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Overview About Cost Of Shipping A Car

Shipping a car is the most cost-effective mode of transportation since it takes up less space on a trailer and weighs less than other vehicles.

Size and weight are two elements that influence a carrier's load and the price they must charge to convey a vehicle. A carrier's trailer can only accommodate so many automobiles. For example, they may have a 10-car trailer.

Still, if they usually transport trucks on a specific route, they can only fit ten trucks if they are significantly larger than automobiles. They must charge extra for carrying trucks since it affects their overall hauling capability.

Weight restrictions apply to a carrier as well. The total weight of the carrier's truck, trailer, and any automobiles he is transporting cannot exceed 80,000 pounds.

Again, if he's transporting largely trucks heavier than automobiles, the number of vehicles he can haul is limited. He has to charge extra for a car again since its weight reduces its total carrying capabilities.

What's In This Article?

  1. Types Of Shipping A Car
  2. Affordable Car Transportation Service
  3. Get The Car Ready For Shipping
  4. Positive Characteristics of A Reliable Shipping Company
  5. The Advantages Of Using Rapid Auto Shipping to Ship Your Car
  6. How Much Does It Cost?
  7. Factors That Affect the Cost to Shipping a Car
  8. How Fast Do You Need Your Automobile Shipped?
  9. Is Car Transport Provided Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal?
  10. Do You Require Open or Covered Transportation?
  11. How Far Is The Car Traveling?
  12. Where Is The Car Being Sent From, And Where Is It Going?
  13. What Kind of Car Is Being Transported?
  14. What Is The Current Price Of Gasoline?
  15. Is The Car Operational?
  16. How To Choose A Car Shipping Company
  17. Tracking Auto Transportation
  18. How Can I Get The Lowest Car Shipping Rates?

Types Of Shipping A Car

Shipping a car across the nation or the world is more than just a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Instead, it's a voyage that necessitates paying attention to your requirements, vehicle, and location.

That is why selecting the finest car transport service provider is critical. Types of car transport services are shown below to assist you in determining which one is best for your needs.

Car Haul: A car haul service places your vehicle on the elevated platform of a car carrier trailer, generally accompanied by additional cars. The trailer will then transport a car to a destination where you can conveniently pick up your vehicle.

An automobile load is a fantastic option for long-distance freight. It's a highly safe and popular way that many automobile owners employ to ensure their vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

Shipping of Personal Vehicles: Personal auto shipping is similar to automobile hauling in that it transports individual vehicles.

You can choose this option if you don't want your car to share the voyage with others (even though there is no danger) or if you have a more distinctive model that may not fit on a car haul.

It works the same way: Drive the car to an elevated platform, then the carrier goes to your destination. Personal vehicle shipping is convenient since it enables door to door delivery, allowing your automobile to be delivered directly in front of your office or home.

Hurried: Expedited automobile shipping is the same as the previous way, except it is faster. Naturally, expedited shipping is more expensive, but it is worth it if you need your vehicle to reach quickly at its location.

In most circumstances, you may also order expedited personal car shipments. To learn more, contact your favourite auto shipping firm.

Take Off: The drive-away service, as the name implies, allows you to engage a competent and experienced driver to drive your car from one location to another for you. One disadvantage is that it will raise your mileage, but other than that, it is another beautiful mode of transportation.

Because someone is driving your car, it is a little safer, as the experienced driver can think quickly and problem-solve while behind the wheel. This, of course, means that you can have your automobile delivered anywhere you like.

Open Air Car Transport: The most popular and least expensive of our vehicle shipping services are shipping a car across the United States using an open carrier auto transporter.

Your vehicle will be carried door to door on an open trailer auto carrier, most typically seen on highways and transporting to/from houses, auctions, and dealerships nationwide.

Enclosed Auto Transport: A crucial enclosed car transport service is similar to a car haul or a personal vehicle shipping service. The only catch is that instead of traveling in the open air, your automobile will be in a secure cage that protects it from the weather, dust, grime, and insects.

