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  1. How do You Ship a Car from New York to Another State?
  2. How Much Does Long Distance Move Cost from New York?
  3. What are the Best Shipping Methods for New York Car Transportation Services?
  4. What are the Key Features of Reliable Auto Shipping Company?

How do You Ship a Car from New York to Another State?

The cross country car shipping process could look very challenging, but with the experts of Rapid Auto Shipping, you could ship your car in just three easy steps : 

Car Shipping Quote:

We offer a car shipping calculator free of charge so that you can calculate the estimated cost as per your requirements. Use the calculator multiple times to get the best deal.

Use the calculator to describe car shipping requirements like Distance, Type of Car, and shipping method. After getting the quote, call our executive to reserve your car shipping requirements.

Pick up in New York:

After you book with us, prepare your car for shipping by washing, cleaning and maintaining your car for the shipping process. Please ask for a guide on how to prepare for shipping a car. Our experts will contact you after reaching the provided location and inspect the car properly before loading your car on our Open or Enclosed carrier.

Delivery to another location:

When you are moving to a new state, we ship your car safely to your location, and you can check that by the tracking system provided to you. After entering the new state, we will contact you to confirm the time and location for dropoff. After unloading your car from the trailer, please take a quick inspection of your car with our experts to verify everything is the same as shipping.

Long-distance car towing

How Much Does Long Distance Move Cost from New York? 

As New York is the main city, many routes connect New York and other major states. From Washington to Flordia Rapid Auto Shipping can ship your car from New York, As the distance increases, total shipping cost also increases, but there are other factors on which cost is dependent that's why the cost is never fixed.

If we take an example of long-distance car shipping from New York, we could talk about New York to Houston, which share a route of 1626 miles, for which per mile costs under $0.87 or less. As the distance increases, the per-mile cost for shipping decreases.

The cost depends on the service taken and the market condition of that time. Let us see the following table to get an idea of the cost of country shipping from New York : 

Shipping From New York City Distance(Miles) EstimatedShiping time  Average Open TransportCost Average Enclosed Transport Cost
New York City to Los Angeles  2798 miles 6 to 8 days $1410 $2015
New York City to Miami 1285 miles 4 to 6 days $895 $1014
New York City to Dallas  1550 miles 4 to 6 days $930 $1312
New York City to Houston  1629 miles 5 to 7 days $987 $1384
Denver to New York City 1780 miles 5 to 7 days $1072 $1514
New York City to Seattle 2848 miles 6 to 8 days $1425 $2035
New York City to Phoenix 2406 miles 6 to 8 days $1453 $2054

Note: Prices are based on recent shipping and current market scenarios. For a Customised and Accurate Auto Transportation quote, please call our toll-free number: +1 (833) 233-4447.

What are the Best Shipping Methods for New York Car Transportation Services? 

In New York, there is a high demand for car shipping services due to this, Many auto transport companies like Rapid Auto Shipping offer many shipping methods to ship different types of vehicles across the country. These methods are as follows:

Open Car Shipping:

These are the most available carriers for car shipping. These carriers offer Open auto transport service in which your car gets proper space to load and unload and have a proper flow of flow as it is open from all side. It is like driving your car but with the least wear and tear and not adding a mile to it. These are suitable to ship standard or used cars.

Enclosed Car Shipping:

These carriers are made to provide your car with the best treatment while shipping. These carriers are like closed boxes that protect your car from the outside environment and road debris. Due to this special service, these carriers are best for shipping High-value, Exotic Supercars or vehicles.

Train Car Shipping:

As one of the oldest and most important cities, New York has the best train routes that help ship cars that need to be shipped urgently across the country with less wear and tear. Trains are capable of shipping multiple cars, and they are made to cover long distances. You can also get enclosed auto transport service on rails for greater car safety.

Exhibited Car Shipping:

We understand that some individuals could need their vehicles to the next state or new location as soon as possible. That's why we also offer fast shipping to our customers with proper safety measures.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping:

This is more like a service; Rapid Auto Shipping mostly provides this service in which your vehicle will be picked up at your door or your apartment and dropped at your door this method is the most convenient car shipping method. As long-distance car towing can be hectic, we offer this service for your convenience. 

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping:

This method was one of the oldest to ship a car. In this, you have to take the car to the nearest terminal and store it there where we can arrange the carrier for your car and then load it to the nearest terminal of your next location these could be hectic as you have to drop off and pick up and they cost same as door to door as storage prices some times adds to cost increasing the cost.

Open auto transport

What are the Key Features of Reliable Auto Shipping Company?

Before finding the best shipping method for a long-distance move from NYC. You should know about the features of the Auto Shipping company that is providing the shipping methods. Of all of the Auto transport companies, there are only some that have these key features: 

Transparent Pricing:

A good auto transportation company always offer price without any hidden charges and tries to best for the cost. Always remember cheap is not always best so try to get value for money service, not cheap service.


When dealing with the shipping of cars you have to trust the pros not the new ones in the market. As shipping needs proper experience and supervision you have to trust the ones who have learned from the industry not learning from the industry.


A true company is one that is always open to its customer's opinions. Rapid Auto Shipping always asks for customer choices before shipping and for feedback after shipping. And feedbacks are a good way to know about the company's service and past performance.

Availability And Flexibility:

Auto transporters get busy sometimes due to high demand specifically in the states; like New York. Rapid Auto Shipping is always flexible according to your timing but sometimes we also ask you to rearrange the timings this will help you to get the best service at your time and give us time to prepare for you.



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