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What's In This Article?

  1. Types of Continental Auto Shipping Methods | Vintage Lincoln Continenta
  2. Prepare Your Vintage Lincoln Continental for TransportationG
  3. How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Service for Continental Toyota Cars?
  4. What is the Cost of Vintage Lincoln Continental Car Shipping?
  5. What Factors Influence the Cost of Continental Auto Shipping?
  6. How Long Does It Take to Ship Continental Cars?

Types of Continental Auto Shipping Methods | Vintage Lincoln Continenta

Various options are available for shipping Continental cars or a Lincoln Continental vehicle. You can select open or enclosed transport based on your preference, and the degree of safeguarding you require for your car. These are the most common types:

Open-air transport:

This method is both popular and cost-effective. Your car has been loaded onto an open trailer along with other vehicles. Although it offers less protection from the elements than enclosed transport, open transport is generally safe for most vehicles.

Enclosed transport:

This method involves transporting your car in an enclosed trailer, which offers optimal protection against weather elements and debris on the road. Luxury, classic, or continental cars that require extra security are often preferred.

Door-to-Door Shipping:

Door to door shipping is a service provided by auto transport companies where they collect your vehicle from a location of your choice and transport it directly to the specified destination. This option is convenient because it eliminates the need to drop off or pick up your vehicle at a terminal.

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping:

 This method involves dropping off your vehicle at a specific terminal, after which we will transport it to an airport near your destination. Afterward, you can retrieve your car from that terminal. This option may suit you better if you are looking for a more affordable shipping method.

Expedited Shipping:

Expedited shipping services are available for those requiring prompt vehicle transportation. Typically, expedited shipping entails a quicker pickup and delivery schedule, but it may come at a higher cost when compared to regular shipping alternatives.

continental cars

Prepare Your Vintage Lincoln Continental for Transportation

Our continental auto transporters are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. However, you can also prepare your continental Toyota cars for shipping to ensure they are ready for transport.

Please wash your vehicle:

Please thoroughly clean and wash your vehicle's interior and exterior. For transportation purposes, the car needs to be nearly empty.

Please document any existing damage:

Please take pictures of any existing dents or scratches. Photographs serve as reliable evidence in case of a dispute regarding damages.

Remove aftermarket parts:

Some various parts and components are included, such as antennas, DVD players, luggage racks, bike racks, toll passes, and more.

1/4 Tank of Gas:

Keeping the fuel tank almost empty can help reduce weight and prevent extra charges. Please run the gas tank down to a quarter or fill it up to eight-tenths full.

Conduct a mechanical inspection:

Please ensure that you check all the necessary components of your vehicle, such as the brakes, including the emergency brake, battery, ignition, tires, and fluids. Minor leaks can lead to significant issues, mainly when a car travels long distances.

continental car transport

How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Service for Continental Toyota Cars?

To ship a 2023 Lincoln Continental or an older Lincoln Continental, you can consider the following steps:

Research Shipping Companies:

Look for reputable auto transport companies specializing in car shipping services like Rapid Auto Shipping. Ensure we have experience transporting luxury vehicles and offer insurance coverage during transit.

Request Quotes:

Contact Rapid Auto Shipping and provide details about your car, including the make, model, and year. We will provide quotes based on the distance, shipping method, and additional services you require.

Choose a Shipping Method:

Decide whether to ship your car using an open or enclosed transport carrier. Open carriers are more common and cost-effective, but your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during transit. Enclosed carriers offer more protection but are generally more expensive.

Schedule the Shipment:

Once you've selected a shipping company and agreed on the terms, schedule your vehicle's pick-up date and location. Provide any necessary documentation, such as the car's registration and proof of insurance, to the shipping company.

Prepare the Car for Shipping:

Clean your vehicle inside and out and document any damage with photographs. Remove personal belongings and ensure the fuel tank is a quarter full at maximum.

Insurance Coverage:

Confirm with the shipping company that your vehicle is adequately insured during transport. If necessary, consider purchasing additional insurance to protect your valuable car.

Vehicle Inspection:

When the carrier arrives to pick up your car, conduct a thorough inspection with the driver. Note any pre-existing damage on the Bill of Lading or condition report and ensure both parties sign off.

Tracking and Communication:

Stay in touch with the shipping company to receive updates on the progress of your shipment. Rapid Auto Shipping offers online tracking systems or regular communication via phone or email.

