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  1. How Can I Ship My Car?
  2. Is Cargo Insurance Required To Ship My Car?
  3. How Much Will It Cost To Ship My Car?
  4. Which Company Is The Best To Ship My Car?
  5. Which Method Will Cost The Least to Ship My Car?
  6. Can You Ship My Car To Another State?
  7. Can I Ship My Car With Stuff Inside?
  8. Methodology

How Can I Ship My Car?

If this is your first time shipping a car, there is some basic knowledge that could help you. This part,

How to ship an auto in just a few easy steps:

Get quotes: Most auto shippers have free rates for shipping cars on their websites. However, some companies offer a discount if you book over the phone.

In either case, you'll have to give the company some general information about your shipment and a phone number where they can reach you. Get quotes from a few companies to see which has the lowest prices and best services.

Book your shipment: Once you've found the best rates from a reputable company, it's time to book your service. Before signing the contract, ensure all the information is accurate and you know about hidden fees or extra costs.

Prepare your car for shipping: Before your carrier comes, take the time to take out your belongings and clean the car. Make a note of any damage already there, and if you want proof in case you need to file an insurance claim, you should take pictures.

Get your car to the pickup point: On the day of the move, you'll meet your carrier at an agreed-upon spot. Before putting anything in the car, look it over again and note any damage. You must also sign a bill of landing.

Wait: Once your car is in motion, you only need to watch for it to arrive at its destination. While some businesses can provide a position over the phone, others offer live GPS tracking.

Time estimates for shipping cars are typical, at best tentative estimates. Frequent variables may delay your cargo, including traffic, the environment etc.

After the drop-off, you can pick up your vehicle; the shipping firm or driver will let you know when the car has arrived. You must meet the driver there to re-sign the bill of lading and pick up your vehicle.

To report any additional damages to the company's insurance provider, inspect the car before your carrier departs and make a note of them.

Ship My Car

Is Cargo Insurance Required To Ship My Car?

Using one of the best auto shipping companies is usually highly safe. Nevertheless, there's always a danger that your car could sustain damage while in travel, whether from bad weather, debris on the road, or even a collision.

Additionally, even though many auto transportation companies have insurance, your personal insurance policy may need to be fully covered.

Additional cargo insurance, obtained through your provider or a third party, can help cover unforeseen expenses and provide security while your automobile is transported.

How Much Will It Cost To Ship My Car?

Shipping a car ranges from $800 to $2,500 on average. However, these prices can change. Each business determines its shipping charges depending on a variety of variables.

Car Shipping Cost Elements

These and other elements are taken into account by auto transport firms when calculating your car shipment costs:

Fuel cost: When gas prices rise, shipping costs also typically increase.

Driving risks: Inclement weather and poor road conditions can raise the cost of shipping.

Vehicle type: Larger or more specialized vehicles including trucks and recreational vehicles, typically cost more to freight.

Season: The busiest months for automobile transportation is in the summer and January; therefore, costs will likely increase during those times.

Destination: Although auto transporters charge by the mile, costs often decrease with distance. The cost of long-distance shipping from Florida to Las Vegas or Seattle will be higher overall but lower per mile. However, your shipment will incur additional charges if you're moving abroad.

Transport method: Shipping your car in an open trailer is less expensive than doing so. Transport from terminal to terminal is often cheaper than shipping from door to door.

Car condition: Transporting a non-drivable car usually costs more than transporting one that can be used.

Discounts for Car Shipping

A few auto transport companies provide discounts. Discounts for older citizens, armed forces members, early-bird bookers, and occasionally cash payments are available.

Ship My Car

Which Company Is The Best To Ship My Car?

The customer's budget, mode of transportation, and destination all play a role in choosing the best company for auto shipping.

Amerifreight: Best for Multiple Discounts


  • Most reductions of every auto transport business we examined
  • RV transport
  • Shipping by boat


  • No shipment to other countries
  • No other insurance plans are available.
  • No 24-hour customer service is offered.

Rapid Auto Shipping: Reliability and Service


  • 0-star rating on Trust pilot and more than 99% satisfied users
  • Quick shipment
  • Reasonable costs
  • Outstanding client service


  • Not found

American Auto Shipping: Best overall



  • No shipment to other countries
  • No additional insurance
  • After delivery, a "free" car wash is a $20 compensation.

Montway Auto Transport: Best Customer Service


  • Ships to all 50 U.S. states as well as other countries
  • Available military discount
  • Affordable prices


  • Boats, RVs, and motorcycles cannot be shipped.
  • $199 cancellation charge after transportation is reserved
  • No real-time tracking is provided; to verify the whereabouts of the car, phone Montway.

Which Method Will Cost The Least to Ship My Car?

Pick a provider offering terminal to terminal shipping, open carrier transport, and flexible pickup and delivery dates if you want to ship your car for less. Amtrak also provides limited low-cost automobile delivery by train if you reside on the East Coast.

Can You Ship My Car To Another State?

Your car can be shipped to the States, yes. The transport service cost will likely increase if you ship your vehicle. For example, shipping your car across the country from Miami to Los Angeles will cost more than sending it stateside.

Can I Ship My Car With Stuff Inside?

Some companies let you ship your car with up to 100 pounds of personal items. However, they often have detailed guidelines for strict weight, dimension, and packing requirements.


The experienced review team takes pride in offering honest and objective information. Based on information from consumer surveys, we developed rankings of the top automobile shipping firms using the following rating criteria.

Costs: Some variables affect price, making comparing estimates from different providers challenging. Our staff conducts secret shopper studies for various products, services, and shipping routes to provide this rating.

Services: An car transport firm must provide a wide range of services because every customer has different needs. We consider the services' accessibility, our ability to secure pick-up and drop-off times, and our available insurance alternatives.

Reputation: When determining this grade, our staff considers a company's BBB ratings, service history, and years in operation.

Customer service: Reputable auto transporters give their clients considerable thought. Customer feedback, BBB complaints and the customer support team's responsiveness are all factors we consider.


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