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  1. What is Kenworth Heavy Truck Shipping?
  2. What Are The Types Of Kenworth Heavy Equipment?
  3. Types Of Trailer Options For The Transportation of Kenworth T680:
  4. Difference Between Flatbed Trailer And Lowboy Trailer:
  5. How To Transport Kenworth Trucks?
  6. How Much Does It Cost?
  7. How To Load And Ship Semi-Truck?
  8. Process Of Transporting A Truck:
  9. How To Load And Unload Semi-Truck?
  10. Why You Need To Hire An Experienced Driver?
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What is Kenworth Heavy Truck Shipping?

Kenworth Heavy Truck Shipping is a service that transports Kenworth trucks, which are heavy-duty vehicles used for various purposes like mining, construction, delivery, etc. Rapid Auto Shipping has expertise in shipping heavy equipment, and we value our customer satisfaction. We offer reliable and affordable shipping services, and our shipping charges are based on weight, size, and distance.

What Are The Types Of Kenworth Heavy Equipment?

Kenworth is an American Truck manufacturing company specializing in heavy equipment and heavy-duty vehicles. It doesn't matter if you belong to the construction or mining industry. Kenworth is the best choice. Here, we have shared some of the types of Kenworth heavy equipment.

  • Kenworth T880 Dump Truck

Kenworth T880 dump trucks are trucks used to transport bulk materials, such as gravel, sand, and all other construction materials.

      Kenworth T680 Truck Tractor

  • Kenworth T880 Heavy Haul Truck

Kenworth T880 heavy haul trucks haul heavy equipment like machinery and other heavy equipment. They are also used as tow trucks or recovery vehicles to assist other vehicles that have broken down, get stuck, or are involved in accidents.

  • Kenworth T680 Sleeper Truck

Kenworth T680 sleeper trucks provide sleeping quarters, modern amenities, and fuel-efficient engines for long-distance truck drivers who travel across the country or city.

  • Kenworth T440 Concrete Mixer Truck

Kenworth T440 concrete mixer trucks feature a specialized mixer drum used to mix cement, water, and other materials, such as sand, gravel, and sometimes additives, to make concrete.

  • Kenworth W990 Semi-Truck

Kenworth W990 semi-trucks are classic, luxurious trucks that haul goods long distances. They transport goods efficiently and securely.

Types Of Trailer Options For The Transportation of Kenworth T680:

Rapid auto shipping provides multiple and the best ranges of truck trailer hauling of heavy equipment and vehicles. Here, we have given a detailed explanation of the trailer types.

  • Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers transport heavy machinery, wide and heavy-duty trucks such as machinery, building supplies, or equipment such as the Kenworth T680. The service provider offers simple loading and unloading options and the ability to handle oversized loads. They have closed outside edges to protect the goods. The main advantage of these trailers is the stability of their bed. They have a variety of sizes.

  • Lowboy Trailer

Lowboy trailers are used for heavy-duty truck hauling. They transport heavy equipment and machinery like bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, passenger cars, vans, and agricultural machines. Lowboy trailers, also known as drop-down trailers, haul oversized vehicles.

       kenworth t680

  • RGN (Removable Gooseneck) Trailer

RGN trailers transport heavy equipment, and vehicles like cars, trucks, etc., that can not be driven on public roads are loaded in this trailer. It is ideal for transporting large and oversized vehicles.

  • Extended RGN Trailer

Extended RGN has an additional length of the trailer. We use this in rare situations when the cargo or heavy equipment is too long for the removable gooseneck trailer. Extended RGN is better than the standard RGN.

  • Drop Deck Trailer

Drop deck trailers haul extra large and heavy machines or vehicles; they are best for tractors, farming, and construction equipment. Drop decks are also known as step deck trailers.

  • Extended Drop Deck Trailer

Like the extended RGN, they are also used to haul extra tall and oversized machinery equipment such as large construction vehicles and oversized mining equipment.

Difference Between Flatbed Trailer And Lowboy Trailer:


Specifications Flatbed Trailer Lowboy Trailer
Weight 48,000 pounds 40,000 pounds
Length 53 ft. 24 ft.
Height 8.5 ft. 14 ft.
Width 8.5 ft. 8.5 ft.

*Note- For more details, please contact us.

How To Transport Kenworth Trucks?

When you plan to transport your Kenworth trucks or some other heavy vehicle, you must hire a reliable and experienced auto transportation company for the Kenworth heavy-duty truck shipping. Rapid auto shipping is an experienced and reputable company that can haul and transport your vehicle safely and securely. We have both flatbed and lowboy types of trailers. If you are transporting heavy machinery equipment, then the flatbed trailer is the best option for transporting, but if you are transporting heavy and oversized vehicles like bulldozers, vans, etc, then choose lowboy trailers and door to door delivery services to transport your vehicle safely and securely.

How Much Does It Cost?

Truck shipping costs depend on the size, weight, and distance covered. The cost of shipping a truck is different than car shipping, and the major difference is the wheel type, whether it is 18 or 15, because of the difference in the ton. Location and distance also affect the shipping cost, and the shipping route also increases the shipping cost. If you are transporting a truck or some heavy equipment, they need a special trailer and equipment during the loading and unloading then it will also affect the shipping cost.

kenworth t680 price

How To Load And Ship Semi-Truck?

Before loading the semi-truck, you must ensure that you load it in a flat and ground-level trailer, that you have placed and loaded the truck correctly, and that the chains are securely tightened before transporting.

Process Of Transporting A Truck:

Here, we have given a few steps that you need to follow when you are transporting your truck.

  1. The first step is to visit our website, complete the details like your vehicle type, trailer type, and pickup and delivery location, and submit the form.
  2. Once you submit the form, our professional expert will get back to you and explain the details, like how we load and transport your vehicle, and they will give you the shipping quote as per your requirements.
  3. Once you read and are satisfied with our shipping plan, we will share all the terms and conditions and our cancellation policy with you, and you can book your shipment.
  4. On the day of shipping, our professional driver will come with a trailer, load your truck on it, and deliver it safely.

How To Load And Unload Semi-Truck?

Loading and unloading of the truck or heavy equipment is most important. Our professional and experienced team will load and ship your vehicle securely and with complete protection. Consider these points while loading and unloading the truck.

  1. Plan loading and loading your semi-truck and whether it is loaded in the proper and correct trailer.
  2. Inspect your vehicle and trailer to prevent any kind of damage. Our driver and the expert agent will perform all these inspections by checking their weight, brakes, tires, etc., and ensuring they are in good running condition and that the vehicle is secure.
  3. Hire experienced and professional drivers and agents for your heavy-duty truck shipping.
  4. Choose the right equipment and trailer for transportation. A flatbed trailer is the best for truck shipping. If you are transporting oversized and heavy vehicles, then select Lowboy trailer.

Why You Need To Hire An Experienced Driver?

If you hire experienced and professional drivers, you need to worry about the safety of your car, and they will ship your car safely and securely. They will transport your car with the utmost care and have skills and experience in heavy truck transportation services. The main aspects of hiring a professional driver are their experience and knowledge about the transportation, loading, and unloading of heavy vehicles.

Why You Need To Choose Us?

Rapid Auto Shipping has experience in Kenworth heavy-duty truck transport, and we are a reliable company. We have been in the market for over 15+ years and shipped multiple vehicles. Our professional and expert team will transport your vehicle with complete protection. Our team is always ready to serve you with the best transportation service, and customers are our priority. We are committed to providing you with the complete satisfaction of hiring an experienced car shipping company.

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