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THE BEST AND CHEAPEST OPTIONS: A total of 40,000 people relocate to Alaska each year, while 50,000 leave the state. Whichever route you choose to go, you probably want to transport your car or are at least considering it. It's a feasible option that can be simpler than you think to ship an automobile to Alaska! It's a major move regardless of the state you're moving to or from, given that Alaska isn't a contiguous state. To enter the state, you must pass via Canada, which could provide further difficulties.

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Best Way for Alaska Car Shipping

As you can see, there are two types of vehicle haulers available for shipping cars to Alaska: open and enclosed.

The open car carrier alternative is not only more expedient, but also less expensive. In actuality, it's the most economical way for you to ship your car.

The one drawback is that your automobile will go through a variety of temperature and weather variations in travel because it is in an uncovered trailer. This implies that if the weather turns poor, it might be hit by debris. It can be worthwhile to pay a little bit more to ship to Alaska because of this.

But keep in mind that your car will be completely insured no matter which way you use to ship a car from Alaska. Therefore, going with the open vehicle transporter option is likely worthwhile if you have a well-used car that you don't mind taking a chance on minor damages on and can quickly get them fixed.

Reasons to Take into Account Alaska Car Shipping 
You might be contemplating making the drive by yourself to save some cash. However, it can turn out to be more difficult (and expensive) than it's worth. Discover why below.

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It might take more than 43 hours to travel up to Alaska, even if you start off in Washington state. Driving for 43 hours straight is not advised; if you set aside 8 hours each day for driving, it will take you between 5 and 6 days.

Take into account the cost of all the motels you'll need to book, as well as the meals you'll have to order in rather than prepare for yourself. Additionally, you'll probably need to stop for refreshments and food. These expenses will undoubtedly quickly build up.

In addition, the distance from Washington State is about 2,200 miles. Even if your car gets good gas mileage at 30 MPG, you'll still need to fill up with more than 73 gallons of fuel. Additionally, your car will endure a lot of unnecessary wear and tear.

Finally, think about how worn out you'll be. Even if you have someone to relax with, you could still become really exhausted, especially if you're not used to long drives. This could jeopardize your driving security.

You Must Cross Two Borders.

When traveling to Alaska, you will not only need to cross the border into Canada, but you'll also need to do it once more after you get to Alaska. This implies that there is a chance you will experience two inconvenient border checks. Not to mention that it can be difficult to cross the traffic each time.

It amounts to a significant amount of pointless waiting time when both considerations are taken into account.

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You Might Need To Get Special Hardware 

You might need to get winter tires and chains for your car depending on the time of year you make the trip. If you're relocating to Alaska, it's not entirely a loss because you might end up using this there.

When traveling to or from Alaska, you might need to stock up on extra petrol cans because some tiny gas stations might be closed. After all, you don't want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere. If these small-town gas stations aren't open, you might also need to stock up on food and beverages for your trip so you don't become too hungry.


Maybe you've come to the conclusion that exporting your car to or from Alaska is the best course of action. But what does the procedure actually involve? Find out by reading on.

Book And Quote Request :
To see if the auto shipping company's prices fall within your pricing range, you should first ask for an estimate. Typically, you have three service options to pick from: economy, standard, and accelerated. The accelerated option should be selected if you need your automobile quickly because it will have it picked up the same day or the next.

Once you're satisfied with the quote, let the provider know when you want your car picked up. You won't have to pay anything with Rapid Auto Shipping until much later.

In order to load up your vehicle, the car shipping business will send a driver to the place you choose. If they can't, they'll get in touch with you and arrange to meet in a nearby parking lot to finish the task. You and your automobile will perform a tour wherever they pick it up to verify any prior damage.

You might be able to track where your car is while it is being transported. While some businesses let you get in touch with the driver directly, others offer tracking websites.

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You or a representative you designate can go receive the vehicle when the driver reaches your chosen location. To make sure there isn't any further harm on top of what was previously there, you will perform one more walkthrough. You will then sign the bill of lading and receive a copy. That's all, then!

What is the price of shipping a car from Arizona to Alaska?

The cost of shipping a car from Arizona to Alaska might vary depending on a number of shipping considerations. Due to a greater availability of drivers and better weather up the coast, car transport to Alaska from the desert is typically more affordable in the spring and warmer months. On the other hand, you might pay more for Alaska auto transport during months when it's more difficult for drivers to navigate.

Other elements that could affect how much it costs to ship an automobile to Alaska from Arizona include whether you select open or closed shipment, the state of your car's operating system, and the flexibility of your schedule requirements. Go to our fast cost calculator right immediately for a precise estimate of your Alaska auto transport costs. To lock up your price and place your order from Arizona to The Last Frontier, all it takes is a $75 reservation fee.

With Rapid Auto Shipping, Alaska Auto Shipping Is Simple   

There are several options available when it comes to exporting a car to Alaska, but Rapid Auto Shipping is the best option.

Since we know how much you value your car, we'll go above and beyond to provide your piece of mind during the entire procedure. For instance, we'll designate a driver for you. Anytime you get in touch with them, they'll let you know where your car is right now.

Additionally, we only employ drivers who are NAT-certified and skilled in operating a variety of vehicles. Additionally, we have $750,000 per occurrence and a combined single limit of $1,000,000 in insurance coverage. In the extremely unlikely event that your car is damaged in transit, it will pay for these costs.

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Ship your car with Rapid Auto Shipping at an affordable price, on-time delivery, and hassle-free service.

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Your vehicle will endure unnecessary wear and tear after many kilometres of travel. This reduces the property's resale value and puts more expensive maintenance tasks on your to-do list. You won't accrue additional kilometres if you decide to ship your vehicle. You can maintain the condition of your tires and protect your windshield from insects and other pests by using car shipping services.

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