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Moving with a car to another state is hard enough, let alone finding out how to move a car to another state! And, if you're like most people nowadays, you have more than one car to relocate, which makes things much more difficult. Shipping cars to another state with an auto transport firm is quick and inexpensive. Shipping cars to another state does not have to be a hassle. A few choices are available to make the transition as simple as possible. Let's look at each one to see which is ideal for your scenario.

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  1. Types of Shipping Cars to Another State 
  2. Various Methods For Shipping Cars to Another State
  3. How Much Does Cost to Shipping Cars to Another State?
  4. What Is The Procedure For Exporting An Automobile to Another State?
  5. Prepare Your Car For Shipping to Another State

Types of Shipping Cars to Another State  

There are some basic types of automobile shipping alternatives from which to choose based on your needs, money, and convenience. For example, if you want to know how to shipping cars to another state, you need to examine the car's location and the route that will be travelled. There are some alternatives available to you:

Car shipment in the open: Consider an open trailer truck with a vehicle placed on top, restrained by harnesses and ropes-this is precisely how open car transportation works.

This is the most typical way to ship your vehicle to another state. It's also the least expensive alternative and may be the best choice for short-distance relocation.

Open trailers may not be the best option because they can only go long distances without stopping to rest. Open trailers are enormous flatbeds with no sides or tops, providing little protection from the weather. However, auto shipping transports vehicles from one state to another.

Enclosed car transport: In contrast, to open car shipping, enclosed car shipping involves placing your vehicle within a container. This is frequently employed for valuable rare or exotic automobiles, as it decreases the danger of damage during shipment.

moving with a car

It protects your automobile from the weather and has security measures if someone tries to access the trailer. This method is more expensive than using open shipping to transport autos from state to state.

Pickup guaranteed: Guaranteed pickup service is a beautiful alternative if you have a tight time frame for exporting your automobile to another state. This service ensures that your vehicle will be picked up for transport within 24 hours of the ship date.

For example, if you are moving with a car on the first and need your car by the second, you may utilize this service to ensure your vehicle gets picked up on the first or second.

Auto transport with short notice: If you need to shipping cars to another state and have some time, you may choose a fast auto transport service, which will pick up your automobile within a few days after booking.

Door to Door shipping: This service gets your automobile as near your desired location as feasible, such as your house or business.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping: Terminal to terminal shipping entails driving to and from a terminal to deliver and pick up your automobile. Shipments may be delayed but are usually less expensive than door-to-door shipping.

Port to Port Shipping: When transporting an automobile to Alaska, Hawaii, or elsewhere, you bring it to a port. It is then either driven aboard a cargo ship or secured in an enclosed trailer before being loaded onto the ship and sent to another port.

how to move a car to another state

Various Methods For Shipping Cars to Another State

You have some auto shipping choices to select from if you wish to shipping cars to another state. While each of these solutions has advantages and downsides, the ideal option for you will be determined mostly, but not only by the state to which you wish to send your automobile and the existing location of the car.

Distance is a significant consideration when transporting a car from one state to another. However, you must also consider how the terrain will be throughout the voyage if the weather is terrible, as well as the fragility of your vehicle.

You may pick from the following some vehicle shipping alternatives to transport automobiles to different states based on these and numerous other factors:

Hire someone to drive it for you

The main advantage of hiring someone to drive for you is that you may load your belongings into the car and save money on packers and movers.

Furthermore, you may experience first-rate professional assistance from the driver and even travel with them, which will help you save significantly more when considering how to move a car to another state.

Make use of a rail shipment service

Trains are an affordable way to carry vehicles from one state to another. Trains are a fantastic alternative if the two states have connected rail lines. Unfortunately, just one Amtrak route in the country uses this technology.

For example, Amtrak has a line from Lorton,  Virginia to Sanford, Florida. It can make the 815-mile journey in 17 hours and 29 minutes, which is astounding. On the other hand, anyone residing outside these two cities will be unable to take full benefit of Amtrak's automobile shipment.

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Make use of an airline shipping service

You may be aware of how many individuals use air freight to transport their things and personal stuff to them because it is the quickest method.

