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  1. 5 Best Boat Transport Companies
  2. How Do The Best Boat Transport Companies Operate?
  3. What Kinds Of Boat Transportation Are There?
  4. How to Get A Boat Ready For Transport ?
  5. Advantages of Using Best Boat Transport Companies
  6. What Is The Price of Transporting A Boat or Yacht?
  7. How Long Does Boat or Yacht Transportation Take?
  8. What to Look For In The Best Boat Shipping Companies ?
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5 Best Boat Transport Companies

Are you seeking assistance with boat transportation? These boat transport options can transport your vessel to its next destination.

Boat Movers

Boat Movers has been in the industry of transporting and relocating boats since 1994. They provide shipping services for vessels up to 12 feet wide at a low cost.

A legitimate enterprise transports boats. Additionally, it is insured, bonded, and a BBB member. This company was responsible for transporting vessels from one state or city to another within the continental United States.

Rapid Auto Shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping is a well-known marketplace in the United States that offers dependable and affordable watercraft transport services.

Rapid Auto Shipping provides simple and hassle-free booking, competitive pricing, and superior customer service through its extensive network of skilled and experienced boat transporters.

Whether you need your boat transported across the country or just a few miles away, Rapid Auto Shipping can help you find the optimal transporter. Rapid Auto Shipping provides door to door delivery, boat tracking, and security, making you feel secure while your boat is in transit.

United Yacht Transport

United Yacht Transport is a company that specializes in domestic and international boat transportation.

The company has a fleet of cargo ships that transport, among other vessels, sailboats, yachts, powerboats, and catamarans.

United Yacht Transport offers various services, including pick-up and delivery, cradling, and shrink-wrapping.


InterWest is a comprehensive boat transportation company that transports vessels of all sizes, from dinghies to yachts. To transport your watercraft safely, the company employs a team of seasoned chauffeurs and uses cutting-edge equipment.

InterWest provides door-to-door delivery, boat tracking, and insurance for your peace of mind during boat transport.

Peters and May

Peters and May have been transporting vessels across the globe for over four decades. Some employees of this company have 25 years of experience with military deployments at sea and are well-equipped for the job. They will also protect your vessels.

Best Boat Transport Companies


How Do The Best Boat Transport Companies Operate?

Multiple vessels are carried onto ships and transported to their final destination port. Once these vessels arrive at the port, they are secured to trucks and transported to their destinations.

During the duration of this transfer, your watercraft will be stored. The longer a vessel is kept in storage, its transportation costs increase.

What Kinds Of Boat Transportation Are There?

There are three popular ways to travel by boat. What they are:

Overland: This type of boat shipping involves moving a boat on land. Overland transportation companies need a trailer for the customer's boat, but some can make trailers and cradles for customers who don't have any.

If you need to ship goods to another state or even abroad, you may have to pay fees for overland shipping.

Overseas: This is often used for shipping abroad. The shippers load the customer's boat onto a ship for safe foreign boat transportation.

Some companies have guides for hire who can take a customer's boat from one harbor to another if it needs to be moved over a short distance.

Air shipping: Some shipping companies can use cargo planes to transport boats. Most of the time, shipping by land or sea is faster and cheaper.

However, a cargo plane might be the best choice if you need to ship smaller boats or boat parts like masts for sailboats and yachts.

How to Get A Boat Ready For Transport ?

Depending on how much help the best boat transport companies give you, you may have to do a lot of work to get your boat ready for transport, or the company may do it for you.

  • Take out all of your items from the boat.
  • Lower the fuel level to one-fourth of the tank or whatever the shipper tells you to do.
  • Make sure systems are safe and protected.
  • Get rid of antennas, satellite dishes, and tracking systems.
  • Lock all doors and windows and close them all.
  • Separate cells
  • Empty the water tanks.
  • Lock every line or cut it off.
  • Make sure every function can be used.
  • Check with your agent about your insurance benefits.

Best Boat Transport Companies

Advantages of Using Best Boat Transport Companies

There are some benefits to using the best boat transport companies, including:

Knowledge: best boat transport companies use personnel with experience moving boats and yachts. They can operate your boat safely and successfully since they have the knowledge and abilities needed.

Convenience: Shipping a boat or yacht alone can be difficult, especially if you're not experienced. A shipping firm can handle all the details, making the process simpler and less stressful.

Safety: best boat transport companies utilize specialized equipment and procedures to make sure your watercraft reaches its destination without incident. They have insurance if your boat or yacht is destroyed while in motion.

What Is The Price of Transporting A Boat or Yacht?

The time needed to move a boat or yacht depends on some factors, including the route, the manner of transportation, and the actual distance. It's best to get prices from more than one company so you can compare.

How Long Does Boat or Yacht Transportation Take?

Some factors, such as the crucial distance, the route, and the manner of transportation, affect how long it takes to transfer a boat or yacht. It is recommended to ask the shipping company for an estimated delivery time. 

Best Boat Transport Companies

What to Look For In The Best Boat Shipping Companies ?

When you're getting ready to ship your boat, you shouldn't just look for good price deals; you should only choose the best boat transport companies.

Even though the price of a new boat doesn't change how much it costs to ship, you should be extra careful when sending a new boat. Here are some things to think about when comparing your choices.


You want the business to have at least minimal transportation insurance, and it also helps to have shipping insurance to safeguard your boat.

Even if you have insurance for your boat, the terms of extended shipping need to be covered. Even if the shipper has this covering, you are still responsible for ensuring your boat is safe before moving.


Since you'll be leaving your boat with someone else for a while, you may be unable to check on it in person. If a shipper has tracking options, you can find out where your boat is, so it's a good idea to ask about them before making a final decision.


Tracking is a form of communication in many ways, but it's about more than finding out where your boat is. If you can't trust a transporter when discussing fees, insurance, and timetables, why should you trust them with your boat?

Best boat transport companies will also be ready to answer any questions and let you know when problems might occur.

Best Boat Transport Companies


Moving a boat or yacht can be challenging, but the best boat transport companies can make it easier and more handy. The above companies offer a range of services to help you get your boat to any place in the world safely and quickly.

Consider the following things when choosing a company: knowledge, reputation, services, and cost.


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