.
  • Many drivers who deliver autos use their carriers; open carriers are cheaper than covered carriers. There are fewer enclosed carriers available because of the high expense.
  • Regarding the number of cars that may be moved at once, enclosed carriers cannot match open carriers. An enclosed carrier may have one to four automobiles loaded for transport, but an open carrier may take up to nine or ten cars at once. This means that even if a consumer pays a greater charge for delivery with covered car shipping services, the driver and firm make less money since fewer trucks are available for delivery.
  • The weather can significantly impact the average cost of covered car shipping. If you are shipping during the winter in places with snow and ice on the ground, many routes may be blocked for safety reasons, which may cause the rate to rise.

Covered Car Shipping

Why Will You Enjoy Enclosed Auto Transport?

Our clients prefer covered auto shipping for several reasons, and if you have a vehicle that needs extra protection during transfer, you'll also appreciate it.

Pickup and delivery dates are guaranteed

You may have confirmed pickup and delivery dates with covered car shipping, so you will know when your car will be picked up and delivered. If something happens on the route that causes a delay, you will be immediately alerted.

Direct Communication

You can contact the driver directly, allowing you to remain updated on your vehicle's delivery status.


We provide real-time tracking that you may access through a computer, smartphone, or other internet-capable device.

Increased Insurance Coverage

All motor cars are insured during auto transport; however, if you have a high-value vehicle to move and employ enclosed shipping, the coverage levels may be larger than if you used open transport. When you obtain your price and book service, ask about the insurance coverage amount.

Advantages of Shipping Services For Closed Cars

People who need to move their cars can benefit from enclosed car shipping services.

Protection from weather and road conditions: In transit, enclosed trailers keep the vehicle safe from the weather and road trash. This helps ensure the car comes in the same shape as when loaded.

Security and privacy: Enclosed carriers offer more security and privacy, making them less likely to be stolen or damaged. This gives users peace of mind.

Perfect for Luxury, Classic, and Exotic Cars: Enclosed car shipping services benefit expensive, classic, and exotic cars that need extra care and safety while traveling.

Professional handling and care: Professional handling and care from experienced drivers and staff ensure the vehicle is treated with the greatest care and attention throughout the shipping process.

Covered Car Shipping

How Much Does Enclosed Automobile Travel Cost?

Covered car shipping prices are computed like open car shipping; however, you'll pay roughly 30-40% more per trip for greater security. Short journeys (1-500 miles) average $709, medium routes (500-1500 miles) average $929, and longer routes (1500+ miles) average $1179 for standard-sized automobiles.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Enclosed Car Shipping

Covered car shipping is often more expensive than open auto transport since it provides more protection to the vehicle during transportation.

The car's size and weight, distance and route, seasonality, and any additional required services influence covered car shipping costs.

Vehicle Dimensions and Weight: The dimensions and weight of your vehicle will affect the cost of enclosed transportation. Larger and heavier vehicles need more room and resources to carry, which might increase the price.

Distance and Route: One of the most important aspects influencing the cost of enclosed transportation is the distance your vehicle must go. In general, the greater the distance, the greater the expense.

Seasonality: The cost of covered automobile shipment might vary depending on the time of year. During peak seasons, such as summer or vacations, demand for transportation services may increase, resulting in increased expenses.

Additional Services: Some covered automobile transportation firms provide extra services such as special handling, quicker transit, or door-to-door delivery. These services may raise transportation costs.

It is critical to supply as much data as possible when seeking an estimate for covered auto transport to guarantee that you receive an accurate price. This can assist in effectively assessing your demands and providing you with an estimate that appropriately represents the exact cost of the service.

Covered Car Shipping

How to Prepare Your Car for Enclosed Auto Shipping?

When preparing your car for covered car shipping, you should take a few measures to guarantee that it reaches its destination in the same condition it was placed into the trailer. Here are some pointers to get you started:

Clean and examine your vehicle: Before exporting your car, thoroughly clean it inside and out. This will allow you to evaluate and note any damage to the car.

Remove personal things and accessories: To minimize damage or theft during shipment, personal belongings such as GPS devices, auto chargers, and other accessories should be removed from the vehicle.

Secure loose components: To minimize damage during shipping, any loose pieces on your car, such as spoilers or antennae, should be removed or fastened.

Check fluid levels and tire pressure: Check the fluid levels, including oil, brake, and transmission fluid, and make sure the tire pressure is suitable for shipment.

Please keep a record of the vehicle's condition: Take photographs of your car before loading it into the trailer, and write down any existing damage or scrapes. This will allow you to compare the condition of your vehicle before and after it has been shipped.

How Long Does Enclosed Vehicle Transport Take?

Do you want to know how long it takes to send an exotic automobile via covered auto transport? It all depends on how far you are. Because an enclosed auto transport driver travels around 500 miles daily, your cargo might take anywhere from one to five days from collection to delivery.

When you order covered car shipping, your vehicle will be picked up when a truck bound for your location has space. You're in luck if it has to travel a significant route.

After placing your purchase, you may pick up your automobile in as little as two days. It might take up to seven days for more isolated routes.

If you require same-day auto transportation for your exotic vehicle, collection can usually be done in 24 hours and delivery in 72 hours. Again, this is determined by the routes.

Covered Car Shipping

What Characteristics Should You Seek In An Enclosed Auto Transportation Company?

Expertise in enclosed automobile transport: It would help if you looked for a business specializing in covered car shipping. Some of the greatest indicators include a vehicle shipping company on the top page of Google search results for covered car transport (search engines prioritize relevant, helpful material).

Low-cost enclosed transportation: The typical cost of enclosed car shipping is around $1,500, so seek an enclosed hauler that is less than that amount.

Quotes are guaranteed: Prices can sometimes jump 25-50% after receiving your original quotation, so look for providers who guarantee their quotes. It's uncommon. Therefore you should seize the opportunity when you locate an enclosed auto carrier that guarantees their quotations, such as American Auto Shipping.

Extensive experience: There are only so many more critical trust indicators than firm age. Because many brokers fail after a year or two, we recommend looking for transportation providers that have been in business for at least ten years.

Extra protection: Every enclosed carrier is required by law to have liability insurance. However, dependable carriers go above and beyond. Look out for covered car shipping services that provide additional insurance, such as cash against your deductible.

Customer feedback: The average review rating for covered car shipping companies is 4.6 out of 5 stars, so look for a firm that cites low pricing, timely delivery, and dependable customer service.

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