Enclosed transportation is a terrific alternative if you want to export a historic automobile or a sports car.

Household Delivery: This home delivery service, often known as "Last Mile Delivery," adds a wonderful finishing touch to the above shipping services.

This implies that regardless of how the car arrives at the destination city, an experienced driver will take over and drive the final leg of the journey. The main advantage is that you don't have to pick it up. It comes in handy if you have a hectic job schedule.

Terminal to Terminal: Although terminal to terminal shipping car is not as common as door to door transport, it is still a vital market aspect today.

Because fewer carriers provide terminal to terminal transporting car, some firms will refuse to supply it. However, it is still available in most major cities around the United States.

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Affordable Car Transportation Service

A standard automobile is any coupe or sedan, from the most miniature subcompact cars to the massive full-size sedans that seem like you're driving a boat. However, all these vehicles are considered "standard" in the auto shipping industry, meaning any costs or bids you receive for carrying a standard automobile will be the absolute minimum.

Many larger cars are priced by taking the price of a conventional vehicle on the same route and adding money to compensate for the larger size or more weight.

When shipping a car, the most crucial part of your auto transport pricing is where the vehicle is coming from and where it is going - in other words, the precise path that your car travels. Hundreds of carriers operate routes in thousands of locations, regions, and cities.

Get The Car Ready For Shipping

It will now be time to prepare for your automobile shipping services. Make sure that you:

  • Clean the automobile. It may appear amusing, but there is a reason for this. Even if your vehicle is transported on an open trailer to another state nearby or driving cross country, you must accurately note any dings, dents, nicks, or other aesthetic damage. Whatever the vehicle type. If you wash your car first, it will be possible to tell if a nick or damage is fresh or old.
  • Keep an eye on your email, text messages, and phone calls to ensure you get the driver attempting to reach you.
  • Please make sure that they inspect the pickup. This is indicated on the car freight bill of lading.
  • Disable alarm systems whenever feasible. Please turn off your car alarm or disable it before the auto shipping carrier arrives so you can immediately restart it when you reclaim your vehicle.
  • Turn over the vehicle and keys to the carrier, and you're on your way.

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Positive Characteristics of A Reliable Shipping Company

You may not have considered all the benefits of contracting a car shipping company. Here are five reasons to use a vehicle transporter the next time you need to relocate a vehicle:

They're Responsible for Every Facet: When you employ professional shipping companies, they will handle all the specifics. This includes everything from loading and transferring your vehicle onto the carrier to ensuring that it arrives at its destination without incident. You can focus on other tasks while letting them handle all the work.

They Are Knowledgeable and Skilled: Long-distance vehicle transportation is an area in which auto transport companies have accumulated years of experience. You can rest assured that your vehicle is safe because they are well-versed in the industry.

In addition, they have a team of professionals who will meticulously load and secure your car on the transporter to prevent damage during transit.

They Provide Reasonable Fees: Hiring a car transport company is usually less expensive than driving your vehicle or renting a trailer to pull behind your car. When obtaining moving quotes, inquire about discounts or promotions that could make your relocation even more affordable.

They Offer Reassurance: During a stressful time, knowing that experts are transporting your vehicle with years of experience can be reassuring. You can rely on them to properly care for and transport your vehicle to its destination.

They provide ease of use: Hiring a car transport company is also much more convenient than driving lengthy distances yourself or renting/borrowing a trailer.

The Advantages Of Using Rapid Auto Shipping to Ship Your Car

Rapid Auto Shipping is the ideal location for expediently transporting vehicles, motorcycles, industrial equipment, watercraft, and ATVs. Rapid Auto Shipping always follows its three-step moving procedure, eliminating all extra complexities.

When a customer instructs us to transport their freight from A to B, or even Z, our experts set everything in motion.

Our specialists are always available to serve a diverse clientele, including individuals, businesses, corporations, multi-branch auction houses, collectors, proprietors of luxury vehicles, and dealers.

