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  1. Let's See the Cheapest Way to Tow a Car from State to State
  2. How Do You Prepare a Car for Long Distance Towing?
  3. Which is Better, Tow Dolly (DIY) or Auto Shipping Experts for Long Distance shipping?
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Let's See the Cheapest Way to Tow a Car from State to State

Apart from towing shipping, other cost-effective methods are some of the cheapest ways to move long distances. There are many ways to travel from state to state: two dollies, open carriers, enclosed carriers, and flatbed carriers. Let us understand the requirements and how they can help to move long distances.

Two dollies : 

The do-it-yourself shipping option is also known as a car dolly. In this, your car's front will be hooked, and your front two wheels will be uplifted and then rolled on its back two wheels. It is no doubt the most affordable method, but it is only safer for shot distance moving.

This option is not suitable for longer distances as it can expose you to threats, and it is quite difficult to control two vehicles at the same time. This process is time-consuming and needs proper attention for preparation.

Follow the following steps for efficient and safe shipping : 

  • Hook the front part of your vehicle.
  • Remove every personal item inside your vehicle.
  • Tight every loose screw and any attachments.
  • Only a quarter full fuel tank as the full tank can increase the vehicle's weight.

The dolly method can be cost-effective, but they are not suitable for every type of vehicle. This method is the cheapest and is good only for short distances.

Standard Carriers:

Two types of standard carriers are commonly used for shipping. Open and Enclosed car carriers are the most requested carriers for long-distance moving.

Open Car Carrier:

The open carrier offers proper space for multiple vehicles and allows proper airflow, but it exposes your vehicles to the environment. 

Enclosed Car Carrier:

These carriers cover your vehicles, making it safe for long-distance shipping of new or exotic cars.

Although these carriers could be a little more cost-effective, they are the most reliable and safest to ship cars for long-distance, especially when you own a vehicle that can be towed using a tow dolly. 

These carriers are best for shipping : 

  • Oversized SUVs (Open carriers)
  • New, luxury, exotic, super, and vintage cars. (Enclosed carriers)
  • Recently damaged Cars (That are inoperable and need to be lifted)

Flatbed Carriers: 

These carriers specialize in shipping heavy vehicles that can not be towed easily or have huge sizes to drive from yourself. Flatbed carriers are open, and large wheelbeds provide adequate space to ship heavy vehicles.

These carriers are designed to be open, making the loading and unloading process very convenient, and saving time, and straps are used for securing vehicles, making vehicles stick in one place.

These carriers are best for shipping : 

Oversized vehicles like construction equipment Buses, Trucks, and Tractors Bulk shipping of cars and motorcycles.

cheapest way to tow a car from state to state

How Do You Prepare a Car for Long Distance Towing?

If opting for the tow dolly or Do-it-yourself method, you should know the right things to minimize the shipping risk.

Study Owner's Manual:

Refer to your car's owner's manual for specific towing guidelines and recommendations. It provides information on towing capacities, proper procedures, and any restrictions. This will help you to get the exact information. About the capability of your vehicle so that you can choose the right equipment and trailer for the process.

Towing Capacity:

After reading the manual, you will learn about your vehicle's towing suitability and capacity. Please ensure you don't exceed the shipping limit, as it harms other vehicles and others on the road.

Inspect the Towing Equipment:

Examine the towing equipment, including the hitch, ball mount, and safety chains. Ensure everything is in good condition, properly attached, and compatible with your car and the trailer. Please try to use equipment that is properly classified.

Use Quality Hitch:

If your car doesn't contain a hitch, with the help of a mechanic, install a quality hitch and make sure that it is properly mounted and fits your vehicle's make and model, following towing guidelines.

Check Trailer Brakes and Lights:

Verify that the trailer's brakes and lights are in proper working condition. This includes brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights. Make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Secure the Load:

If you tow while using a  trailer, ensure the vehicle weight should be equally distributed and adequately secured. This prevents the waving of your car and creates stability during long-distance shipping.

Adjust Tire Pressure:

Check and adjust the tire pressure of both your car and the trailer. Proper tire inflation improves fuel efficiency, stability, and safety during towing.

Secure Loose Parts:

Remove or secure any loose parts on your car or trailer. Items like antennas, spoilers, or flexible items can damage or cause damage during towing.

Protect Exterior:

Use a  protective coating, such as wax, and apply it on your car's exterior to protect it from road debris and weather elements during the journey.

Document the Condition:

Take photos of your car from different angles. Document any existing damages, scratches, or dents. This provides a reference in case of any issues during or after towing.

Plan for Stops:

Plan regular stops during your journey to check the towing setup, ensure everything is secure, and give your car a brief rest. These stops will help you get proper breaks and relief from the exhaustion of driving.

cheapest way to move long distance

Which is Better, Tow Dolly (DIY) or Auto Shipping Experts for Long Distance shipping?

When comparing two major shipping methods, auto shipping experts have an edge over Tow Dolly or the do-it-yourself method. Following are some key points on which distinguishable is easy to understand with the table: 

Time: Tow dolly usually takes more time to prepare for shipping, as Auto Shipping, on the other hand, can ship your vehicle flexibly, saving a lot of time.

Cost: Tow dolly is considered a cost-effective method, but it could cost more than shipping through open carriers provided by auto shippers due to factors like toll costs, fuel costs, equipment costs, and many more.

Handling: Shipping is not a job in which most people have experience, especially when handling two vehicles simultaneously, which could result in uneven events, whereas Auto shippers have the proper knowledge and training to ship vehicles.

Distance: Tow dollies are perfect to ship when moving under 150 miles if you are moving above 150 miles, your car needs specialization in which Auto shippers play a vital role.

Requirements: For tow dollies, you might need to buy new equipment, which could impact your budget, and as this is not a regular process, this equipment might get wasted, but Auto Shippers have proper equipment that can help you shift your car.


We can conclude that the Tow dolly method could be easily done with proper equipment and skills. This method is also good if you are moving at a shorter distance. If you want cheap long-distance moving options and proper supervision of experts, please contact Rapid Auto Shipping experts or call us at  +1 (833) 233-4447.

Although towing is the cheapest way to ship a car, some challenges still make the towing process difficult.

Towing is the work of a professional, especially when moving long distances in towing you need to hook the front of the car being shipped, uplift your car front, and then roll on the back trucks, making it an unsafe process for long-distance moves.

Towing needs two vehicles, one being shipped and the other handling the hooked vehicle. In such events, you need two vehicles and proper driving skills, as towing can not be done with day-to-day driving.

Rapid Auto Shipping can help you ship your car independently by providing a proper guide if you have the appropriate skills and equipment. If you need professional shipping service with proper tools and supervision, we are here to help you.

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