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  1. ow Does Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport Operate?
  2. Type of Services Offered by Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport
  3. What Is The Cost Of Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport?
  4. What Is The Determined Time For Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport?
  5. What's the difference Between Covered And Open Transport?
  6. Choosing an Auto Shipping Company
  7. How to Save Money On Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport?

How Does Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport Operate?

Use the auto shipping company's online car shipping estimate tool to enter your vehicle's pickup and delivery zip codes (or give this information to one of the company's knowledgeable vehicle transport representatives). Choose your vehicle's size, type, shipping dates, and if you want an open or enclosed car.

One car shipping company's coordinators will consult you to decide the best pickup day and time. It is ideal for an auto transport firm to accommodate your timetable while shipping a vehicle!

Clean your car's interior, remove any valuables, and ensure it has at least a quarter tank of gas to load and unload from the car carrier as you prepare it for car transport.

Then, on the day of vehicle pick up, you or a representative you've permitted to do so will inspect your car with the driver and note any actual damage or other problems. Your vehicle will eventually arrive once the Bill of Lading and the inspection report have been signed.

Type of Services Offered by Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

Popular and favoured by many individuals is the open trailer. It is the most straightforward and most affordable option. Without a roof or sidewall, these carriers expose your vehicle to the elements, including the sun and weather.

You can rest assured that your car will arrive at its destination on time and without incident. Furthermore, these trailers are an excellent option for individuals who own multiple vehicles, as they can accommodate up to nine automobiles.

Covered Vehicle Transport

Enclosed auto transport is an upscale option for those who desire the highest level of vehicle security. The vehicle's lift gate makes loading and offloading safe and straightforward. This option is, however, a touch more expensive.

Expedited Transportation

Your vehicle will be delivered door-to-door as quickly as possible, with options for same-day pickup. Open carriers are frequently used because they are the most readily available.

Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport

What Is The Cost Of Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport?

The cost of Tampa to Orlando auto transport depends on various factors, such as the size of the vehicle being shipped, the distance to be covered, the type of carrier preferred, the time of the year, and the urgency of delivery.

The cost of Tampa to Orlando auto transport is primarily influenced by the following factors:


Transporting a car across the country is a lengthy journey and typically incurs higher costs than shorter distances. However, the cost per mile decreases for longer distances.

Shipping companies consider time as money. Therefore they charge higher rates for longer distances due to the additional fuel consumption.

Type of vehicle

Transporting smaller cars is less expensive than transporting larger cars. Larger vehicles have a greater weight and occupy a larger area on the carrier.

Transporting multiple small vehicles at once can further reduce the shipping cost. When requesting a quote from the shipping company, you must provide information about the type of vehicle you wish to transport.

Condition of the Car

If you intend to transport an inoperable vehicle, you should know it will be more expensive. All of the labor needed to convey an inoperable vehicle increases shipping costs.

Loading the car onto a carrier would require additional exertion and equipment. The procedure can only be completed safely with the assistance of a trained expert.

Types of Transportation

The cost of Tampa to Orlando auto transport also depends on the type of transportation you prefer. The most commonly used type of transport is open carrier transport, which is cost-effective and allows for multiple cars at once, depending on their size.

This carrier is readily available with most shipping companies. Enclosed carrier transport is primarily utilized for high-end vehicles such as luxury or classic cars due to its added protection.


Sometimes a region is more challenging to get into and out of, or truck drivers take more time to pick up and transport vehicles to/from remote areas, so shipping to some regions costs extra.

It is less expensive to transport to easily accessible and significant places, and the time required is also decreased because the route is predictable for drivers.

Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport

What Is The Determined Time For Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport?

Carriers can cover a distance of approximately 500 miles in a day. To estimate the number of days it will take from Tampa to Orlando auto transport, divide the total length of your route by 500.

What's the difference Between Covered And Open Transport?

The most commonly used method for shipping cars is open transport. There exist two distinct categories of open-air transport vehicles. Most shipments are carried out using larger 8-10 car carriers.

Smaller carriers that can hold 2-3 cars are typically utilized for shorter, more localized moves. Open-air carriers are usually more readily available than enclosed carriers due to their higher usage frequency.

It is recommended to opt for enclosed shipping methods while transporting classic, luxury, or exotic vehicles. Enclosed transporters provide optimal protection against exposure to open-air elements on the road. You should book your enclosed transport in advance due to the limited carrier availability.

Choosing an Auto Shipping Company

  • The company's resources should accommodate your car type. For example, not all organizations offer enclosed auto carriers; if you need one, pick a company with access to the correct carrier kinds.
  • Make use of a shipping company with knowledgeable staff. Despite the unpredictability of shipping across states, specialists are better positioned to handle any unforeseen problems.
  • The company should be insured for potential damages that may occur during shipment.
  • Select a secure company to work with. Safety precautions are crucial for protecting both human and vehicular life.
  • The company needs a Florida operating license and complete registration.
  • It is advisable to refer to online reviews to gain insight into the company's track record.

How to Save Money On Tampa to Orlando Auto Transport?

When selecting shipping from Tampa to Orlando auto transport, it's essential to consider more than just the price. Several factors determine a company's reliability. To ship your vehicle on a budget, consider following the tips outlined below:

Having a flexible schedule

Flexibility with your delivery schedule and location can help you secure better deals. It will incur additional costs if you have a tight schedule or require emergency shipping. Shipping costs are typically higher when expedited shipping is requested.

Consider meeting the truck driver at a mutually agreed location to reduce costs further. This would be going the extra mile.

Planning ahead of time is essential

Shipping costs may increase during national holidays compared to regular days. It is advisable to ship your car when shipping companies are less busy, as opposed to the summer months when they are heavily booked.

By planning, you will have ample time to select the most suitable shipping company, which can ultimately result in significant cost savings.

Obtain several quotes

Compare the shipping costs of several firms to get a sense of the shipping cost range. Most firms provide free quotes, and you can phone the customer service line if you need additional information about the technicalities of shipping.


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