In addition, Rapid Auto Shipping handles every aspect of the auto transport industry, making it a one-stop shop for all of its clients. We welcome all individuals with questions about transporting car. We provide genuine information, accurate calculations, and expert counsel free of charge.

Rapid Auto Shipping maintains an extensive network of mandatory insured and bonded carriers with whom we collaborate continuously. Before a cargo is assigned, every transport is subjected to a rigorous screening procedure.

We keep our consumers informed and are by their side from start to finish. Customer satisfaction is our foremost objective. Thus, relationships are important to us.

Therefore, we want everyone to know that contacting us anytime will result in the desired outcome. Consequently, we also offer special discounts to our repeat customers to show appreciation for their continued patronage.

Our mission is to meet the utmost expectations of the many individuals who trust us, provide the simplest and highest-quality service to customers, and organize the process in the most efficient manner feasible.

Our Core Values: Rapid Auto Shipping's core values are always reflected in our customer interactions: frank communication, decision-making based on results, inspiring trustworthiness, and accountability for every action.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The average cost of shipping a car within the continental United States is approximately $1,000, with the lowest average price hovering around $700-$750 and the highest averaging $1200-$1,400.

For distances greater than 1,000 miles, the average per-mile cost of auto transport is $0.60. Shorter routes cost approximately $1 more per mile than longer ones.

However, the total cost to convey a vehicle depends on several variables, including the mode of transport chosen, the season, the distance that must be travelled, and the size of the car.

Nevertheless, you may discover auto shipping companies that charge a fixed rate. In this instance, however, it is important to read the fine print, as there are typically additional fees that rapidly increase the car ship cost.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Shipping a Car

As you know, the size and weight of the vehicle are essential considerations in determining how much it costs to transport a car, but there are other elements to consider as well.

How Fast Do You Need Your Automobile Shipped?

Rapid Auto Shipping delivery averages 6-14 days after your purchase is placed and confirmed, depending on the distance of the shipment. If you need our automobile sent quickly, you'll have to pay more since you'll have to pay a carrier to prioritize your delivery.

If you have any wiggle room, you can wait for a carrier to ship and deliver your automobile on their already established route timetable.

Is Car Transport Provided Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal?

Our packages are always delivered door to door at Rapid Auto Shipping. Door to door transportation is more expensive than terminal to terminal transportation but significantly more convenient.

If you choose a terminal to terminal carrier, remember that a terminal may be several hundred miles distant, which may result in additional travel expenditures to the nearest terminal yard. Terminal storage costs may also apply for each day the car is maintained in the terminal yard.

transporting car

Do You Require Open or Covered Transportation?

The most prevalent form of a trailer on the road nowadays is an open trailer. An open trailer does not have any walls. The automobile is transported "out in the open" and exposed to the weather. Enclosed trailers are those that have weatherproof walls on all four sides.

Because a few carriers use covered trailers, they are challenging to locate and much more expensive. An enclosed trailer might be double the price of an open trailer.

Our vehicles are all open trailers, as are most carriers with which we operate as a registered auto transport agency. However, if you have a car requiring an enclosed trailer, we can accommodate you!

How Far Is The Car Traveling?

As you might expect, distance significantly affects the cost of shipping a car. The greater the distance an auto transporter travels, the higher the expense of transport a car.

Where Is The Car Being Sent From, And Where Is It Going?

It can affect the cost of car transportation if the pickup and destination places are not on highly frequented routes or in difficult-to-reach areas off major roads.

What Kind of Car Is Being Transported?

Larger and heavier vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs, and vans, are more expensive to transport than sedans or small automobiles, as detailed throughout this article.

What Is The Current Price Of Gasoline?

Fuel costs fluctuate all the time and vary by area. Fuel prices are the most variable expense related to car shipping, impacting how much it costs to send a vehicle.

Is The Car Operational?

