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Ship a vehicle with them and enjoy the best shipping in USA. I have worked with different company but they gave me complete satisfaction. Call the Phone number to speak with the live person and get your shipping quote instantly. Thankyou Rapid Auto Shipping once again.

They are Excellent when it comes to look for one of the best Auto Shipping Companies in USA. Rapid Auto SHIPPING company offers the best Auto Shipping Quotes as i tried comparing with others as well.

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I needed to ship a car from Texas to California for my son, so I contacted Rapid Auto Shipping Transport here in Texas, and they were able to make it happen. Excellent service and a smooth, dependable, and professional process.

I love the way they shipped my vehicle Volvo XC 60 . It was given back to me in the same way as i have handed it to over them.


They were good while delivering my vehicle. it was the first time i have ever used the service of transporting my vehicle and i ended up with good experince all because of Rapid auto Shipping will recommened it to my friends as well.

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Best car shipping i have ever come across with. they did their job in the best way i gave them full rating. Thank you, Rapid auto shipping

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No comparison when it comes to vehicle transportation in United states. they are working in the best way i and after working with them i found it out them this is the actual way of doing any professional work. I was relaxed as i was getting proper updates and shipping a car with rapid Auto Shipping was one of my best decision as they were really rapid and just the Perfect!


I would always love to give them positive rating as i found them the best shipping company to ship my vehicle and i like the way they carried the whole process and in the exact way they told it.

What's In This Article?

  1. Types Of Car Shipping
  2. International Car Shipping
  3. Open Air Car Shipping
  4. Enclosed Auto Transport
  5. Door To Door Auto Transport
  6. Terminal To Terminal Car Transfer Service
  7. Car Transportation
  8. Vehicle Transportation Services When Moving
  9. About The Transport Services Offered To Luxury Vehicle Owners
  10. The Advantages Of Using Rapid Auto Shipping To Ship Your Car
  11. How Much Does It Cost?
  12. Transportation Car Services Quotes
  13. Excellent Customer Service
  14. Get The Car Ready For Take Off
  15. Tracking Auto Transportation
  16. Can I Transport Items In My Vehicle?

Types Of Car Shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping provides various transportation car services, from ground transportation via trailer trucks to international cargo boats or aircraft shipments. However, trailer truck transport is the most prevalent mode of car delivery in the United States. Land-based car transport is classified into two types: open transport and enclosed transport.

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International Car Shipping

The general procedure for foreign vehicle shipments stays the same but with additional paperwork. Because you'll be sending to a foreign nation with different regulations, you'll usually be required to provide the following documents:

  • At least two versions of government-issued identities, such as a driver's license or passport.
  • Personal details such as name, phone number, location, and email address for both the shipper and recipient.
  • The year, make, and type of your car, as well as your vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Proof of car possession, such as the original title, copies of the title, a bill of sale, or a signed lien permission.
  • Payment information, such as financial or credit card information.

Open Air Car Shipping

The cheapest choice is open air car shipping, also known as open carrier shipping. This is the same mode of transportation used by car dealerships to send new vehicles, so if you've ever seen a trailer loaded with numerous vehicles on the freeway, you've seen how open auto transports operate.

The primary advantage of open car transport is its cheap cost. Because your vehicle will be sharing a room with other vehicles, the carrier can charge you a reduced price, making it a viable choice for long-distance auto shipping.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport means your vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed trailer, shielded from the weather and possible road detritus. Although you will still be sharing a room with other cars, an enclosed trailer typically only accommodates seven vehicles.

This choice is significantly more expensive, adding up to $400 to your transportation expenses, but it offers greater peace of mind during the vehicle shipping. In addition, exotic, luxury, or rare cars are more frequently transported in enclosed vehicles.

Door To Door Auto Transport

Transportation car services enable vehicles to bring products directly from the point of production to the end of the pickup, eliminating the need for time-consuming application reloading measures.

You must dial the correct number and schedule a date, and the driver will arrive at the stated location and bring the car to your door. This is a convenient choice. Some people prioritize time, others prioritize money, and others prioritize delivery straight to your door.

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Terminal To Terminal Car Transfer Service

Cars arrive at a specific location; transportation car services must immediately transfer them to the terminal. Customers can view reports from transit vehicle services that include pictures and recordings of the offloading process. Customs clearance is completed without the vehicles exiting the station.

Car Transportation

We strive to make the auto shipping procedure as straightforward as possible to provide a stress-free experience and outstanding transportation car services. The first step in arranging transportation car services for your vehicle is simple: fill out the online estimate form, send your request, and we will respond quickly by email, phone, or text with your rate.

Rapid Auto Shipping will provide you with all the required information and choices for your Car transportation, considering your specific needs. Our highly professional management team will be delighted to help you at any moment and arrange vehicle transport services.

Vehicle Transportation Services When Moving

Rapid Auto Shipping is dedicated to giving our customers a highly competent and personalized standard of service. We have a reputation for providing on-time and excellent client service, and we promise that our chauffeurs will be capable, courteous, and well-trained.

Rapid Shipping Auto is an excellent choice for first-rate service seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it will be at the top of the results when you look for transport services close to me.

About The Transport Services Offered To Luxury Vehicle Owners

Rapid Auto Shipping specializes in vehicle shipping for luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs, but we can handle much more. Always contact us first because we can arrange car shipping services for vehicles such as trailers, luxury cars, dual-wheel trucks, cargo trucks, and oversized cars needing flatbed or lowboy shipping.

Ensure you have the measurements of any large vehicle you want to send on hand, as we will need them before we can give you a transportation car services estimate. For bigger cars, the vehicle's length, breadth, height, and weight are usually required for an accurate auto transport estimate. Then, call us immediately to receive a vehicle shipping estimate or to book your transportation car services.