Delivery and Inspection:

Once your car arrives at the destination, carefully inspect it for any new damage that may have occurred during transit. If everything is satisfactory, sign off on the delivery and pay any remaining balance to the car shipping company.

continental car shipping

What is the Cost of Vintage Lincoln Continental Car Shipping?

The cost of shipping continental cars can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the distance of the shipment, the specific car shipping company chosen, the type of transport (open or enclosed), the vehicle's size and weight, the pickup and delivery locations, and any additional services required.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Continental Auto Shipping?

The price of continental shipping, or shipping within a particular continent, can be influenced by several factors. Here are some key factors that determine the cost of continental auto shipping:

Distance: The distance between the origin and destination points is a significant factor in determining shipping costs. Longer distances entail higher costs due to increased fuel consumption and transportation time.

Weight and Volume: The weight and volume of the shipment are crucial factors in determining the price. Heavier and bulkier loads require more resources and space, leading to higher shipping costs.

Shipping method: The choice of shipping method can impact the cost. Generally, the two main options for continental car shipping are open and enclosed. Open transport shipping s more common and generally less expensive, but it exposes the vehicle to potential weather and road debris. Enclosed transport provides more excellent protection but tends to be more costly.

Season and demand: Shipping prices fluctuate based on seasonal factors and market demand. Prices may be higher if there is high demand for car shipping services during a particular period, such as during peak vacation seasons or auto shows.

Pickup and delivery locations: The specific locations for pickup and delivery can influence the price. Remote or less accessible areas might have limited availability or require additional effort, which can result in higher costs.

Insurance coverage: The type and extent of insurance coverage for the vehicle during transportation can affect the price. Higher insurance coverage might lead to increased shipping costs.

Fuel costs: Fluctuations in fuel prices can impact shipping rates as transportation companies consider their operational expenses.

Additional services: Any additional services or requirements, such as expedited shipping, door-to-door service, or specific handling instructions, can add to the overall cost.

continental auto transport

How Long Does It Take to Ship Continental Cars?

The transit time can vary based on the distance, route, and potential delays. Generally, shipping within the same country may take a few days or weeks. International shipping can take longer due to customs clearance and other formalities.

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Is my car insured during transportation?

Reputable Rapid Auto Shipping provides insurance coverage for your vehicle in transit. However, clarifying the coverage limits and terms with the company is essential before finalizing the agreement.

How do I track the progress of my vintage Lincoln continental car shipment?

Rapid Auto Shipping provides online tracking systems or regular updates via phone or email. You can inquire about their tracking methods and frequency of updates when booking the service.

What happens if my car gets damaged during shipping?

If your car sustains damage during transportation, notify the car shipping company immediately and document the injuries with photographs. If you have insurance coverage, file a claim with the company to seek reimbursement for the repairs.

When do I need to make the payment?

Different car shipping companies may have different payment schedules. Some might want a down payment in advance, while others might demand the total amount before the shipment is started. Discussing the payment conditions and due dates with the company is crucial to guarantee a seamless transaction.

How do I make a payment to a car shipping company?

Rapid Auto Shipping offers multiple payment options, such as credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and electronic funds transfers (EFT).

How does the process of shipping continental cars work?

The process of shipping continental cars involves several steps. Choosing a Rapid Auto Shipping company that provides continental services is essential. You provide them with important information, including the pick-up and drop-off locations, details about the vehicle, and the preferred shipping dates. The shipping company will then arrange for a carrier or transportation method, such as open or enclosed trailers, to transport your vehicle to the destination.

Which documents are required for shipping continental cars?

The specific countries and regulations involved will determine the required documents. To complete the process, you will typically need the following documents: the vehicle's registration documents, proof of ownership, and a valid form of identification. To ensure you have all the necessary documentation, it is essential to check with the shipping company and the relevant authorities.

What are the available methods of transportation for shipping across continental cars?

There are two primary methods of transportation for vehicles: open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport involves exposing your car to the elements, while enclosed transport protects by placing it within an enclosed trailer.

Can I select the locations for pick-up and delivery regarding continental car shipping?

Yes, you can typically select your vehicle's pick-up and delivery locations based on the availability and accessibility of those locations.

Is it necessary for me to be present during both pick-up and delivery?

It is generally recommended that you be present during the pick-up and delivery stages to ensure a smooth process. However, you can designate someone else to be present on your behalf if necessary.


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