Before you question how much it costs to move a car from one state to another by the airline, remember that the total cost might range between $2,000 and $4,000.

This is not the cheapest option to shipping cars to another state, but it is unquestionably the safest and quickest. However, the expense may be prohibitively expensive for the typical American.

Make use of a vehicle transport service

When considering how to move a car to another state, all you want is a cost-effective, quick, safe, and secure solution to have your car picked up from its present location and dropped off at a new place in another state in the shortest amount of time.

Using an auto transport service to assist you with state-to-state automobile movement is a hassle-free solution that checks all the boxes.

How Much Does Cost to Shipping Cars to Another State?

Depending on the distance, the cost of shipping cars to another state can be $0.70 or less per mile. On average, moving with a car costs $1 per mile for the first 500 miles, $0.75 per mile for vehicles traveling at least 1000 miles, and as low as $0.45 per mile for cross-country auto shipping.

Certain services, such as enclosed vehicle transport, expedited shipment, and door to door delivery, will also be more expensive.

Here are a few things that can make the cost of moving with a car from one state to another go up:

Distance: The distance between the pickup and the delivery place. The more expensive it is, the farther away it is.

What kind of service do you pick: A carrier with walls costs more than one without walls. Enclosed cases keep dirt, trash, and weather from entering the car. They also keep your classic or expensive vehicle safe when you ship it.

Services that pick up and drop off will cost more if you want door to door service. And if you need help quickly, that can also add to your costs.

Time: If you need your car picked up or dropped off within a specific time, shipping can be more expensive.

Type of car: The price will also depend on how big and what kind of car you want to ship. For example, moving a high-end sports car with a unique paint job might cost more than a simple sedan or SUV. In the same way, trucks and vans take up more room than smaller cars and cost more because of it.

How much it costs to send a car to another state is relative, changes over time, and varies considerably. But you can make reservations to avoid fees, ask for discounts, and make sure you pick a time of year when shipping a car to a different state will take little time.

What Is The Procedure For Exporting An Automobile to Another State?

You must understand how to move a car to another state works if you are wondering how to move a car to another state. This post will explain how auto firms pick up and transport your car to another state.

Request a quote

Look for a reputable vehicle transportation provider with positive client feedback. Inform them of your needs and get a price. If necessary, haggle over the price.

The auto transport business will want information such as the location of pick up and drop off, your preference between open and enclosed transportation, and information regarding your vehicle.

Choose up

A team from the auto shipping firm will arrive at the pickup location and take your vehicle to be sent out of state. In addition, when a driver is assigned to pick up your car, the dispatcher will contact you.

The driver will provide you with a special pickup day and time and clarify all the details surrounding the pickup and delivery dates and times. Drivers normally call between 24-48 hours before the pickup date. However, some may call sooner.


Check the automobile for damage and sign the Bill of Lading before signing off on the delivery.

Prepare Your Car For Shipping to Another State

The finest ways to ship an automobile revolve mostly around common sense. So, the next step is to get your automobile ready for the journey. This may not appear crucial initially, but you will notice the benefit of having your car prepared to transfer.

The first step is to clean your vehicle both inside and out thoroughly. A clean automobile will display dings or blemishes during the examination more clearly. Take images of these difficulties to know if anything new happens while traveling.

Make a note of the odometer reading for your safety. It is also critical to turn off any alarms before transferring. Remove any toll tags from your vehicle. Also, contact your insurance provider to learn about your coverage for auto shipment.

Take any valuables and outside equipment with you. For example, luggage racks and bike clips are not permitted by automobile transportation providers.

This is due to the attached pieces being liabilities that might detach during transportation. As a result, a car cover or specialized equipment is out of the question.

Getting the automobile maintained and examined for leaks regularly is a good idea. Also, be sure that your insurance covers automobile shipments. Car freight businesses will benefit from having spare keys available.

The ideal gasoline tank level for cross-country shipping is between 1/8 and 1/4 whole. These features help speed up the procedure once the automobile arrives at its destination.



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