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The Advantages Of Using Rapid Auto Shipping To Ship Your Car

LONG DISTANCE TRAVEL: Pick up in one of the towns mentioned below and transport to any location. In addition, we can take you to neighboring cities, airports, and tourist attractions if your pickup location is in one of the places we serve.

DRIVERS WHO ARE PROFESSIONAL: Our drivers are all properly educated to provide excellent service. In addition, our seasoned drivers and comfortable sedans offer a wonderful experience for lengthier trips.

PRICES ARE FIXED: We have a fixed-price strategy for pre-booked trips. So, before you finish your booking, you will know the total expense of your journey. So, even if you get stuck in gridlock or are otherwise delayed, the cost of your ride remains the same.

How Much Does It Cost?

Due to the numerous variables that influence the cost of car transportation, even an in-state trip of fewer than 500 miles using the cheapest choice can cost more than $700. However, as the distance traveled rises, car transportation costs decline (from around $3 per mile to $0.35 per mile if you travel more than 1,500 miles).

Transportation Car Services Quotes

Fill out the vehicle transport price form above or phone (833) 233-4447 to get an immediate shipping cost to send a car or any other vehicle.

You'll need auto shipping quotes before choosing if you're looking for car delivery. Our car shipping company takes excellent satisfaction in providing quick and accurate car transport quotes on our car shipping service. We are here to assist you no matter where you need to move your vehicle.

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Excellent Customer Service

Rapid Auto Shipping has cared for some of the world's most valuable automobiles for over a decade. If you need your vehicle transported, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure it comes in perfect shape, on time, and with no hidden fees.

Rapid Auto Shipping can handle any shipping request through its locations in the United States, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Japan, and The Netherlands and through its worldwide agent network. So whether you need your car transported by road, sea, or air freight, please get in touch with Rapid Auto Shipping and let us remove the anxiety and tension from your shipment requirements.

Get The Car Ready For Take Off

Get free instant vehicle shipping estimates at the top of this website. You can be confident that every auto transport business we work with is licensed, insured, and ready to meet your vehicle transportation requirements.

The companies we work with are the best in the industry, delivering your possessions and peace of mind with a successful relocation. Input your move details, and you'll obtain free quotes from our licensed and insured vehicle transport company.

Plan A Pickup

We will secure a space for your automobile on one of our car transport carriers. We provide you with the vehicle shipping driver's identity, phone number, and pickup/delivery times via phone and email.

Tracking Auto Transportation

We have an easy-to-use web monitoring system accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This real-time monitoring update is given to you, displaying the vehicle's current location. Input your distinctive booking number, which was given to you during scheduling when asked. You can also monitor your cargo by phone.

Don't hesitate to contact us via Live Chat, and one of our employees will keep you updated on your car's current position. The designated courier will also contact you.

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Can I Transport Items In My Vehicle?

Most car shipping firms will enable you to place a single piece of luggage with personal items carrying no more than 100 pounds in your vehicle's trunk. Because many car trailers have a stringent maximum weight restriction, whether or not you are permitted to add more weight relies on the carrier transporting your vehicle. The shipper's insurance does not cover items inside your vehicle.


Rapid Auto Shipping

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Advantages using Rapid Auto Shipping

best car shipping in USA

Top Rated Auto Shipping Company

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

best car shipping in USA

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

best car shipping in USA

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

best car shipping in USA

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

How do I book a transportation car service?

Booking a transportation car service can be done through various methods, such as online websites, mobile apps, or customer service. Rapid Auto Shipping even allows bookings through messaging platforms or social media.

Are transportation car services available 24/7?

Many transportation car services operate 24/7, especially in major cities or near airports. However, availability might vary depending on the company and location. It's always a good idea to check the service's hours of operation before booking.

What types of vehicles are available for transportation car services?

Transportation car services typically offer a range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, luxury cars, limousines, vans, and sometimes even buses or coaches for larger groups.

How are the prices determined for transportation car services?

The prices of car services are usually based on factors like the type of vehicle, distance traveled, duration of the service, and additional amenities requested. Some companies also consider peak hours or demand surges when determining prices.

How do I ensure the safety of the transportation car service?

Choose reputable transportation car services with proper licensing and insurance to ensure safety. Read reviews from previous customers to gauge the company's reliability. Also, verify that the drivers have the necessary credentials and the company follows stringent safety measures.

What are the differences between open and closed shipping?

Open shipping refers to transporting your car on an open-air trailer. Closed shipping, also known as enclosed shipping, refers to transporting your vehicle on a fully covered trailer that shields it from any potential damage caused by weather conditions or hazards on the road.

Is it possible to transport a car by train?

Yes, it is possible to transport a car by train. However, it is essential to note that routes for car transportation may be limited, and this procedure is typically more common among manufacturers and sellers who need to move a large number of cars simultaneously.

Can my automobile be sent abroad?

It is possible to ship your car internationally. The most cost-effective method to accomplish the task is by sending it in a shipping container. However, it is essential to note that you must locate a transportation company that caters to your specific destination. Additionally, it is crucial to consider any customs requirements and associated fees in addition to the shipping cost.

How can I obtain a car shipping estimate?

Contact Rapid Auto Shipping if you want a car shipping quote. To ship your car, please provide some necessary details about your vehicle, including its make, model, and year. Additionally, kindly specify the desired pickup and delivery locations, as well as your preferred method of transportation. Once Rapid Auto Shipping receives this information, they will promptly provide an estimate and offer to connect you with a carrier.

What is the most cost-effective method for shipping a car?

The most cost-effective car shipping method is open transport with terminal-to-terminal delivery. Please note that using shipping terminals may necessitate additional driving on your end, and it's essential to be aware that not all transportation companies provide terminal-to-terminal service.


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