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  1. How To Get The Best Car Shipping Quote?
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  3. How Much Does It Costs To Transport Your Vehicle?
  4. How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car During The Different Seasons?
  5. What Is The Process Of Car Shipping?
  6. Why To Choose Rapid Auto Shipping?
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How To Get The Best Car Shipping Quote?

When you plan for car transport, you must select a reliable auto shipping company and be knowledgeable about car shipping.

  • First, you must research car shipping and check their registration number before you select any auto transport company.
  • You have to check whether the car shipping company is professional and experienced.
  • Check for the car shipping services they provide and the insurance coverage.
  • Read the customer reviews, which will help you learn about the company and its policy. 

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What Are The Types Of Car Transport?

In this section, we have shared that your transport and shipping options will also affect the car shipping cost(2024). Let us discuss the car shipping methods, and it will help you to know the best option for shipping a car to another state.

Open Auto Transport

Open car transport is the cheapest car transport option, and it is the most popular one. People choose this open car transport because it can transport up to eight vehicles simultaneously. An open car hauler is the best option for dealers and those wanting to transport multiple vehicles over short distances.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car transport is expensive and will cost more than open car transport. However, Enclosed car haulers are the best method for transporting luxury and classic car shipping. They transport your car in a closed container and offer high security, so you do not need to worry about your car.

Door to Door Shipping

Door to door car shipping is easy and the most convenient car shipping option. You need not have to go to the terminal point for the pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Door to door car shipping will cost more.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is an affordable option. In this type of car shipping, you have to go to the terminal point and leave your vehicle there. Our driver will pick up your vehicle from there. After the driver reaches your delivery location, he will unload your car at the nearby terminal point, and from there, you have to get your vehicle.

Expedited Auto Shipping

Expedited car shipping is the most expensive option and will cost more than all the other methods. However, it is the best, safest, and most guaranteed shipping option for urgently transporting your vehicle.

How Much Does It Costs To Transport Your Vehicle?

The cost of car shipping varies from company to company and is affected by several factors, such as vehicle type, distance, carrier type, etc. Discuss these factors to determine the shipping cost and get the best car transport quotes (2024).


The shipping cost will be based on the total distance from the pickup to the delivery location.

Vehicle Type

The shipping cost depends on the vehicle's type, size, and weight. Transporting a heavy and large vehicle will cost more than transporting all the other vehicles.

Transport Type:

The shipping cost is based on the type of transport you select. Open car transport is the cheapest compared to enclosed and expedited car shipping.

Shipping Method

The shipping option you select also affects the cost. door to door shipping is more costly than terminal to terminal car shipping.

Vehicle Condition

If you are transporting a non-running, inoperable, and broken vehicle, it will cost more because they need special equipment for the loading and unloading. So, the cost of shipping will increase.

Route and Location

The route and shipping location affect the cost of car shipping. If you are transporting your vehicle in rural areas, it will cost more because there are fewer or no terminal yards. The transportation driver needs to travel more, which will consume fuel and automatically increase shipping costs.

Seasonal Demands

Transporting your vehicle during the summer or spring will cost more because the shipping cost will be high during this season. Transporting your vehicle during the winter season will cost less because there will be fewer demands in the market during this season.

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car During The Different Seasons?

The cost of vehicle shipping differs from season to season and is also affected by the abovementioned factors. You can use our free car shipping calculator to calculate the shipping cost and get car transport quotes for 2024. The car shipping cost calculator will give you an estimate of your car's shipping charge. If you want to know the accurate shipping charges, contact us, and we will provide you with a shipping quote that meets your requirements.

Winter Car Shipping:

Winter car shipping offers an affordable car shipping rate. If you want to transport your car during the winter season, you have to consider some of the things before you transport your car. During the winter season, the demand for shipping will be less. If you are planning to transport your vehicle during December, then you have to book your car’s shipment before three to four weeks because it is a holiday season, and during January, people move from southern regions to warmer regions, then the auto transport company will increase the shipping cost because of the high demands of transportation. There will be low demand for shipping in February, which is the slow season for all businesses.

Spring Car Shipping:

Spring is the best season for the transportation of your vehicle because there will be clear roads, and during the march, the shipping rate will remain low. Again, the shipping price rate will increase from April to May because of the high demand in the transport industry.

Summer Car Shipping:

Summer is the peak season, and there will be much more demand for auto transportation. Therefore, auto transport companies increase the shipping price of open and enclosed car transport. So, avoid shipping during this season if you want an affordable price. June, July, and August are the peak seasons.

Fall Car Shipping:

This season is good for transporting your car, but it does not offer the low price rate and discounts you get during winter car shipping. You can ask for quotes and ship your car at an affordable price. It is not as costly as summer car shipping.

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What Is The Process Of Car Shipping?

The auto transport company is the best and most convenient option for your vehicle, whether you are relocating or have purchased a car from somewhere else and want to transport it to your location. You must know how the car shipping company works.

  • Research and select a reliable and experienced car shipping company.
  • You can contact them or submit the shipping form listed on their website. You must submit the details related to your car shipping, like the vehicle you will transport, shipping date, and time. The auto transport company will provide you with the complete and instant free car shipping cost.
  • Choose the open and the enclosed car transport and the shipping option you need.
  • Get ready with your vehicle documents and complete the paperwork.
  • Prepare and get ready with your car before the transportation of your vehicle.
  • Our driver will come to your address and pick up your car.
  • When the driver reaches your delivery location, he will contact you and deliver your car to your address.

Why To Choose Rapid Auto Shipping?

People choose us because of our work and the transparency price rate we offer in our shipping services. Our work says everything about us. Our main motive is that shipping should not burden you, so we provide a budget-friendly price rate for our shipping.

  • Rapid Auto Shipping does not charge any hidden fees or upfront payment.
  • Top-rated and A+-rated company in the market with positive client response.
  • Our car shipping price rates are reasonable and budget-friendly.
  • We offer guaranteed pickup and delivery.
  • We will transport you safely and on time delivery without any delay.


If you want to know the accurate shipping cost for your car, truck, or vehicle or get a personalized car shipping quote, please contact us at +1 (833) 233-4447. Our representative will then get back to you, explain the shipping process, and give you a personalized quote. 

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