If the vehicle is inoperable, the cost of shipping a car will rise since the transport business will require special equipment or a tow truck to get the car on and off the trailer.

car ship cost

How To Choose A Car Shipping Company

Finding reputable auto transport firms is essential for the timely and damage-free delivery of your vehicle. Here are some suggestions to help you zero in on the most suitable business:

  • Ask around for suggestions; see if anybody you know or work with has ever used a car shipping firm and if they were happy with the experience. You may learn what others think about various businesses by reading reviews and discussions on the web.
  • Get quotations from many providers to evaluate their costs and services side-by-side. Whether you want to know the exact price, it's important to find out whether there are any extra costs.
  • Third, ensure that the firm you chose has the necessary licenses and insurance in case of any mishaps or damage that may occur during transport a car.
  • Be sure to read the fine print before making a reservation with any firm, so you know exactly what is and isn't included in the fee you've been given.
  • Look into its history and track record to learn more about its longevity in business and the degree of pleasure it has consistently provided to its clientele. You may visit BBB's website if you're looking for reviews or complaints about a specific vehicle transport company.

Tracking Auto Transportation

Yes, tracking on the internet is always available and up to date. When you plan your shipment, you'll get a unique booking number that you can use to check on the status of your goods online.

When you click on the link to track your package, you can also have a live chat with our shipping car expert, who can answer any questions you have about the quality of your package.

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How Can I Get The Lowest Car Shipping Rates?

When you use our car ship cost calculator correctly, you can get the best vehicle transportation pricing. Enter your information correctly and keep your dates flexible for the best pricing display.

Booking Ahead of Time: Booking far in advance provides date flexibility, which gets you the best pricing and more delivery alternatives, so don't delay. Begin the shipment procedure right away.

Get many vehicle transport estimates: Use our car ship cost calculator and others available online to obtain numerous car transport quotes that will allow you to compare the pricing of various carriers' features and lower your cost to send a car. One word of advice: never choose the cheapest option.

Have many pickup/delivery locations available: The cost of shipping a car is heavily influenced by location. If you're willing to be flexible with your destinations, the cost of shipping a car can be significantly reduced while staying near your initial location.

Think about terminal-to-terminal carriers: In this scenario, a terminal is a storage facility where your car may be readily stored and accessible. Using these terminals can significantly lower the cost of shipping a car.

Hire your transporter: You are free to negotiate with carriers on your own, which can result in successful cost reductions.

Get your insurance: You may obtain shipping car insurance that covers what you want for cheaper if you look around alone. Inform your car shipping broker of the insurance you've got.

If you are trading in your car: When trading in your vehicle, you might arrange for the dealer to pay for transportation instead. There is nothing better than getting something for nothing.

Bulk automobile shipping: When transporting many automobiles, the cost of sending them all together is less than shipping them separately.

Rapid Auto Shipping

Want to Start Shipping With The Best?

If you would prefer to speak to one of our experienced Transport Specialists, feel free to give us a call at

Advantages using Rapid Auto Shipping

best car shipping in USA

Top Rated Auto Shipping Company

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

best car shipping in USA

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

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No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

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24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

How Long Will It Take to Ship My Car?

The transit periods for our cross-country auto transport services depend on various factors. These include road construction, traffic, weather, seasonality, driver hours, and detours. For distances less than 200 miles, cross-country auto transport typically takes between one and two days. Over 2,000 miles can take up to nine days to travel. Our car shipping consultants do everything possible to ensure your vehicle is transported across the country without delays and on time. There are options available if you are pressed for time. Services like express auto transport and guaranteed pick-up speed up the transportation procedure.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on Shipping My Car?

Aside from the type of delivery, a few other things affect how much it costs to move a car. First, the type of car being shipped affects how much it costs to ship it. This is because of the weight and size of your vehicle, as well as the year, make, and type.

How much does shipping a car cost?

Shipping a car costs about $1,108. Costs range from about $500 for an open carrier to move your car a few hundred miles to more than $1,600 for a covered carrier.

How much does it cost on average per mile to ship a car?

