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  1. Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport For Classic And Luxury Vehicle
  2. Type of Service Offered By Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport
  3. How Long Does For Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport?
  4. How does it cost Jacksonville to Orlando auto transport?
  5. What Elements Affect the Cost of Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport?
  6. Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport?
  7. Here Are Some Tips On How to Save Money On Shipping

Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport For Classic And Luxury Vehicles

When moving an antique or pricey Jacksonville to Orlando auto transport, there are a few things to remember. Regular vehicle transport services are safe and efficient when utilizing an open carrier.

However, shipping weather and road debris might sometimes cause dings or scratches. If your car is valuable, you should avoid traveling with more than ten people to lessen the chance that potential thieves would see it.

Exotic and antique cars can be delivered faster since they can be moved independently. To avoid these problems, it is recommended that you ship your vehicle in an enclosed container.

The truck's contents are kept a secret, protected from the elements and road residue. Even if you export several high-end cars, our white-glove service will ensure their safe arrival.

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Type of Service Offered By Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport

Open car transport:

Are you considering open auto transport as an option for transporting your car to Florida? Open carriers refer to the double-decker car carriers that are used by dealerships.

The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to secure your vehicle during transportation, and you can expect it to arrive at its destination within seven days of departure.

Auto transport via open carriers is a reliable and cost-effective method of transporting your vehicle. It ensures the safety of your car by shielding it from road vibrations, excessive mileage, and other potential damages.

Enclosed car transport:

The weather in Florida can be quite harsh. Although hurricanes are the most apparent threat, the intense heat, and sun can also have a detrimental effect on vehicles.

Having an auto transport company that safeguards your significant investment, irrespective of weather conditions and high temperatures, is crucial.

Using an enclosed auto transport for shipping your car in Florida can protect it from wind-blown debris, abrasive sand from the beaches that can cause damage to the exterior, and the harmful effects of the sun on both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Opting for an enclosed carrier to transport your car to Florida is a wise decision.

The most secure method of transporting your car to Florida is by using an enclosed auto transport. Enclosed auto transport offers two options for shipping your car.

Soft-Sided Enclosed Car Transport:

The carriers are enclosed with a durable canvas material that effectively shields your car from various weather conditions, such as wind-blown debris, rain, sleet, and snow.

Hard-Sided Enclosed Car Transport:

In the rare occurrence that your vehicle is subjected to damage during transportation, hard-sided carriers provide a protective layer for your car.

Lowboy Carriers:

Due to the significant amount of time required to travel across the state of Florida from Pensacola to Miami or beyond, construction crews require specialized teams for transporting cars.

A construction team that wants to be successful cannot afford to have its graders, excavators, and telehandlers tied up for an extended period during transportation.

Construction crews in Florida rely on the expertise of heavy equipment professionals and lowboy teams at the company to ensure the timely completion of their projects.

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How Long Does For Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport?

The time it takes to transport a vehicle depends on various factors, including the distance it needs to travel, the shipping method used, and the availability of carriers.

On average, the duration for shipping a vehicle across the country can vary from a few days to a week or more. Transporting a car over a shorter distance usually requires only a few days.

How does it cost Jacksonville to Orlando auto transport?

The cost of shipping a car, truck, or motorcycle from Jacksonville to Orlando varies throughout the year. The shipping cost depends on the mode of transport, the weight of your vehicle, and the location you want to take your car to.

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What Elements Affect the Cost of Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport?


Shipping an automobile across the nation is a lengthy process that is substantially more costly than shipping it locally. Longer distances, on the other hand, have a lower cost per mile.

Because time is money for transportation companies, they will charge more for longer distances and more fuel usage.

Vehicle Design:

Transporting smaller cars is less expensive than transporting larger cars. Larger vehicles have more weight and occupy a more significant amount of space on the carrier.

Transporting multiple small vehicles at once can further reduce the shipping cost. When requesting a quote from the shipping company, be sure to provide information about the type of vehicle you need to transport.

Vehicle Condition:

If you plan to transport a non-functioning car, it is essential to note that the cost will likely be higher. Placing the vehicle in a carrier would require additional effort and equipment.

To ensure safety, it is necessary to have a professional with the expertise to carry out the process. Shipping a non-functioning vehicle involves additional work, which ultimately leads to an increase in the shipping cost.

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Jacksonville to Orlando Auto Transport

Luxury cars demand greater attention compared to regular vehicles. Some vehicles have a low ground clearance, which means that a truck with the ability to lift the car safely will be necessary.

Although some of our open carriers can transport luxury and classic cars, most owners prefer enclosed transport for various reasons.

The reasons for this can vary, from receiving white-glove service to getting regular updates and having higher insurance limits. The company knows the situation and has equipped our enclosed carriers with the necessary equipment to pick up such vehicles.

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Here Are Some Tips On How to Save Money On Shipping

When selecting a shipping company, it's essential to consider more than just the price. Several factors determine a company's reliability. To ship your vehicle on a budget, consider following the tips outlined below:

Having a flexible schedule:

Flexibility in terms of delivery schedule and location can lead to better deals. It will incur additional costs if you have a tight schedule or require emergency shipping. Shipping costs are typically higher when expedited. Consider meeting the truck driver at an agreed location to reduce costs further.

It is important to plan ahead of time:

Effective planning allows you to allocate sufficient time to select the most suitable shipping company, which ultimately results in cost savings in the long term.

It is advisable to ship your car when shipping companies are less busy, as opposed to the summer months when they are heavily booked. Shipping costs may increase during national holidays compared to regular days.

Obtain several quotes:

To get an idea of the range of shipping costs, compare the shipping costs of different companies. Many companies offer free quotes and provide a customer care line for additional information regarding shipping details.


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