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  1. How Much Does Car Delivery Cost?
  2. Vehicle Type and Size
  3. How Much Does Enclosed Car Delivery Cost?
  4. What Factors Influence Car Delivery Cost?
  5. How to Lower Your Car Delivery Cost?
  6. The Car Delivery Cost Per Mile
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How Much Does Car Delivery Cost?

The average cost of vehicle transportation inside the continental United States is approximately $1,000, with the lowest average price being around $700-$750 and the highest average price hovering around $1200-$1,300.

For trips over 1,000 miles, the per-mile average for automotive freight is $0.60. Shorter routes are more expensive per mile (about $1).

On the other hand, the overall car delivery cost is determined by the chosen transportation mode, the time of year, the distance that must be traversed, and the vehicle size, among others.

Generally, hidden fees rapidly add to the delivery cost. However, you may come across firms that demand a set rate for automobile shipment. In this situation, however, read the small print carefully since.

Car Delivery Cost

Vehicle Type and Size

Vehicles for everyday usage are less expensive than luxury and historic automobiles, which need more maintenance, equipment, and insurance. The weight of the car affects the pricing as well. You'll spend less if you drive a clever tiny compact instead of a gas-guzzling SUV.

Because the deal is lighter, the transportation firm will obtain more miles per gallon—a small car weighing less than 3,000 pounds costs around $0.60 per mile. However, if you have a large family and drive a minivan weighing 4,500 pounds, you'll spend around $1 each mile.

The Season:

Gas prices fluctuate seasonally, demand for transportation is higher during various seasons of the year, and highways are busier. Prices are also affected by the time of year. Summer transportation is often more expensive than winter transportation. Costs may also rise due to increased demand during school vacations and holidays.

Car Delivery Cost

Open vs. Enclosed car shipping:

An enclosed carrier may be appropriate for transporting a premium or historic automobile. This decreases the possibility of harm due to exposure to inclement weather or poor road conditions. However, it is more expensive than regular uncovered trailers.

The location of your automobile on an open trailer might affect the pricing. Top loading is more expensive, but it reduces the possibility of chips, cracks, or dents from road debris, and there is no risk of oil seeping from a car above.

Shipping via Express:

Express shipment will entail additional charges. Fast-track shipment may require your hauler to turn down other projects to make your deadline, so you'll pay a premium. And, if you need to transfer something quickly to a distant location or internationally, air freight is more expensive but faster than marine transit.

How Much Does Enclosed Car Delivery Cost?

The cost of shipping an automobile by covered transport may vary from $500 to $3,000, depending on several variables. These considerations include the number of cars being sent, the total shipping distance, and the vehicle's year, make, and model.

Using our rapid quotation generator is the simplest method to find out how much it would cost to send an automobile through enclosed transport.

After providing all your vehicle details, you will get various quotes from reputable regional transport companies. There is no commitment to book, so receiving a quick open transport automobile shipment quotation is entirely risk-free.

Car Delivery Cost

What Factors Influence Car Delivery Cost?

Transport competition significantly impacts how much you spend on your vehicle transportation. Many additional variables influence car delivery cost, including the following:

Shipping distance:

This is a significant cost consideration. While long-distance shipments are more expensive overall, they are cheaper per mile than shorter journeys.

Pickup and drop-off points: Shipping to and from metropolitan regions is less expensive than shipping between rural areas. Having your automobile sent to a terminal rather than delivered to your home will save you money. Auto Transport, however, exclusively provides door to door shipment, which is often more convenient.

Vehicle dimensions:

The weight, length, and height of your vehicle will all influence shipping prices. The same is true for ground clearance since automobiles with lower ground clearance cost more to transport.

Inoperable automobiles are more costly to freight because they must be winched or forklifted onto a trailer. The car delivery cost will be reduced if your car is functioning.

Vehicle carrier type:

The most frequent vehicle transporters are open trailers, the most excellent solution for most clients. Enclosed auto shipping is more costly, but enclosed carriers protect high-end autos from road debris.

Because of increasing demand, January and the summer tend to have the highest car delivery cost.

Along with these elements, extra insurance or quicker service will raise the Car Delivery cost. To determine what car delivery method is best for you, we suggest obtaining Car Delivery cost rates online.

How to Lower Your Car Delivery Cost?

Auto transport services may be costly, and charges can rapidly escalate. Along with checking estimates from several vehicle shippers, you may cut Car Delivery costs by following these steps:

Make your reservation early:

Getting a head start on your reservation allows auto shipping companies plenty of opportunities to submit competitive quotes.

Be adaptable:

Adaptability to automobile shipping may significantly minimize costs, particularly regarding collection and delivery locations. Being flexible with your dates can also assist.

Inquire about savings:

Many auto shipping firms, offer students, military personnel, and first responders discounts.

Empty your vehicle: (and most carriers) demand you remove any personal goods from your car before shipping it, partly because the additional weight may increase the cost of transportation. Keeping your petrol tank under a quarter complete also helps to minimize weight.

The Car Delivery Cost Per Mile

What is the typical cost of transporting a vehicle using a car shipping company per mile? The more miles you go with car shipping firms, the less expensive each mile the automobile is sent will be.

This is due to the vehicle going a greater distance on the car carrier. As a result, there will be a bigger vehicle with more excellent automobile room, sharing the expenses of more kilometers.

The more miles you go with a car shipping company, the less each mile costs. As you can see, it's a sliding scale. It's worth noting that the prices per mile shown below are for ordinary cars that operate and drive. Larger sizes and weights will increase the cost of shipping.

Shipping an automobile 100-200 miles will cost $2.00 per mile 2022. Shipping distances of 200-300 miles will typically cost $1.50 per mile. If you go more than 500 miles, such as from state to state, you may expect to pay about $0.90 per mile.

These are the expenses associated with the automobile transportation sector. The carriers directly determine the typical automobile shipment prices. Be wary if any vehicle transport companies offer lower charges than these estimates; it might be a fraud.


Usually, it would help if you were wary of unreasonably low automobile shipping prices. The cost of domestic automobile shipment is between $500 and $1,500. The most cost-effective alternative will be terminal-to-terminal open-air transportation.

Most companies that do this have hidden costs. Some work with the lowest truck rental provider, which does not emphasize protecting your things.

Take advantage of any special offers made available by the firm to save money. If you have the appropriate mentality, you can obtain cheap automobile shipping. You are insured and ensured of excellent auto shipping service with our network of renowned car shipping companies.



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