On average, moving a car costs about $1.17 per mile. But the prices for shipping cars change a lot based on the size of the car, the distance, the route, and the time of year.

How much does shipping a car on an open carrier typically cost?

On average, it costs about $1,108 to move a car on an open carrier. A package from one side of the country to the other costs about $1,500, while a trip of less than 500 miles costs about $500.

How much does shipping a car cost?

Shipping a car costs about $1,080, but prices vary a lot. A small car like a Toyota Corolla can be shipped for about $970, while a heavy truck like a Ford F-150 costs about $1,200.

Where can I find a cost estimate for shipping a car?

You can find a cost tool for shipping a car. After you put in the year, make, and model of your car and where it will be picked up and dropped off, the car shipping calculator will give you a price for moving your car.

How does a company that ships cars figure out how much to charge me?

A car shipping business figures out how much it will cost to ship your car by letting truck drivers, called "carriers," bid on it. Your car's transport cost depends on its size, total mileage, and time of year.

Do the prices of moving my car go up if it's bigger?

Yes, the cost of moving a car increases if it is bigger. For example, the cost to ship a sedan is about $970, an SUV is about $1,080, and a truck is about $1,210.

How can a car hauler give me a price for shipping my car?

To give you a price for moving your car, a car hauler needs to know the basics about your vehicle and its route. Be ready to tell the delivery company where your car is coming from, where it is going, and its year, make, and model.

Is it more expensive to ship a car in the summer?

Yes, it costs more to ship a car in the summer. You can also expect to pay more to ship your car in late spring and early fall when there is the most demand.

How can I save money on the price of shipping my car?

You can save money on your price for shipping your car in multiple ways. For example, if you choose open auto shipping, the best way to ship your car, you can save about $400. You can also lower the cost of shipping your car by getting prices from more than one company.

What Kind of Paperwork Will I Need?

The bill of lading is required documentation. Either electronically or on paper, motor carriers maintain this document. If the truck driver runs out of gas, you can locate a fuelling station on our page of vehicle transportation resources. The carrier requires neither a title nor a certificate of sale. Your contract with the auto transport broker or company should stipulate that you can dispatch the vehicle regardless of whether the title is in your name. If you purchase a car at an auction or from a dealer, the title should be shipped to you separately from the conveyance services.

Where Will My Car Be Picked Up/Dropped Off?

There may be a need for assistance in establishing precise pickup and drop-off times for vehicle transport companies. Unanticipated circumstances, such as bottlenecks or mechanical breakdowns, can result in delays. Patience, preparation, and communication with your auto transporter will all contribute to a positive experience. Determine a convenient meeting location for both you and your carrier. If the streets of your neighborhood are difficult to traverse by vehicle, you may need to meet at a nearby parking lot. If you cannot be there to pass over the automobile to the driver, delegate responsibility to a reliable agent.

What Kind of Tracking Services Do You Offer?

Customers may experience anxiety while awaiting the arrival of their orders. The status of your shipment provides peace of mind and facilitates day planning. You won't need to fret about tracking updates if you ship your vehicle with Rapid Auto Shipping. We provide an online vehicle monitoring system or automobile tracker to keep you apprised of the status of your shipment.

My Car Still Hasn’t Arrived. Should I Be Worried?

If your vehicle shipment does not arrive on time, you can contact a car shipping service representative who will answer all your queries and update you on the cargo's status.

Will You Pick Up Cars that Don’t Run?

Rapid Auto Shipping has over a decade of experience transporting inoperable or non-running vehicles. Our Experts can transport any inoperable vehicle. Even if your vehicle cannot drive, it must roll, steer, and halt with precision. Ensure that our transportation consultant is aware that your vehicle requires maintenance.

Is Rapid Auto Shipping Reliable Transportation Company?

Rapid Auto Shipping will help you transport your vehicle! Our experts will promptly answer your questions and help you schedule car transfer services. Your vehicle can be delivered anywhere in the United States or abroad.


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